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Darkness my protector

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Cute little Ryo drabble. Well over 100 words but not by much so to me its a drabble. Up to you if it is tendershipping or not. It is only classed as "romance" because there is no general or comfort...

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Ryou Bakura,Yami Bakura - Published: 2010-11-25 - Updated: 2010-11-25 - 253 words - Complete

A/N: Hey! Just a little drabble that came to me when I was lying in my beddy. Posting this while I have chance since my internet is playing up and may go at anytime. And my schools network seems to think the choose a catagory pop up is porn. Yeah. This lil drabble can be tendershipping or just brotherly love. Whatever floats your boat :D Enjoy!

Disclaimer: if i owned YuGiOh i wouldn't be writing FANfiction.

Since I was little I had been afraid of the darkness. What was in it, the fact I couldn't see a thing, the feeling of being smothered by it. When I began living alone the fear remained if not increased. When I learnt of my guest that had been shipped in from Egypt via the millennium ring, I couldn't decide if it relieved the fear or not. True there was someone with me but he could only be described as evil. He promised I would never get hurt by another but what about him? Would he hurt me? Over time I grew to trust he would protect me and not hurt me. My fear faded. Then he went away. You would've thought I my fear returned. But it didn't. The darkness no longer smothered, suffocated or surrounded. Bakura was the darkness and Bakura had protected me. Now the darkness became my comfort. It protected me and hugged me not trapped me. No I wasn't scared anymore. Darkness was no longer my enemy. It was my protector.
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