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Oh Glory.

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Chapter 9. lots of mini moments.

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Have you heard of "Top Of The World" by Boys Like Girls? Give it a listen if you can before you read this, x
I woke up on frank and curled up even more, he woke up and held me close and then I fell asleep again. I woke up when I heard talking and then Frank got out of bed and my eyes opened and I noticed Gerard at the end of the bed
“oh hello” I smiled a little
“morning sunshine, we gotta head off” he said “need help?”
“I don’t wanna get out of bed” I frowned clasping the sheets
“come on” he said walking around to my side of the bed and gently picked me up and took me to the bathroom
“you gotta get dressed” he said
“I don’t wanna” I said
He put me down on my feet and washed a cloth in warm water and wiped it on my face while I was squirming but he was holding onto me pretty tight as he did it
“woman why are you so difficult in the morning” he laughed
“because I’m tired” I said when the cloth was off my face
I still liked it how he was holding onto me.
I cleaned my face and he was still holding onto me. I turned around and he just looked at me and I kissed him, he started kissing back and he tasted so good.
“this isn’t exactly how break ups work” he said and I smiled “sorry”
“alright, go fix yourself up” he said letting go of me “you seem awake now”
I nodded and he shut the door behind him.
Why did I miss him already?

I dressed up extra pretty today and we all got into the minivan and back to the venue
“day number two” Jon said
“yesterday was good, just wonder if we can make it better” Brendon said
“we need confetti or something” Ryan smiled
“although we will have dancers soon” Jon smiled
“I think you should throw live kittens and puppies into the crowd” I said and everyone laughed
“Cassadee, they’ll die. Cats may land on their feet but the puppies…” Spencer said
“you guys have no faith” I smiled
We got to the venue and I went into the dressing room and prepared all of their things in a neat order
“hey” I heard and saw Ray and ran and hugged him
He tried to kiss me but I pulled away before it could happen
“what’s wrong?” he asked
“I’m still with Brendon” I frowned
“but… I’ve been waiting for this since yesterday” he said
“I know” I said letting go of him “I still feel guilty”
“okay” he said softly

I saw Juliet was alone on stage fixing some of the cords and approached her
“need a hand?” I asked and she looked up
“uh yeah, I can’t seem to move this fucking cord” she smiled
I got on my knees beside her and tried to pull it out, when I did, the impact was so great that I fell on my back and she laughed “oh gosh, are you okay?”
“yeah, thrown out my back, I need to retire” I said and she giggled and helped me up “thanks” she said taking the cord
“so how have you been?” I asked
“great, you?” she asked
“I missed you” I said frowning a little at the thought of seeing her at my house that day
“I was upset that you didn’t even say goodbye” she said putting the cord down
“I couldn’t face you, with him… you broke my heart” I said and she looked like she was going to cry
“I’m so sorry” she said softly and hugged me and I actually had tears coming out of my eyes
“how about we go do something” she said and realised I was crying “oh babe!”
“no no it’s okay” I smiled and wiped my eyes
“wanna come for a walk?” she asked
“sure” I said
She took my hand and we walked out of the venue together
“so you and Gerard broke it off?” I asked and she nodded “I think it’s gonna be difficult since we’ve been together for so long”
“fair enough” I said
“how has it been with Cassadee?” she smiled
“Cassadee is the most amazing girl” I smiled “but…”
Juliet looked at me “but what?” she asked softly
“I cant tell you” I said
“why not?” she asked
“its…. Not good” I said
“you can tell me?” she said “we’ll go sit down somewhere”
We sat down at a park on the grass and she looked at me
“I…” I started but the rest didn’t follow
“its okay” she sad gently rubbing my thigh
“it’s not” I said “I cheated on her”
Juliet gave me a look, it was a mixture of shock, disappointment and confusion. She looked at the grass
“I need to tell her but I just cant” I said
“with who.” Was all she asked
“…Ryan” I said
“Ryan?” she said confused and looked at me
“guitarist of our band” I said and she gasped “you’re gay?”
“no, bi” I said
“I don’t know how Cassadee is gonna handle that” she admitted
“I know but I have to tell her” I said
She nodded “you really do.”
“but I don’t know if I want Ryan” I said “now that I know that you’re available”
“what about Spencer, he’s pretty keen” she said
“he can go fuck himself, seriously” I said and she smiled
“well, just tell Cassadee first” she said and I nodded
We sat there in silence and then I looked at her “I haven’t kissed you in over a year”
She laughed “no”
“for old times sake!” I smiled
“you’re still with Cassadee, I cant do that to her” she said
I moved my head closer to hers and she immediately moved away

We were all eating lunch and I was sitting with Brendon, I looked up and Ray was giving me a certain look; it was time.
“hey can we talk?” I asked Brendon and he nodded and we both got up and went onto the bus and sat on the couch
“whats up?” he asked
“I haven’t been faithful to you” I said and his eyes lit up “really?”
I nodded sadly “I kissed Ray… a few times yesterday and, all those feelings I had are rushing back”
“I haven’t exactly been faithful either” he said and I looked at him “huh?”
“I’ve been sleeping with Ryan for a while now… and” he started but I stood up
“RYAN? ROSS?” I asked and he nodded “sit back down”
“I will not sit down, you’ve been sleeping with him?” I said angrily “were you ever going to tell me?!”
He stood up “I wanted to but I knew I’d hurt your feelings”
“all I did was kiss Ray, you’ve been having sex with Ryan behind my back!” I said
“Cassadee, please calm down” he said
“NO!” I screamed “what the hell is wrong with you?”
I wanted to get off the bus but he held onto me tight “Cassadee listen” he said but I was being difficult.
He sat me down and even sat on me “now listen”
I sighed and co-operated “okay”
“I love you. I really do. But Ryan’s a guy, I could tell him anything.” He said and I thought about it, I wasn’t sure how I’d react if he told me he thought about guys instead of me.
“he makes me happy in ways that you can’t, I know that sounds… rude but it’s how I feel” he said standing up and looking at me “I’m sorry.”
I stood up with my arms folded “I guess the temptation is too much for us both”
He nodded in agreement and I took a few deep breaths and held my forehead
He hugged me “you’ve made me happy in ways you couldn’t imagine, so thank you”
I looked at him and he kissed my forehead for a long time “I know you wanna be with Ray”
“I cant just leave you like this” I said

I was at a restaurant with Juliet; her breasts looked so good in the dress she was wearing
“so I’m hoping I haven’t ruined this date because of yesterday” I smiled
“well it isn’t your fault, I’m just too adorable” she smiled back
“tell me about you and Brendon, he used to talk about you heaps before Cassadee came into the picture” I said
“pretty much, I had to choose and unfortunately, I broke his heart” she said “I had feelings for Gerard, but I had feelings for Brendon”
“what made you decide?” I asked curiously
“Gerard told me he loved me and well, I felt it too” she said looking as though she was picturing it in her thoughts “Gerard just wows me. I get a little breathless just looking at him sometimes” she smiled “but Brendon’s always been more fun. I guess he would have felt awful that Gerard just suddenly came into my life and turned this into a competition, otherwise Brendon would have had me all to himself”
“strange how things turn out” I said and she nodded and smiled a little “how about you, been in any relationships lately?”
“not really, had many hook ups but no real… stable relationships” I said, realised how sleazy I sounded
“I’m not gonna lie, you’re a total sleaze to me” she smiled and I went red
“but I can see why” she added “girls would fall at your feet”
I didn’t say anything, I just wanted to hear her talk more about me
“but I guess my question is, why are you picking me to mess around with?” she asked
I shrugged “you’re hot and…”
“and?” she asked
“and I think that’s it. Plus Brendon told me to sleep with you” I said and she looked surprised “really?”
I nodded “but he got defensive when he realised it was you I was talking about”
“ohhh” she said and our food arrived
“thank you” I said to the waitress and she smiled before walking off
“do you ever… wanna settle down?” Juliet asked and I thought about it

We were playing on stage to thousands of people again, it felt amazing. We ended our set and I head both arms in the air and applauded before walking backstage again.
I walked past Panic! At The Disco’s dressing room and I saw this girl stretching. She was in fishnet stockings and doing all these flexible moves on the floor; she looked like a dancer with her loose top hanging off her shoulder. I walked into the room while she was on her back kicking her legs up in the air and she noticed me and sat up and gave me a nice smile “hello”
“uh hi” I smiled back
“sorry, I should shut the door, I’ll keep my legs closed” she said
“no, its cool. I was just kind of wondering what you’re doing in the dressing room?” I asked
“oh, I’m a dancer for Panic! At The Disco, we just arrived from Chicago” she said
“they’re having dancers on stage?” I said surprised
“no, just for their own sexual amusement” she smiled but I thought she was serious
“I’m joking” she laughed “you’re very gullible”
“sorry” I said “I’m Gerard, I’m the singer for My Chemical Romance”
“Lauren Winter” she said holding her hand out and I gently shook it “but on stage my name is Valerie”
“that’s hot” I smiled
“thank you” she said and stood up before me “so did you wanna help me stretch or just watch?”
“oh I’ll help!” I said and she laughed “hold your arms out”
When I did she told me to keep them up and she stood with her back on my arms and slowly turned backwards and flipping around but landed on her knees
“owwwwwww!” she said
“are you okay?” I asked bending down to her level
“yeah, you’re just a tad too tall” she smiled “but it’s okay”
“I’m sorry, how are you knees?” I asked gently lifting her up and she looked down “they’re okay” she smiled and looked into my eyes
“I should go now… to the bus and get some sleep” I said and she nodded and understood “I’ll see you around”
I nodded and she gave me a tiny wave and I walked right out of the room, red in the face.

I walked out of the bathroom to see all of these girls. These dancers. Everywhere. Hot dancers.
“did I die?” I said quietly and saw a few girls checking me out
“hey ladies” I smiled “who wants to jump on my stick?”
Many of them looked at me confused
“my penis” I said
“ohhhhh” they all said in unison
“I know just the person” one dancer said running away and bringing this girl in with black hair and light brown eyes who looked a little miserable, but I’d still do her
“yes, she’d be perfect!” a girl beside me said pulling the chosen one to me
“are you okay?” I asked concerned and she nodded
I put my arm around her and we went and sat outside. She was in a hoodie and thin tights, so she must have been cold.
“so whats your name pretty girl?” I smiled
“Ella” she smiled a little
“wanna tell me why you look so upset?” I asked “and why your friends are throwing you at me?”
“oh my boyfriend just dumped me. By voicemail.” She sniffed
“oh I’m sorry to hear that” I frowned and a gush of wind touched us and I took my jacket off and placed it over her legs and she smiled “thank you… stranger?”
“Frank” I said and she nodded
“I think its cool that you’re a dancer, you have good legs for it” I said and she laughed “thank you. Dancing seems to keep me sane at the moment”
I put my arm around her again and she rested her head on my chest “are you in a band?” she asked
“ahuh. I assume girls think guys in bands are hot” I smiled
“I’m sure that’s true” she said
“so have you got a routine and all for tomorrows show?” I asked and she nodded “we’ve been practicing for days now, just gotta try it on the stage so we know how much room we have”
“fair enough, I’ll look out for you” I said and she laughed “thank you Frank”
I rubbed down her side and she looked at me “I’ll watch you perform too”
“awesome” I smiled
“…so did my friends throw me out here to hook up with you or something?” she asked
“not quite, I was offering your dancer friends to jump on my stick” I said
“…what stick?” she asked confused
“my penis” I said
“ohhhhh” she said “because we’re flexible?”
“I think it’d be pretty hot” I said and she smiled
“but I understand if you don’t want to, you’ve had it pretty rough already. I mean in terms of your day. Not sex” I said “or have you?”
She just laughed and sat up properly
“do you wanna come stay on the bus with me?” I asked and she nodded “sure”
“you gotta kiss me first” I smiled
“just a peck on the cheek?” she suggested
“try it out and see what happens” I dared
She smiled and kissed my cheek but I turned my head so that I could make out with her. Everything was going fine until Mikey walked past
“hey. HEY. HEY YOU, HEY FRANK YOOO HOOOO!” he grinned and I flipped him off and Ella smiled and pulled herself away
“we gotta go” Mikey said and walked away and Ella laughed “I better go get my things”
“okay beautiful” I said and she smiled again and kissed my cheek

Spencer and I were having sex at the back of his bands’ bus and it felt soo good. I had no idea what it was but he was better than Gerard and Brendon. We were making out and his hands were on my wrists and I kept having the urge to scream out his name, I was close to for the fourth time when someone knocked on the door and it distracted me
“Spencer what the hell are you doing in there?” – it was Brendon
“uh, you don’t wanna know” he said
As scary as it was, the fear of getting caught was kind of a turn on
“just hurry up and get the fuck out” he said “you better not be jacking off in there”
Spencer smiled and we started making out again but we had to end it
“you feel so good” he whispered into my ear before gently biting it
“just a little bit more?” I smiled and he nodded and pushed himself harder inside of me and I moaned in his ear and he swore and went a little faster and I was ready to let out a really loud orgasm but there was more banging on the door
“SPENCER!” Brendon screamed and we officially stopped.
I put my underwear back on and Spencer put his penis back into his pants. I fixed my dress up and Spencer fixed my make up and my hair
“all good?” I asked and he nodded and kissed my lips before we fixed the sheets and Spencer unlocked the door and Brendon walked in and just looked at me
“oh. Juliet can you come out please” Brendon asked and I got up and walked out of the small room and Brendon followed and shut the door
“what were you doing in there?” he asked concerned
“he took me out to dinner remember” I said innocently
“I don’t want you being around him, I want you around me” he said putting his arm around my waist and I nodded “I should go”
“no wait, crash on our bus tonight” he insisted
“really?” I said and he nodded
“I’ll go get my things” I smiled and quickly walked onto our bus
When I returned, I talked with Ryan, I sure had missed the guy. He seemed more mellow but definitely more confident now.
“wanna see Allie?” he smiled
“Alejandro is here?” I asked
“ahuh along with Baxter too” he said and we both got up and there was a little area that I did not notice and the puppies were sleeping in their beds
“awww! Allie” I smiled and Ryan picked him up and I held onto him
“he’s so much bigger now” I gasped and scratched his ears
“Allie baby” Ryan said “wanna wake up?”
Eventually he did and I smiled as he licked my hand “aww I missed you too”
Brendon came up behind me and put his hand on my hips “hello Allie” he smiled “isnt Baxter up to greet you too?”
He then went and woke the poor thing up for me and I cuddled him too
“alright let them both go back to bed” I said putting them back in their area
It was great seeing things from the past again, reminding me of good memories.
I went and sat back down with Ryan and we talked on the couch until I fell asleep on him

I had my guitar and sat infront of Ray on their bus and I started to sing
“Lets spend tonight on top of the world. And we can do anything, we can be anything.
I’ll meet you tonight on top of the world, as real as it seems, you’re only in my dreams.
My heart is empty without you, sometimes you don’t know what you do.
And I need you tonight. I’ll fall asleep and it’s alright. Close my eyes and I’ll be by your side.
Let’s spend tonight on top of the world, and we can do anything, we can be anything.
I’ll meet you tonight on top of the world. As real as it seems, you’re only in my dreams.
Lets spend tonight on top of the world, as real as it seems, you’re only in my dreams”

I smiled and he did too “that song is my guilty pleasure Cassadee”
He gave me a hug and I kissed his lips
“Cassadee you’re just too cute for anything” Gerard smiled
“aww guys!” I smiled and put my guitar down “I was just waiting for the day I’d be reunited with Ray”
Ray started kissing my cheek repetitively until I fell off my chair
“Ray, leave her alone” Bob, the drummer said
We all had a nice group session before separating and Ray and I were still on the couch just making out.
“how about we go on a date tomorrow night?” he asked
“aww really?” I smiled “sounds nice”
“its settled then. We better go to bed now” he said and I nodded and stood up with him and he moved his clothes and teddy bears so I could fit in and I fell asleep in his arms.

“your friends are so nice” I said to Frank
“yeah… I’m better” he said and I giggled
“so you wont mind sleeping here?” he asked
“will you cuddle with me?” I asked biting my lip
“of course” he smiled “wanna sleep on the couch? It’s more comfy than the bunk”
“whatever” I shrugged and he went and got some blankets
“I guess we wait until everyone goes to sleep?” I said
“we can dim the lights” he said
“goodnight Ella” Mikey said and I turned and hugged him “goodnight”
Gerard came upto me too and hugged me lightly
“awwww you’re so lovely” I smiled
“we just wanna smother as many hot girls on this bus as we can” he replied and I laughed
The lights went dim and I rested on the wide couch and Frank came back and we went under the blankets
“comfortable sweetheart?’ he asked and I nodded
We were hooking up and it was really kinda nice. It felt like it was going for hours but I didn’t want it to stop. He was really gentle and I really enjoyed it.
“Ella” Frank whispered and I smiled “yes Frank?”
“I like you” he said
“I like you too” I said putting my arms around his neck and brought his lips closer to mine

I woke up in Ryan’s arms and with Brendon staring at me
“hey” he said softly
“do I have to get up?” I frowned a little
“I’ll help you if you want” he said gently lifting me up
“wasn’t I on the couch before?” I asked
“Ryan carried you to his bunk” Brendon said
“oh okay” I said with a small yawn and he smiled “are you into coffee yet?”
“no” I laughed “unfortunately”
“well do you want some tea then?” he asked and I nodded
I had a feeling Brendon was trying to rekindle my love interest for him.
I sat on the couch with him and we watched tv together and the music video for ‘teenage dream’ came on
“I always loved this song” I said and he looked at me and smiled “really? The lyrics are cute”
I nodded “I better go clean my face”
“do you need help?” he asked
“I should be okay” I said rubbing his arm and going to the bathroom where Spencer pushed me against the sink with his body and wrapped his arms around me
“ow” I said quietly and he rubbed his face against my ear and started whispering “I was jacking off all night to mental pictures of you yesterday, last night” he laughed a little
“you’re disgusting” I said “can you let me wash my face?”
“okay” he said but wouldn’t let go and I sighed and grabbed a washcloth and put it under warm water and cleaned my face and Spencer started thrusting at me until I slapped him to stop but he just smiled
“can I use your toothbrush? Wait… I’ll ask Brendon” I said and he laughed and followed me to the front of the bus “Brendon can I use your toothbrush? I forgot mine” I frowned
“of course” he said jumping up and going to his bag and handed it to me and I went back into the bathroom and Spencer was still holding me and again thrusting me while I was brushing my teeth.
When I rinsed my mouth out, I smacked him again and he kissed me but I pushed him away “no don’t do that” I frowned
“why not?” he grinned
“just because” I said
“you think Brenny will get a little jealous?” he smiled and took my hand and dragged me to Brendon
“OH HELL NO!” I said “Spencer, let me go”
“no, I want him to see, hey Brendon” Spencer said
“what?” Brendon asked and I was giving Spencer death stares and he was trying to kiss me
“leave her alone” Brendon said
“Spencer, I am not kissing you” I laughed
“just a little one to show Brendon” he smiled
I got free from his grip and ran to Ryans bunk and he looked really surprised
“oh you came back” he said
“Spencer’s being naughty” I said and he held onto me
“its okay, I’ve got you now” he said “but I gotta get up soon”

I did a really big stretch before opening my eyes to see Gerard staring at me
“wow that was a very sexual stretch” he said and I laughed and covered my face “sorry”
“its cool, I’m glad I witnessed it” he smiled and walked away
I turned around and Frank was looking at me “hi”
“oh you saw it too?” I frowned
“I was talking to Gerard and suddenly you did a cat stretch” he said and I laughed “oh embarrassing”
We started kissing and I was drawing little patterns on the back of his neck with my fingernail and he giggled “that tickles”
“oh shit, whats the time?” I asked sitting up and he looked at his watch “almost 12?”
“fuck, I gotta be ready and on stage by 12.30” I said
“how do you get ready?” he asked
“well my face has gotta look much prettier” I smiled and quickly went to the bathroom and cleaned my face and moisturised then went to my bag and grabbed my stockings
“oh you gotta dress all slutty again” Frank smiled
“ahuh” I said “but someone might walk in”
“come under the blanket” he said sitting up and I sat on his lap and he put the blanket over us and I took off my pants and put on the stockings really quickly
“do you need a hand?” he asked
“no I’m good” I smiled and stood up and Frank grabbed the blankets while I was fixing the stocking up
“your underwear is bunched up at the back” he mentioned
“dammit!” I said “can you help me fix it”
He stood up “wait, are you sure? You wont call out rape?”
I laughed “just do it”
He was really gentle and spanked me after, leaving me to rub my ass
He grabbed my bag and we walked to the venue and the girls were on stage, stretching
“LADIES” Frank smiled and they all looked at him and giggled
“I’ll put your bag here” he said showing me and I nodded “thanks, you wanna stay and watch?”
“i’d just be a distraction” he smiled
“oh, well okay” I smiled and pulled him closer and gave him a kiss
“I’ll see you soon” he said and I bit my lip and nodded
I was a little sad when he left and I sighed and took my spot and did stretches
“so, how was it?” Emma asked
“it was fine” I said
“that was a nice little kiss there” she added “was he good in bed?”
“I didn’t sleep with him” I said and everyone that heard gasped
“but that’s why we gave you to him” Lauren said “so you could get it all out”
“he respected my feelings, I told him that Adam broke up with me” I said
“…what and you like him now?” Emma asked and I shrugged
“Ella, he’s a rockstar, they’re all the same” she said
“but…” I said
“no buts.” She said and the choreographer came on stage “ladies. Lets dance” she said
I stood up, trying not to think about it
“the boys will be here soon, but remember, eye contact to see where you’re all going and try to leave space between you and others, especially the band” she said

I got on stage and two girls were beside me
“okay Brendon, Lauren and Ella are your main girls. They will touch you. There will be moments of intimacy” the choreographer said and I grinned “sounds pleasant”
I started to sing ‘lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off’ and Juliet was with Cassadee watching us play.
I kept on singing and Lauren started pulling me to the left, and signalling me to come closer with a smile on her face, but then Ella started dragging me the other way. They were acting as though they were fighting for me. Towards the end of the song, the girls were doing their own dance as I was finishing the lyrics, I looked at Juliet and she smiled at me and I smiled back and ended the song and her and Cassadee applauded and I took a bow
“not bad ladies” the choreographer called out “lets take a break”
I jumped off the stage
“my two favourite girls” I smiled
“awww” they both said
“I cant wait for the show with the dancers, they look goood” Cassadee said
“I know!” Juliet said
“well you’ll have to watch the show now wont you?” I smiled

I walked past some dancers and pulled Ella aside “hey”
She smiled a little “hi”
“I heard you did well” I said and she nodded “not too shabby”
“are you coming to get lunch with me?” I asked hopefully
“uh we gotta get back on stage pretty soon, I don’t think I have time” she said
“oh… oh okay” I said “yeah sure”
“sorry” she said and quickly walked into the dressing room
What the heck?

Each chapter gets closer to the dramatic thing that will happen.
So what did you think?
Can you predict anything yet?

and have you heard 'Danger Days' yet?

also, I can picture Cassadee singing that song really well :)
she had a good voice for long/high notes.

Bless your souls.
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