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10 years later...

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“Frank move your butt down here!” Gerard shouted to me.
“Hold on!” I shouted back, I put the last of my eye liner on and ran down stairs.
“God, ten years and your still slower than anything,” he said.
“But you love me,” I said.
“I love you more than anything still,” he said.
I stroked his cheek.
“I love you too,” I said.
“Come on, we have to get to Bob’s and Mikey’s returning party,” he said.
“Mmm… you look very sexy in a suit,” I said.
“So do you,” he said putting his arms around my waist.
“Okay lets go now,” I said. We went to the car and drove to Gerard’s parents.
“Hey Donna,” I said.
“Hello sweetie,” she said, she kissed my cheek.
“Aww you two are near to your tenth anniversary soon,” Donna said.
“Yeah that’s the next party we’re going to have,” Gerard said.
It was Mikey’s and Bob’s returning party from there honeymoon.
“Ray-Ray!” I yelled like a little kid, I jumped at him, we landed on the floor.
“Hello my gorgeous little afro friend,” I said.
“Umm…hi,” he said. Gerard laughed.
“Frankie get off him, I’m sure he’s happy to see you but he doesn’t want to be flattened,” Gerard said.
“Are you saying I’m fat Mr. Way?” I asked.
“No Mr. Way I’m not,” he answered. I giggled and got off Ray.
“So where have you been I haven’t seen you for a few weeks,” I said.
“I was visiting family,” he said.
“Are you sure you were just avoiding me? Or you were suck to your x-box?” I asked.
“Very sure,” he said.
“Well I’m sure you took your x-box with you when you were seeing your family,” I said.
“Nah they already had one,” he said. We laughed.
“Their here!” Donna shouted, silencing all the people in the living room.
Some were family, some were friends, some I didn’t even know.
Gerard came to me and wrapped his arms around me.
The front door opened.
“Surprise!” We all shouted.
“Oh my fucking god!” Mikey screeched.
“Michael language,” Donna said.
“Well what the fuck! I wasn’t expecting this,” Mikey said.
“Thanks guys,” Bob said to us.
We all was having a great time.
“Gee! Frankie!” Mikey beamed at us.
“Hey Mikey,” Gee said as he hugged his brother.
“Hey Bob,” I said.
“How’s working at that new school?” Bob asked.
“Not bad I guess, it’s stricter but the students are well behaved,” Gerard answered.
“How was the honeymoon?” Gerard asked.
Mikey blushed about five different shades of reds.
“Oh… I guess it was the do not disturb on the door kind of honeymoon,” I said. Bob laughed.

Soon the party died down, Gerard and I went back to the apartment.
“Frankie,” Gerard purred into my ear as we lay on the bed.
“What Gee?” I asked.
“I think you look sexy,” he growled into my ear.
“How much have you drank?” I asked.
“Nothing, you know I don’t drink anymore, I mean it Frankie, since the day I lay eyes on you I loved you, and I still love you as much as I did then,” he said.
“I love you too Gee,” I said as I kissed his forehead.
For all the ups and downs, from him being the worse teacher from hell to my sexy husband, we loved each other so much and nothing could take that away from us.

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