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There was no particular reason Mikey went upstairs, there was nothing he wanted from up there, nothing he had to go and do. It wasn't the destination, it was the movement. He knew that if he stayed sat down with Gerard laughing so carelessly about his drunken endeavours and total ignorance to them, he would snap or cry or scream or something. So he left and walked upstairs, shutting his bedroom door behind him. As he put his drink down on his desk, Mikey noticed that his bed had been made and the clothes he'd redressed Gerard in the previous night were neatly folded up on the middle of the bed, with a little square note resting on top of them, reading simply, 'Thank you', in a neat italicised script followed by two kisses.

Mikey would have liked to think that the two 'x's represented the two kisses Gerard always gave him after sex; one tender one to his forehead, and one as Gerard nuzzled his face into Mikey's, giggling and pressing his open lips sleepily to Mikey's, before he tucked his head in his little brother's neck and fell asleep. However, Mikey knew better than that, so he pushed the thought away and sat down on his bed. The new weight unbalanced the pile of clothes and they spilled over, coming unfolded slightly. He liked to think there was some sort of significance in it, a metaphor perhaps.

Perched on the edge of his bed with his legs spread hip width apart, staring at the floor, Mikey pondered what to do. It was Saturday, so he didn't have work; he had the day free to himself. He didn't feel like going into town, didn't feel like catching a movie, but most of all he didn't feel like staying in, and he didn't feel like being on his own - or with Gerard.

So Mikey grabbed his phone off the bedside table and opened a new message, quickly typing 'Busy today?' and sending it to his best friend Frank. He flipped the phone between his fingers and chewed on his lip, staring at it as he awaited a reply. Within thirty seconds the screen flashed and Mikey opened the message: 'Free as a drunk slut.'

With a small smirk, Mikey stood up, searched around and grabbed a leather jacket, threading his arms into it, grabbed his phone and keys and downed his coffee as he skipped down the stairs. He held his phone between his lips as he pulled on his boots, hopping into the wall unsteadily and making a noise loud enough to disturb Gerard.

"Mikey, y'alri-" Gerard asked, coming out of the lounge, open CD case in his hand, and he paused upon seeing Mikey. He frowned lightly and looked him up and down. "Where you going?" he asked in confusion, and he sounded somewhat dejected.

"Out." Mikey muttered, looking at his shoes as he finally pulled the second one on, then stood up and looked at Gerard. As much as he wanted to just leave and not have to deal with his brother, Mikey couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt at his fallen expression - however ironic that was. He took his phone out of his mouth and held it with his keys. "Seeing Frank." he explained, because he felt he had to, and he gave an apologetic smile before walking out of the house and shutting the door behind his back.

The change in Mikey's mood simply by being outside with infinite fresh air and no boundaries was tangible. He took a deep breath of cool Jersey air and sighed it out as he crunched over the gravel to his car, pulling the door open and glancing at the house once before sliding in and shutting the door. Quickly adjusting the rear view mirror, Mikey reversed off the front drive, spun the wheel to the right, and pulled the car into drive, pulling onto the road and accelerating out of the street.

This is only really half of what I intended to be chapter six, but I've not quite finished it and I'm determined to post something tonight as I'm out tomorrow night so the chances of me posting then or the day after are extremely minimal. This seemed like a good cut off point so that's why it's so short. I'll finish and get the second half up asap.
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