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In my time of dying

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A story about a man obsessed with love. And what really defines a realtionship? What is love?

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In my time of dying

So here I am, at the top of my own self-hating spiral, writing stories about love. I’m fighting not only these feelings, but also my last love. Have you ever been used by someone you thought liked you? I have. I’ve been through it so many times I can tell you a little something about it. If you want to learn about love and the hard part of it, this is the perfect story for you.

You’ll learn about the bad sides of it, how dizzy it will make you, and how you’re supposed to get out of it. Because you gotta get out of it. Love is a dangerous thing, and it can make you mad. So mad you’ll even start writing stories about it. And when you’ve come to that point it truly shows you’re utterly hopeless.

Welcome to a story about love, dangerous side effects and broken hearts. This is a story about my sight on love nowadays and a life filled with lost hope of a hopeless man.

If you got a broken heart, you’ll read this knowing there’s a hope somewhere out there. And it might just be right in front of you. I want you to really read this and be aware of the men and woman that can use you.

I’m writing this because I’m utterly and hopelessly down in my own spiral of broken hearts. I’m a hopeless lover and I need to show the world I can turn it into something good.

This is for all you with a broken heart.

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