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.Wreck Me

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SixxLee. Girls era. Slight language, punishment suggestion(?). Written by my post-shy friend Alice.

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Eventually Nikki wanted to go on record, so that the general public would never know what they did before stage... it was sorta the mystery of magic, not knowing was the fun, knowing it would be dull... er, um, maybe not in this case. So it was more using the mystery of not knowing to cover up what really happened before show... or at least between the terror twins.

"Do... do we have enough time?" Tommy panted, pulling back from a rather lengthy kiss from no other than the bassist of the very same band he was in, of course they fooled around before stage, he was the drummer after all. Drummers had to be rather stationary... well, his drum riser he'd made it do something shit before but still... the main point being he couldn't just being up close and personal with Nikki onstage... unlike, Vince that dick, who was way, way too close to his Nikki at times.

"No... probably not." Nikki shook his head, wiping his lips of the physical evidence of Tommy's saliva around his mouth... Tommy liked to lick, and he liked to bite, and rather sexy combination, if you asked him. In response to Nikki rubbing off his saliva, Tommy just licked over his lips again and grinned.

"If you weren't so cute, I'd smack you for doing that..." Nikki chuckled softly, doing the same thing once again and just sticking his tongue out childishly in response, not surprised in the least when Tommy licked back... but smirking rather sasifited when he bit Tommy's tongue. So he was slightly sadistic... not necessarily a bad thing.

"Nikki...!" Tommy whined, pouting. That had hurt, he knew Nikki could bite harder though... proof of that was Nikki's not so gentle love bites on him... which he just explained to anyone asking he was involved with an aggressive chick who liked to bite him. That wasn't really a lie except the chick part...

Nikki shrugged, not offering any sympathy nor apologies for what he just did, Tommy should know him better... he liked to bite even if that caused his precious terror twin pain... well, even better if it did.

Tommy pouted more from that, and whined again, he hated when Nikki was cruel just for the sake of being cruel, however he smirked, pushing the other once again against the wall, and grabbing his thighs in a somewhat rough but still gentle way and biting at one of his ears, earning a slight hiss from taking the elder off guard...

"If it weren't for how short on time we are... I'd take you right fucking here and hard, too."

"Yes... but we're short on time... and my thighs, no matter how voluptous they may be are not your play things... so let go." Nikki rolled his eyes, pushing Tommy off but not without the other giving another squeeze to them... ugh, jerk. "Content now, fucker?"

"Not really, but the show has to start... still, I may punish you for that..." Tommy shrugged, going ahead and walking away from the bassist who was left quite curious from that statement before he caught up with Tommy.

"What does that mean? You? Punish me, please..." Nikki scoffed, he didn't really believe that, sides Tommy was too nice to be as cruel as he could be to the other... which was quite cruel at times...

"You never know, Sixx, your evilness or cruelness may have just rubbed off on me."
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