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Hidden Plans

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A female human with immortal life visits Elrond when he calls her for the meeting. She will follow the Fellowship but without them knowing. How long can she keep it up. What if Legolas sees her in ...

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Chapter One - Arriving at Rivendell
She was nervous when she came to the entrance of Rivendell. She was on a black horse and she was dressed in all black. From a distance she looked like one of the nine. The only reason people knew she was not one was because they saw that she had a horse with a white tail.
She moodily started to grumble. She was going to castrate Elrond when she saw him. He KNEW she did not want to be at the meeting. She knew her mate was there and he did not know he had a mate. It would be torture... sigh. She would have to stay on the balcony and make sure she did not jump Legolas or try to destroy the damned ring. Yes, she could destroy the ring. Hell, anyone of her race could. Not that they would or anything, because they thought it would be a waste of time. Besides, who honestly thought tracking down the ring; evading nine annoying undead Nazgul, finding a way into Mordor, and throwing the ring into Mount Doom was fun! (AN: Ari stop waving your hand like you have a twitching disorder!... Better yet just get back into the story.)

Sighing she got off her horse and told Meryl, her horse, to go to the stable and get comfortable. Ariana walked to the fountain and sat down drumming her fingers as she waited for Elrond. She smirked smugly, knowing he did not see her coming and would be coming because he would find her horse in the stable. She loved it when no one knew what she was doing. This did not happen often in her homeland, as quite a few of her kind were seers.
She began humming and grinned madly as she saw Elrond walking toward her with an expression of absolute shock and she could tell he was nervous. "Neh, why so nervous El?" She said as she walked up to Elrond. She hid a laugh as she saw him avoid her glance. She then said smugly, "You had no idea I would be here so early did you?" He looked at her in irritation and said grudgingly, "No I had no inclination that you would be here so soon. I saw you coming as the meeting was beginning. It seems to have been incorrect... again."

Ariana grinned sadistically and said, " Of course your vision was wrong. When is it ever right when it comes to me? Then again, it could have something to do with the fact that I am not even supposed to be here." At her words Elrond looked at her in suspicion and said, " Did you run away again? Or are you here for a different reason?" He had an uneasy feeling she was not here because she was running away, but because of a more personal reason. Her grin suddenly left her face and her whole manner changed drastically. She looked at him grimly and said, " I think it is time for me to assist this world. No matter how doomed I think this place is."

Elrond rolled his eyes and said, "I should have known that you were just roaming around." He noticed she was having a hard time staying awake so he sighed and said, "I assume you will want to go to your normal resting spot? I do not see why you can not sleep in a bed like the rest of the civilized people." At this Ariana put her hand on her hip and answered mischievously, "But if I slept at night then when would I be able to deal with your sons?" Elrond paled and said, "All I ask is that you do not, under any reason, blow anything up, light anything on fire, freeze anything, and ABOVE ALL do NOT hang my sons from the roof."
Ariana looked at him putting an angelic face on, that made Elrond have to hold his breath so he would not laugh out loud, and said, "Who me? Why would I ever hang your sons from the roof?"
"You do realize that you did not deny anything, right?" a voice said from behind her. Ariana spun around and punched the unfortunate victim square in the face. Blinking she noticed it was Aragorn, so she put her hand in front of his, now bleeding, nose and her hand glowed blue as she healed him. She grinned sheepishly at Aragorn and said, "At least it wasn't your jaw this time." Aragorn glared at her and muttered, "Yes it is a good thing but it is a pity that it was not you."

Ariana glanced at Aragorn and was about to make a snide remark when Elrond spoke, "Now is not the time for your childish arguments. The Elves of Mirkwood have arrived." Aragorn glanced sideways at Ariana he was concerned that his arrival would upset her. Ariana looked straight at Elrond, and he noticed that she had gone a little pale, and she said, "If you need me I will be... in the garden. Yes, I think the garden would be a great place to be." Nodding to herself she walked away from them. Elrond watched as she walked away and then he turned to Aragorn and said wearily, " I do hope she will be alright because she's been acting really edgy and alert…" Before he could finish Ariana had returned and said to Elrond, "By the way, try to make sure the dwarf doesn't use his ax in the meeting. I will be late so I will not see it." With that she turned around and disappeared into the garden.
Aragorn stared at Elrond as they walked towards the entryway where the Mirkwood elves would arrive. "Why does she suddenly not want to see him?"


Ariana walked briskly to her favorite tree in the garden, the Rowan tree. She had planted it the second time she came to Rivendell. She had decided she liked it here so she marked it with her tree so she would remember where to go. That was before Sauron had decided to make that damned ring of his. Honestly, she thought, what was with all the dark lords and trying to conquer the world? Couldn't they come up with something more original? At any rate, Ariana thought darkly to herself, it was her duty to make sure everything happened like it should.Granted that means more work for me and of course that she grinned evily means more fights with stupid undead stalkers. I need to remember to tell them to get a new hobby. She climbed the Rowan tree and sat staring at the stables. She slowly dropped off to sleep when she heard a soft thump of an elf walking.
Ariana jolted up and ran smack into Legolas, prince of Mirkwood. She paled dramatically. Legolas noticed this and said, “Milady are you alright?”

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