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Sara discovers her abilities, Her advantages and disadvantages of being a Vampire. Comment, Please. :)

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I woke up in a dark room. I couldn't see or hear anything;only my own breathing. I felt around me with my hands, Nothing. My stomach ached once again. I couldn't take it,I needed food, now. I searched with my hands again, but on the wall this time. I found a light switch and flicked it on.I was in a small basement. It was more like a den. There was a brown, worn-out couch, almost sagging. A small TV in front of it on a small, wooden stand. The walls were worn down and almost all scraped off.
I heard a door opening from the top of the stairs. It was Sebastian. He was down the stairs in about a second, I blinked and he was right in front of me.
"Sara, your in trouble." He had a worried tone on his face and in his voice.
"Uh-how exactly?" My voice was shaking and so was my whole body.
"Sara, your turning. Into a vampire ,I mean. Do you know who turned you?"
"Uh-uh----" I felt like I couldn't breathe. I breathed hard, like i was running a marathon. And running out of air. A vampire? How was it possible? How were vampires real?
"A-a-a Vamp-pire?" I asked him, hardly breathing.
"Yes. Now do you remember who turned you?"
"No,no. I didn't see them."
"Well we have to find out. But first we need to get you something to eat. I drink animal blood, I know you should too. I know you wont want to kill a human." 'Human'. I thought about the word. It didn't mean anything to me now. I wasn't 'Human' anymore.
"Uh-yeah, yeah. Sure, Okay." I was confused. This had to be a dream. Now I had pain in my gum's of my upper teeth. It hurt so badly. I couldn't stand it.
"My-My gum's--"
"I know. Its your fangs growing in." When he said 'fangs', I almost fainted. I couldn't ever imagine myself being a blood thirsty monster with, 'Fangs'. It was all happening so fast. Sebastian was rushing everything. I couldn't keep up.

Sebastian took me outside, back to the woods, to 'hunt'. That's what were supposed to call it. It sounds so horrible. I was terrified. I didn't know how to do anything.
"I'll catch your first for you, and as many more as you'd like." He said, with a seductive smile. I couldn't help but stare, again. His smile was perfect, just like everything else about him. I had to get back to reality now, I had to look away. I did look away, but only for a second. I looked back, expecting to see him standing there, with his perfect smile,but he wasn't there.
I looked around again and again. Then there he was, in front of me. When I saw a dead rabbit in his hands, I gasped and almost fell back.
"I'm a-a vegetarian." I said I had forgotten about that before.
"Well if you want to survive, then you have to drink." He held out the bunny for me. I shivered at the dead animal, now in my hands. But I didn't feel guilty, I didn't feel anything.
I drank the blood. It made the aching in my stomach go away. My fangs had come out and my eyes had swelled, I felt it. It felt good, to be in control.
"Now, you have powers, powers you have to control.Like what I've been doing, disappearing.Us vampires can run a mile in just a blink. Like teleporting, but a place in your view."
"Okay." I said. I could keep up now. I was a vampire, and I couldn't change that. All of a sudden, I got a pang of guilt and fear,like I flipped a switch.
"Is this really happening to me?" I asked him, more worried than I ever have been. I've only known him for a day or two, but I felt like I've known him forever, and I can tell him anything.
"I'm sorry, but yes. It really is." He rapped his arms around me in a comforting hug, I hugged him back and cried on his shoulder.
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