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.Like A Dog

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SixxLee. Early Girls era. Slight language. Written by my post-shy friend Alice.

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"Jesus christ!" Nikki groaned, which was sort of weird what he just said considering he didn't believe in a god, at all, but hell, when did pain ever make anyone rational? Did their security dude even fucking know how hard it was to play bass when his ribs were like that? Broken, and a few of them, too or so the Doctor had told him... he noticed there was a problem when his breathing was hard to do or how sleeping had to be in a exact position.

Nothing that some drugs couldn't solve though, but when they wore off the pain kept coming, and he needed even more than normal, but this time if he was wasted beyond belief, he had an excuse really. He was in pain... and wasn't lying about it either. It sorted of reminded him of his shoulder injury which he started to use Heroin to stop the pain... just never stopped when the pain did.

"Can my mistress make this pain better?" Nikki asked aloud, he'd started to refer to his mistress as Heroin? It kept him from his one true love, music... so it was very much a mistress. He should know better, he was a smart person off the drugs, but on them... not so much.

"Does she know I'm cheating again?" Nikki chuckled softly, music was definitely a chick, see it blew so hot and cold with him, and sides chicks equal trouble, only in this mind set did that warrant any sense... he was slow right now. Busy in the bathroom actually, he was at rehersal, everyone was doing something... so why couldn't he?

"I swear..." Tommy muttered underneath his breath from behind his drums, just fiddling around with anything that could keep his attention for the moment, he was hyper and he wanted to play, but considering the bassist was elsewhere at the moment, that made it somewhat difficult.

"He's always doing this shit... if he doesn't want to practice then fine!" With that their blond singer walked out, or more like stormed out, ugh, there was just no pleasing Vince or so Tommy thought.

"Should we just tell everyone else to go home, too?" Tommy asked, the remaining musician in the room, who just gave a slight response in return, concurring with that statement. "Er... can you Mick? I want to see if I can talk to Nikki about not doing this.."

Mick rolled his eyes, not that he really wanted to but it was more obvious than anything, nothing was going to get done today, why should he have to mention that at all? He wouldn't be surprised if their producer, or any other staff that had been stuck with them long enough just left already just because the not getting any work today was evident, not like Tommy would know the difference though... it was easy enough to trick to supposed baby of the band.

"Nikki..." Tommy was nice enough to at least knock on the door, before just entering... how surprising that the door didn't lock. Did anything work around them, he wondered.

"Uh..." Nikki groaned once again, he couldn't even shoot up or snore anything, he was far to sore ,and the needle got away from him anyways... "Fuck do you want, T-bone?"

"Well, you look like shit... then again not even you can add a glamourize look to leaning against a dirty bathroom wall, Sixx. You know if you're going to do drugs you might as well do them quicker." Tommy shrugged, he had no point to chide the other he was really no better. "But you don't look as lax as you normally do... have a really bad batch of something then?"

Nikki actually blinked at the stupidity of Tommy, he had no idea at all, what he was on did he now? Maybe that was for the best... "No, dude. My fucking ribs..." Nikki groaned sincerely, even lightly ghosting his fingers touchs through the fabric was quite painful, there were probably lots of bruises underneath, not that he would know... hadn't seen his ribs in days, changing was too painful.

"I'm guessing the same person that broke my nose... is responsible for this?" Tommy sighed, Nikki did look sincerely in pain and not the junkie faking pain to score pain but real.

Nikki gave a slight nod in Tommy's direction, hissing when the other pick him up from the wall, and had an arm resting loosely on his thigh because of his condition and one around his neck, shoulder area... "Did I mention fucking ow?"

"Well, sorry." Tommy didn't mean to hurt the bassist, he was trying to help more than anything actually. "I'm trying to be careful... and not hurt you anymore, you look like you're in some pain."

"Under-fucking-statement..." Nikki groaned again, at a spike of pain, glad that Tommy had a good enough grip on him or that would've just made him really fall, or lean too much to one side and shit, sensing that, he tightened his grip on Nikki but still not to cause any harm, if it could be prevented. "If he's going to hit us... can we get paid for that, at fucking least? Or something... I need pain killers."

"Don't have any on me..." Tommy regretfully stated, he had not liked seeing Nikki in pain, high was better than this for the most part, at least he wasn't so bad off with the help of so many pills and whatever else there was to take.

"Fuck me..." Nikki groaned, no pills. "Why did you rescue me? Isn't my suffering better suited for just my company alone, not yours or any else, sure fucking pattern breaker... and now someone speaks. For someone that supposedly hates silence you sure do a great fucking lot of it..."

"Nikki..." Tommy chimed in, trying to stop Nikki on what seemed to be on of his starting rants, which he was right to assume that because the bassist kept going and going, not that Nikki's voice was bad... it was quite soothing actually, his talking voice, he didn't know about his singing voice though much outside of backing vocals, which were still pretty.

"Done?" Tommy asked when finally it seemed Nikki went to caught his breath... with a slight nod from the other he finally got the other to the couch, where he could lay him down, which was sorta hard to do, but he got Nikki on there with only a few hisses.

"For a second there..." Nikki chuckled, confessing. "I thought you were going to end up on top of me like with one of those chick flicks you know... where the love interest just happens to fall on who they're digging, and sometimes they just end up kissing... really unlikely shit."

Tommy just nodded, he didn't know how to respond to that because for a second there he thought that Nikki had meant something else which worried him, after the other cleared his throat, most obviously to get his attention and eyes back on him, he continued. "So everyone gone?"

"I think so..." Tommy nodded, smiling. Wait was he smiling too eagerly because he was alone with Nikki? Was that creepish that he liked being alone with Nikki a lot.. and smiled a lot when that happened?

"Tommy... Tommy!" Nikki called to the drummer who seemed to be freaking out over something, then looked more normally back at him with a questioning response. "You were being... I don't even know. I'm somewhat delirious with pain... I feel like I'm going to pass out."

"Maybe you should then..." Tommy suggested, however thought noticing by a light snore that Nikki had already gone to sleep, must not have been sleeping too well because of everything, he guessed. He looked around, wasn't much else to rest on and sides, Nik was the injured one... so he could just curl and rest some himself and wait for Nikki to awake in time, and keep an eye on him too.

Somewhat like a dog did to his master... oi... how wrong his thoughts were recently, Tommy sighed, oh well, they'd stop if he just found something else to focus on... like Nikki's snoring... he could focus on that and be without silence which he really did hate despite anyone else's belief. Whatever... he'd try to be good to Nikki whilst his injury... some extra concern was needed right? Or that's what he was going with if anyone asked. That was his reason... okay, maybe not, but just if anyone asked.
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