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Chapter 1

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"This is your best clothes?Are you serious?",Lucas asked.
David looked down at himself.
He was wearing his white button shirt,his suit jacket,his ripped jeans,his chain on the belt loops,and his converse.
"Forget it,we're late anyways.You better hope that you do not embarass me.",Lucas said and left for the front door.
"See ya,Bakari.",David said and left after his dad.

"Abasi,what are you doing?"
The mayor looked up to his wife and sighed.
"Your daughter has run off once again.",Abasi answered.
Akila,the wife,sighed and shrugged walking up to him.
"Your know your daughter,she is not the kind to stay put when told to.",Akila said.
"Well,my new assistant and right-hand man is on his way here and the entire family is not here.",Abasi said with a frown.
"Oh,do not worry.She will be back.",Akila said.

"I'm sorry!I am so sorry!"
"You little troublesome girl!You are going to pay for what you did!",the market man yelled.
The girl went off running in a hurry to get away from the big man.
She was Aziza,one of the three daughters of the mayor.
She was not the one to listen to her parents and stay still.She was the adventurous one of the three girls who did the exact opposite of everything.Her name meant Precious and she was just that.Beautiful,though she was not graceful.Youngest.
Long,ebony,curly hair with coal,black eyes and caramel,shiny skin.She was fit and always ready to break in a run from trouble she caused.
The other daughters were Monifa and Halima.
Monifa was the one who was perfect and listened to all orders.Straight,long brown hair with the same coal eyes and much lighter skin of all sisters.Her name meant Lucky,and it spoke the truth for she was the luckiest.Also beautiful and fit.Middle child.
Then there was also Halima.Her name meant Gentle,and she was just that as well.Quiet,shy,and very graceful.She listened and complained of nothing.She was more closer to Aziza then Monifa.
She had short,straight black hair with the same coal eyes and the darkest skin.Also beautiful and fit.Oldest.
Aziza ran around the corner losing sight of the big man.
"Gods and Godesses,please let me get home saefely and not having payed for the mess I made.",Aziza quickly prayed.
Then she left for the palace in her fake poor drags of clothes.

"Hello,Mayor Abasi.Mrs.Akila.",Lucas said as he shook hands with both.
Abasi's eyes fell on David and forced himself to put on a smile.
"This must be your...son.",Abasi said and held out his hand to David.
David smiled and slapped his hand.
"Hey,Big Man Abasi!You look good Lady Akila!Name's David...still not glad to be in Egypt.",David said.
Abasi narrowed his eyes but continued to smile.
"These are our daughters.Monifa and Halima.",Akila introduced.
"Hello,Miss Monifa,Miss Halima.",Lucas greeted with a bow of his head.
Both girls smiled and gave a small curtsy.
"Hey,Monifa and Halima!",David said with a big smile.
"David,show manners.",Lucas loudly whispered to David.
"Oh,right.Hey,Miss Monifa and Miss Halima! old are you guys?",David asked.
"Alright,how about we go into my office and speak.Your...son can sit down and speak with my daughters and wife.",Abasi said and lead Lucas away.
David immediately fell on the couch with a slouch and sighed.
Monifa and Halima sat on the couch opposite of him and Akila sat on the chair close to David.
For some reason,David had interested Akila and she felt he was present for an important reason.
"David,do you know that we have another daughter.She and her silly self has run off.",Akila laughed.
"Cool,how old is she?",David asked.
"15.She is actually much different from Monifa and Halima here.She wears the clothes of america and is very interested in music you call..rock.",Akila explained.
David sat up and gave a smirk.
"That right there is awesome!Where is she?",David asked.
"Actually,she is-"
"Right here!"
Everybody looked over to see Aziza stand there.She wore skinny jeans with a graphic t-shirt and hoodie with converse and lots of bracelets,chains,and her hair was curly and in a ponytail.You could see piercings on her ears and one on her nose.
"Woah...",David said absolutely mesmerized.
Aziza looked to David and smiled.
"H-Hi.Who are you?",Aziza asked.
"Who are you?",David said with a big smile.
"I'm Aziza,youngest of my sisters.The Precious.",Aziza introduced herself and walked up to him for a handshake.
"Mother,Aziza is acting like a rogue again.",Monifa said.
"Oh,Monifa,how about you keep your mouth shut for once?",Aziza retorted.
"Enough,Monifa,show David to get a drink.Aziza,sit down and tell me where you ran off to.",Akila said.
"No!Let me show David!",Aziza whined.
"Aziza,listen for once.",Akila pleaded.
Monifa smirked and stood.David stood and smiled at Aziza.
"Cool name.I'm David.",he said and held his fist out.She smiled and gave him a knuckle touch making him chuckle.
"Cool.Well,see ya.",she said and sat down cclose to her mother.
Monifa grabbed David's hand and started to pull him out of the room to the kitchen.
"Wow...",David whispered.
"Wow...",Aziza whispered.
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