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Chapter Two.

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Gerard scowled at the plate of food and empty seat beside him. She wasn't fucking coming. Why did he get his hopes up? Why the hell would she want to be around him? Angerly, he took her plate and headed to the kitchen to put the food back.

"Gee, that's Ivy's plate..." his mom warned.

"She isn't coming," he growled.

A throat cleared behind him. Gerard turned around, horrified to see Ivy looking up at him. "Er... Sorry I'm late, I just wanted to freshen up first... Is dinner over?"

Fuck, what a douche bag move. She probably thinks I'm a total asshole.

"No?" Without waiting for a response, Ivy smiled at him softly and took the plate from his hands. Gerard followed her back into the dining room, just barely grazing her shoulder as he sat. He instantly went red and stared at his food as he ate, trying to conceal his embarrassment. Donna let out a chuckle, and he shot her a death glare.

After ten uncomfortable minutes, Donna broke the painful silence.

"So Ivy... Do you work?"

"Oh yes," she replied. "I uh... Work the night shift at this liquor store. I'm technically not supposed to, being a minor and all... But my manager knew those were the only hours I could take and that I needed the job."

"Graveyard shift?" Donna gasped. "How on Earth do you stay awake during school child?"

"I take my classes online, to be accommodate my schedule," Ivy replied. "But once I find a better job, I might go back to public school. I noticed it's only a couple blocks away. How is it there, Gerard?"

"It's shit," he replied automatically.

"Lemme guess... Full of stuck up brats and judgmental staff?" She asked as she stood to clear her plate.

"Yeah," he said, standing quickly and taking her plate. "I'll get that." Ivy smiled and muttered a thank you to him, but he turned away and headed toward the kitchen, leaving her to wonder how someone can be so polite yet so cold. He scowled at her plate. "You barely ate."

"Did you not like it dear?" Donna asked worriedly. "I can make you something else if you'd like."

"Oh no, thank you," Ivy replied quickly. "I just eat like a bird, is all. Thank you so much for dinner Mrs. Way it was lovely. I'd love to stay and chat but I better get a nap in before my shift tonight."

"Good night love," Donna called after her.

"Good night Mrs. Way." She stopped in front of the kitchen and poked her head in. "Good night Gerard."

He didn't dare reply, or even look up from his cleaning for he knew the sound of her voice made him blush bright red. He kept his head down and continued to clean the kitchen.


Meanwhile, Ivy was emptying what little contents she had in her stomach, as quickly and as quietly as she could. She had become an expert at purging discreetly. Smiling to herself, she straightened up, popped a piece of gum in her mouth and casually walked out. They would never know.

She walked right into a startled Gerard before she could even turn in the direction of her room.

"Oh! Shit, I'm sorry..."

Gerard had no response, just a pair of icy brown eyes staring into hers. Without a word, he turned and headed down the stairs to his basement.

"Wait! Um... Would it be okay if I came in?" Ivy asked nervously, for she had followed him down the stairs and was now standing at the edge of his door. "You see, I don't have many friends, uh, it'd be nice to maybe get to know you..."

Gerard stared at her, and then shut his door behind him. Ivy let out a sigh, and accepted her defeat. She started up the stairs as the door opened again.

"Maybe tomorrow." He said, in a kind tone. "Good night, Ivy."
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