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"Potentials" are BL/ Industry's term for children. Children are not allowed to be free in the zones. They have the potential to become dangerous rebels. But also... they have the potential to becom...

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Things to know before you read...

"Potentials" are BL/ Industry's term for children. Children are not allowed to be free in the zones. They have the potential to become dangerous rebels. But also... they have the potential to become great weapons for the Industry. Korse's duty is to track down and recover every known and unknown Potential from throughout the zones and return them to the Industry, where they will be trained fitting their talents. This is the story of the fabulous Killjoys, before they became the fabulous killjoys. Discover their childhoods, and how, after a life of being hunted and tormented by S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W they become heroes.


Sand... so much sand. The small boy stumbled onward, shielding his eyes from the winds that were trying to blind him with the tiny grains that scratched his bare arms. The desert around him seemed to shimmer in and out of reality as the lack of water took over his body and he fell forward. He couldn't remember where he was going. He could hardly remember his own name, and began to repeat to himself,

“I am Ray, I am Ray, I am Ray….”

Ray, he was Ray. So he COULD remember his name, but couldn't even remember how he ended up in the middle of the desert? He wanted his mommy. But he knew that wasn’t possible. His mommy had been killed for even having him, and trying to hide him from the industry. The small boy was ready to give up. He fell into the sand and moaned, wanting it all to end. He was letting the darkness take his mind when the welcome sound of water being poured into the ground hit his ears, and he felt it splashing into the sand and his curly hair. Slowly he lifted his head and covered his eyes to the glare of the sun, taking in the welcome sight of a water canteen. The dehydrated boy groaned and snatched it eagerly, turning his starving eyes up to the man who had held it out as he gulped down the sweet stuff. He was tall, and had no hair. The boy thought that was funny. But the rest of him was, scary… especially his smile. His smile sent chills through his whole body. He brought the canteen down from his lips and wiped his mouth with a dirty hand.

"Hello Ray" said the man, and the boy's eyes widened... how did this man know his name, when he could hardly remember it himself?

"Would you like something to eat?" The scary man gestured to a shiny silver van and held out a hand. Clutching at his empty stomach, the curly haired boy decided it was worth a shot, his life could only get better, and took the outstretched palm.

Gerard stood silent by the window, staring at the empty street below him through the smallest crack in the blinds. It was past curfew, and even though Battery City was kept in constant twilight during the day by weather control, Gerard could feel the lateness in the air. He prepared himself to scavenge another dinner of scraps and garbage for him and Mikey, without being seen. Somebody had to keep them alive. An angry grumbling from the corner of their abandoned room confirmed his thoughts and the boy turned to his brother with a smile. Mikey looked up at his brother and yelled,

"I'M NOT HUNGRY!"Gerard laughed quietly and walked over to sit next to him on the disgusting floor.

"Don't lie to me kid, I heard your stomach grumble from way over there." He pointed back to the window and Mikey looked at him guiltily.

"Well, I'm not THAT hungry.... Don't go out Gee, I have a bad feeling about tonight, it's not a good night."

"Don't be stupid Mi-kay, you're starving - we haven't eaten since yesterday. Besides it's almost time to find a new place, we don't want S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W knocking on any door we're living behind.

"Well not tonight Gee, don’t go out please! Tell me that story dad used to tell us instead." Gerard closed his eyes and pictured his father - the tall strong man who had been so protective and caring of them, even when they became illegal. The father who had taught Gerard how to support himself and how to hide him and his brother from S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W. When would he come back? It'd been weeks...

"Tell me about the rebels Gerard!"

"Sure Mikes... Well, they're all fighting against S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W"

"OF COURSE THEY ARE, they're the good guys! S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W is evil!" Mikey shouted and Gerard nodded.
"Their leader is Dr. Death Defying, Gerard continued, "He's the best Drac ghoster ever in the WORLD and right now, at this very moment, him and the rest of the rebels are fighting to take down Better Living Industries."

"And then we won't have to run anymore Gee!"

"That's right Mikes, we'll be free, and there'll be colors in the world again, and paints, and the warm..."


"That's right Mikey, are you happy now?"

"...Pretty happy yeah."

"Good, now go to bed. I promised I won’t go out." Mikey snuggled closer to his brother and quickly closed his eyes, falling into an even breathing pattern and hopefully some happy dreams.

Gerard sat in peace for awhile, thinking about all the good things from before the war. Even though he and his brother had barely been 4 when it started, Gerard could still feel the sun and taste the cakes from his birthdays. His 12 year old stomach grumbled and he gave up the memories, closing his eyes and trying to fall asleep.

What felt like seconds later Mikey was shaking him out of a dream of dancing ice cream and pie.

"Gee wake up, wake up! I can hear something!" Sitting up hastily Gerard listened as hard as he could, and faintly made out the sound of shoes climbing the rotting stairs outside their abandoned apartment. The boy jumped up and grabbed his brother, looking around for SOMEPLACE to hide him from whoever was coming – while secretly hoping it was his father. Spotting the moldy closet door, Gerard walked over to it and shoved Mikey in, closing it silently with a "hush" motion towards the boy, who whimpered quietly. He whipped around and walked to the center of the room, standing bravely while his heart tried to beat itself out of his chest. The footsteps were much closer now. As the door knob began to rattle Gerard steeled himself and closed his fists, ready to use whatever energy his tiny 12 year old body had to protect his brother. The door flew open and Gerard screamed, flying toward the towering figure framed in the doorway.
He got a few punches in, but was soon overpowered by the towering man with no hair. A blow to the face sent Gerard sprawling onto his back, sliding across the floor. He shook himself off and attempted to get up, but the man stepped on his back, forcing his face into the floor. He prayed Mikey would stay hidden. The bald man brought a small transmissions device out of his pocket and began dialing.

"Another Potential has been apprehended by Korse. Location: Battery City."

Gerard whimpered from the weight of the man's foot and struggled to get up. Korse grabbed his hair and pulled him up. Gerard cried out in pain and closed his eyes as the man put a blaster to his temple.

"How long have you been living in Battery City?"

"12... I'm 12 years old."

"And you've been surviving on your own? How have you escaped S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W?"Gerard stayed silent and the man pulled his hair harder, causing him to cry out again

"OUR FATHER TAUGHT US!" Seconds after he cried out Gerard closed his eyes in despair, realizing the information he had just given the bald man.


"M-my father, he t-taught, My...."

“Shut up." Korse looked around the room and smirked, smelling the fear from the boy in his arms but also from another source he hadn't noticed before. Potentials could be so stupid.

Raising his voice he spoke clearly to the empty room,

"I'll give you five seconds to come out of hiding before I kill this boy. One.” Gerard gulped, silently praying Mikey would be smart enough to stay out of sight

The boy heard the blaster at his temple cock, and he closed his eyes.

Gerard heard Mikey begin to cry from inside the closet.

"Four...." Mikey screamed and threw the closet door open, running full speed towards Gerard and grabbing his legs, hugging them tight.

"DON'T HURT HIM, STOP HURTING MY BROTHER!" Gerard hugged the little boy tight and felt the blaster leave his temple. The man let go of him and Gerard fell to his knees, bringing Mikey down with him. Taking a few steps back the man aimed his gun at the boys and took out his transmissions device again.

"Two strong and resourceful Potentials found hiding in Battery City. They have been surviving on their own. There are possible uses. I will be bringing them in now." The man began to search his pockets for something and Gerard whispered to his brother,

"Mikey you can't ever forget me okay? They're gonna try and make us forget but no matter what you remember me, and remember dad, and Dr. Death Defying okay?”

Mikey nodded and began to cry again, burying his face into Gerard’s dirty shirt as Korse walked back towards them.

"You will follow me. Any hint of disobedience and you both will be shot without a second thought. That is all." Gerard got to his feet shakily and pulled his brother up beside him. Together they walked to the door of the dirty apartment, life and fury coursing through them. Korse followed, his blank face showing no compassion or knowledge of the bond the two brothers had.


Frank was a child of rebels. He'd grown up in the fast paced world of war and fire, swirled along in a torrent of colors and fast cars. His family loved him, and everyone hated Better Living Industries. Frank was 9 years old and could already handle a blaster better than his fully trained, grown up camp mates. He was proud of his life, and had big dreams of taking down S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W all on his own.

Tonight was just another hard night of training, and he was out on the field with his father, using cactuses wearing Drac masks as targets. Frank thought it was hilarious and loved hitting the spiky plant with his ray gun and blasting it to bits. His father was congratulating a very well aimed laser that had blasted 3 cactuses to heaven in one shot when the screaming started.
Frank whipped his head around and watched the tents from the campsite catch fire, one by one. People were screaming and running everywhere, and they were being chased by REAL DRACS! Frank clutched his blaster to his chest and stared up at his father, wonder what he could do to stop the lasers that where flying everywhere from killing his family. The look on his father's face scared Frank and he began to whimper. His dad looked down and grabbed his shoulder, pushing him down behind a bush and warning him to stay hidden until everyone had gone. Then he was gone.
Frank could feel the sand under his shoes shifting loosely and sat down. Closing his eyes he stuffed his fingers into his ears and began singing to block out the screams of his friends. And slowly... things got quiet. There wasn’t any more screaming to hurt his ears. There was hardly any sound at all. Frank began to cry, rocking back and forth behind the bush, not daring to look at what had happened to the campsite. From his left a voice broke through the silence and Frank tried to stifle his sobs, but the voice wasn't directed to him.

"Campsite of rebels just outside zone 5 has been apprehended. Searching for survivors. There will not be many."

Frank began to cry louder, not caring who heard him now. Where his parents dead? What would happen to him? He peeked out from behind his bush towards the campsite, watching a group of Dracs lift up a body clumsily and through it into a bonfire, laughing happily as it burst into flames. Frank screamed out in
agony and began running towards the monsters, lifting his blaster and firing several shots while he stumbled through the sand. None of the missiles missed their mark and every last Drac fell to the ground before they knew what hit them. The little boy continued running towards the bonfire. He looked inside and saw faces, and bodies, and helmets and blasters and they all belonged to his family, and his loved ones and... and he couldn't take it. Frank began to back up, determined to run away from what had happened tonight. It couldn't be real; it was all just a dream... Frank stumbled back a few more steps and ran into something solid; falling forward and whipped around, aiming his blaster quickly. His eyes had barely focused on the man behind him when the gun was kicked out of his hands. He cried out and collapsed, unable to stay upright after everything that had happened. From above him, the last words he heard before darkness caved in on him were,
"Last Potential found after rebel raid. There are no more... children left free. I will be reporting back to Potential training after clean up. There is no need to thank me."
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