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Baby Blue.

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The sex of the baby is determined and someone special has a surprise.

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A/N: The story's time line is going to change a little quicker to get everything I want into the story...xo

4 months. I had hit my mark of four months and it's been an absolute breeze.

If you couldn't tell by now, that was sarcasm.

Having an every morning chat with the toilet was less than amusing while trying to keep your insides intact. This whole thing was throwing me off balance, my equilibrium was just not able to handle this baby. I began to think that maybe this baby resented me as well by all the headaches and puking it put me through. To think I had 5 more months of this to go.

"Well if you google 'fertile', your picture would definitely come up." Tephira teased as I glared at her.

"You know as a best friend, you're supposed to be on my side." I pointed out while she shrugged.

"And as a best friend, I reserve that right to make your life hell." she replied simply as I shook my head before I heard Paralyzed playing as I looked at her. She grabbed her phone and touched it before her eyes scanned the screen and a small blush appeared on her cheeks.

"What is that?" I asked curiously while she looked at me.

"What's what?" she asked confused as I smirked.

"This situation right here." I said pointing at her cheeks. "Why are you blushing? I know that look." I said raising an eyebrow as she scoffed.

"Look? What look? I don't have a look. You're just crazy and pregnant." she retorted as I smiled.

"Who is he?" I asked curiously while she stiffened and shook her head.

"No one." she replied simply.

"Don't make me puke on your shoes." I warned her.

"He's no one. Just a friend." she assured me.

"His name is no one?" I smirked as she blushed once more.

"Don't you have an ultrasound to go to?" she asked defensively as I chuckled.

"Fine. Don't tell me. But I'll find out. Always do." I say pointing my fingers to my eyes and then back at her as she rolled her eyes and waved before leaving.

"Ready?" Bob asked while I nodded and grabbed my bag. Besides the physical suffering, I was able to say some parts of this pregnancy were getting better. It constantly brought a smile to Asia's face and Bob was catering to me even more than he did before, which I was grateful for, but sometimes it was kind of annoying. I didn't blame him though, he's just nervous. I was more than relieved to believe that he would really stick by me this time.

"Let's go!" Asia said impatiently as I calmed her. Today I was finding out what the sex of the baby was,and I couldn't really tell you what I wanted more. A boy or a girl? Pink or blue? I was hoping by time I got there, I would be a little more anxious about it. And of course Asia demanded she be there when it happened. This big sister thing was really sinking into her brain.

I got her secured into her car seat before Bob was driving me to the doctor, apparently I lost all driving rights. He took me everywhere I need to go, despite my constant protestants of perfectly being able to handle machinery, but he didn't give in.

I grabbed Asia's hand as we approached the familiar doors of the office while I checked myself in. I kept stealing glances at Bob who looked deep thought as if he was...scared? He caught me looking at him as I looked away quickly while Asia talked to me about her excitement.

"Talisa Reed?" the nurse called as I grabbed Asia's hand once more with Bob close behind me as I was put in a room with nothing but embarrassing pregnancy pictures and warnings about drinking and smoking while be pregnant as I sighed. I laid down on the chair and chewed on my lip. I began to feel nervous as I took deep breaths while looking at the turned off screen.

"Are you okay?" Bob whispered as I looked at him and smiled.

"I'm good. How are you?" I asked curiously as he shrugged.

"I don't know to be honest. I guess anxious would be a good way to sum everything up." he replied as I smiled before lacing my hand with his and squeezing it softly to give him some means of comfort.

"Good morning Ms. Reed, glad to see you again." the doctor greeted me as I waved slightly while he got everything ready.

"Is this the big sister?" he asked to Asia as I nodded while he smiled.

"Very nice, you must be the father?" he pointed from her to Bob as he nodded as well.

"Yes." he replied as the doctor smiled.

"Very nice. Talisa, would you lift you shirt please?" he asked me as I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my small bump as he squeezed gel on to the piece before rubbing it on my stomach. The screen went from being fuzzy to a clear picture as the small figure came into view as both Bob and Asia looked amazed while I smiled at their reactions.

"Baby!" Asia called out while Bob put his arms around her.

"Well once again, everything seems good. You want to know the sex yes?" he asked as I nodded while he smiled and nodded. He looked at the screen for a moment before he nodded again.

"Congratulations, it's a boy." he said to me while I raised an eyebrow.

"A boy?" I asked surprised while he nodded.

"Well." I said simply as I turned to Bob who smiled at me increduously.

"Would you like to hear the heart beat?" the doctor asked as we both nodded. A minute later a loud thumping noise echoed through the room as Asia widened her eyes.

"Why's it so loud?" she asked worriedly as I used my hand to cup her face.

"It's just because of the machine sweetie." I replied as she nodded.

"Well?" I said to Bob as he watched the screen before his eyes met mine.

"Wow." he whispered while I nodded. It was obvious this was nerve wrecking for him. It felt different, extremely different to have him sitting next to me, when 4 years ago, I was absolutely alone.

"Glad you could be here this time." I whispered as he smiled while taking a deep breath.

"Me too." he replied as we lingered for a moment before he kissed me while I smiled as my stomach fluttered slightly. I pulled my shirt back down when the doctor finished. I got the sonogram and gave to Asia to fawn over as we left the office. I was surprised when Bob laced his hand with mine again as I looked up at him to see him blushing slightly as I smiled.

Maybe in some twisted way we were getting a second chance.

"Can we get ice cream?!" Asia squeaked as I looked at Bob who shrugged and nodded while I smiled.

"Never sounded better."


Meena Kingston sat in a chair as her stylist curled her now auburn hair while she flipped through the latest issue of Spin magazine. She was about to turn the page when an article caught her eye.

My Chemical Romance : Then and Now.

How this band's causing a riffle in the industry.

Her eyes scanned the article and the mentions of old albums and the new album, while a certain picture made her freeze. Right next to Mikey and Alicia, a picture of Tissa and Bob holding hands caught her eye as she felt her blood start to boil before a smirk was placed onto her lips while thinking.

"I think it's time I catch up with my dear old friends."
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