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ONESHOT! Galileo and Scaramouche have had a fight, Galileo decides that everything would be better if Scaramouche had never known him so an old friend comes back to help. Really bad Summary b...

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A/N: Hi guys. This is just a random idea I had. It’s probably really bad but yeah I just had the idea and I thought omg lets write a fic out of it. Random Oneshot!

This is my first fic so like please don’t kill me if it’s bad or anything

I’m watching we will rock you now and it’s really hard to get Scaramouche OCC... oh yeah sorry if anyone seems OCC in this.
Please read and enjoy

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything to do with we will rock you

Normal POV

“Shut up!” Galileo yelled

“No you shut up you self important, arrogant little arse hole!” Scaramouche yelled back

“Don’t call me that Scaramouche!”

“Or what?” Scaramouche shot back “You going to run off crying to Meat again?”



“Yes... When h-h-h-have I ever done that?!”

“Well let’s see shall we... there was yesterday, the day before, the day befo-“Scaramouche was cut off

“Stop being s-s-such an idiot Scaramouche!” Galileo snapped

“Me? An idiot?” Scaramouche glared at Galileo “Have you listened to yourself lately!”

“Yes I have... and I found out I know a lot of things so compared to me you are an idiot!” Galileo yelled anger suddenly coming over him

“Why are you such a sad, pathetic excuse for a person all the time?”

“Says the sad, pathetic excuse for a g-g-g-girl!” Galileo shouted

“That’s it Galileo!” Scaramouche snarled
Galileo gasped. She never called him Galileo!

“What’s it G-g-g-g-g-ga Ga girl?”

“I hate you!” Scaramouche screamed “we’re through, over... never belonged anyway!”

“So you’re breaking up with me?” Galileo asked

“Yes I am!”

“Not the first time you’ve done that you know” Galileo said

“Fine I’ll go one better. I’m leaving the Heartbreak hotel. I wish I had never met you!”

Scaramouche screamed storming out of the room and slamming the door leaving a very shocked Gazza in the room.
Scaramouche stormed down the corridor not paying any attention to where she was going until she bumped into someone and the both went flying

“I’m so sorry!” Scaramouche mumbled getting up

“It’s fine hen... what’s up you look a bit down in the dumps” Meat said

“I think I just made the worst mistake ever!” Scaramouche cried walking into Meats outstretched arms

“Is it Gaz again?” Meat asked hugging her

“Yes... I just...We” Scaramouche broke down

“There, there hen. It will be ok” Meat said hugging her closer

“I don’t think it will this time” Scaramouche sighed

Back in the other room Galileo was still standing there mouth open
She would probably be better off if she had never even met me Galileo thought to himself

The door opened and in walked Brit

“You ok Gazza?” He asked

“No” Galileo answered simply then he jumped “Wait... Brit is that you?”

“Yes young dreamer it is” Brit answered

“But you’re...” Galileo started

“Dead?” Brit offered “Yeah I know I am”

“Then... why are you here?”

“Because you wanted me to be... you wanted to know if Scar would be better off without you”

“She would... I know she would” Galileo muttered

“Follow me” Brit said

“W-w-w-where are we going?”

“Just follow me dreamer” Brit said

“Ok...” Galileo said uncertainly

“I don’t bite Gaz”
Galileo snorted

“What? It’s true” Brit chuckled and then grabbed Galileo’s arm dragging him along. Suddenly it was pitch black and Galileo couldn’t see a thing

“Where are we?” Galileo asked

“We are in a life... where Scaramouche doesn’t know you” Brit said


“That’s what you wanted isn’t it?” Brit said

“N-n-n-no... I” Galileo stuttered

“Dreamer... When you have finished here you can enter a life where Scaramouche knows nothing about you... or knows you but doesn’t care” Brit said

“Or?” Galileo asked

“You can go back to your normal life”

“B-b-but Scaramouche doesn’t want me... its o-o-obvious”

“Dreamer. You don’t know that... just watch this ok?”


As Galileo watched he saw two Gaga girls standing in the school one of them was brunette with streaks of pink and blue in her hair which was long and hung down her back while the other was a blond with her hair in a high pony-tail. The brunette was wearing a white skirt with pink stripes on both sides and a pastel blue crop top while the other was wearing the same but in orange.

‘So Sally’ the blond said ‘seen any boys from the boy zone you like yet?’

‘Yes... ‘The one called Sally said

Then a boy who looked exactly like Galileo walked past the girls

“Is that m-m-m-me?” Galileo asked Brit

“Yeah” Brit said

‘Oh look it’s the loser!’ Sally said
Her friend chuckled

‘I’m not loser! I’m just different’ The Galileo in the other world said

‘Different my Arse!’ The blond said

‘Nice one’ Sally said

“Who is sally?” Galileo asked

“Guess” Brit said simply

‘You stupid G-g-g-ga Ga girls!’ Other Galileo said

‘At least we don’t talk with a stupid s-s-s-s-stutter’ Sally laughed ‘What is it you call yourself again? Galileo Figaro?’


‘Well that’s a stupid name and that just makes you more of a pathetic excuse for a person’ Sally said

Her and her friend laughed and then they walked off

“Wait....I-I-I-I’ve heard that before somewhere” Galileo said as the other version of him walked away

Brit just stood there looking at him

“No way!” Galileo yelled suddenly “That can’t be... Scaramouche!”

“I’m afraid so dreamer... do you want to go back or do you want to see more?”

“I’m still convinced that she doesn’t need me” Galileo said

“Fine have it your way... on we go” Brit said
Everything went black for a moment and then they were in the place he had met Scaramouche

Scaramouche was wheeled in on a gurney

‘No Not her!’ Khashoggii said ‘She’s going to the Seven Seas’
They wheeled her out again and Galileo was wheeled in
Slowly he started to wake up but instead of escaping he just sat there staring at the floor

“Why aren’t I going anywhere?” Galileo asked

“Because you don’t feel the need to... you haven’t found what you want to live for” Brit said

“Scaramouche” Galileo whispered

“You ready to go back yet?” Brit asked

“No...I-I-I-I don’t know!” Galileo yelled

“Well make up your mind or your going to lose her forever”


“It’s your choice dreamer... there are more things we can go to see”

“Can’t you just leave me alone to think for a while?” Galileo asked

“After you’ve seen this one more life” Brit promised

“Ok” Galileo sighed taking Brits arm.

They appeared in the Heartbreak Hotel

‘Meat!’ A familiar voice moaned

‘Come on Scar!’ Meat begged

‘You can’t keep setting me up on these date things! I know everyone in the Heartbreak hotel!’ Scaramouche whined

Meat walked into view with Scaramouche following her.
Scaramouche was dressed like she normally was except she had blue streaks in her hair and ribbons hanging down from one of her messily done bunches.

“But... if she doesn’t know me how did she find you?” Galileo asked

“She tried to run away... and we found her” Brit answered

‘Come on Scar once more!’ Meat begged

‘Ok fine’ Scaramouche caved chuckling

‘That’s my girl!’ Meat chuckled too

“Wait!” Galileo said “If she doesn’t know me how did she get her name?”

“Listen and you will find out” Brit said

‘Oh Meat I’m so glad to have met you’

‘Well you are the dreamer after all... it’s just luck that we found you all those years ago. Before we knew’ Meat said

“Scaramouche is the dreamer! What about me?” Galileo yelled

“You committed suicide... a few years back. If you hadn’t she would have met you” Brit said

‘I’ll leave you two alone’ Meat said

Galileo looked up to see Scaramouche blushing as a guy with floppy brown hair bent and kissed her hand

‘Well hello there beautiful’ He said

Scaramouche giggled

“She doesn’t giggle!” Galileo yelled

“She’s different Gazza”

‘I’m Liam... you are?’ The guy asked

‘Scaramouche’ Scaramouche answered

“W-w-w-w-what happened to the whole I don’t answer questions thing?” Galileo said

“Like I said before she’s different”

‘Scaramouche, how do you feel about guys who make the first move?’ Liam asked

‘I don’t know’ Scaramouche said

‘Then let’s find out’ Liam said leaning in to kiss her

“What!” Galileo yelled “They only just met”

“He’s been with the bohemians a long time Gazza... she’s met him before”

The couple in the life pulled apart

‘How do you feel about girls who make the second move?’ Scaramouche asked

‘I love them’ Liam smirked

Scaramouche giggled and leaner in again

“STOP!” Galileo yelled

“You made up your mind yet?” Brit asked

“I don’t want to go back!” Galileo yelled

“Gazza, once you make a decision you can’t turn back”

“I-I-I-I don’t know what to do!” Galileo said falling to the ground

“Listen to your heart Gaz... what’s it telling you to do?” Brit asked

“It wants to go back to my baby and sort this whole mess out” Galileo said

“Then go back dreamer” Brit said

“Thanks Brit” Galileo smiled

“Anytime mate” Brit said

Galileo blinked only to find himself back in the same room he had been in when he had fought with Scaramouche

Meanwhile with Meat

“What you going to do hen?” Meat asked

“I think I’m going to go and apologise and beg him to take me back” Scaramouche said wiping her eyes

“That’s the spirit hen, you two are teenagers in love you shouldn’t should be there for one another” Meat said

“Like you and Brit were for each other” Scaramouche said
Meat smiled at her. Then Scaramouche walked back to the room where she had argued with Gazza
She opened the door to find him facing the other way staring at the wall. She smiled and threw herself at him

“I’m so sorry Gaz!” She cried “You’re not stupid or an idiot... I love you!”

“I’m sorry to Scaramouche”

“I didn’t mean what I said!” Scaramouche said hugging him “I would always want to know you and

I don’t hate you... will you take me back?”

“Of course I will Scaramouche what sort of idiot would I be if I didn’t?”

“OH I love you Gaz!”

“I love you too Scaramouche”

The couple kissed and smiled at each other

“Forever” Scaramouche said

“Until the end of time” Galileo smiled and they kissed again

Meat who was watching from the door smiled and left the couple alone

“I miss you Brit” She whispered as she walked away

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