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They Were Happy, But He Ruined It

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The story of three people and a misunderstanding. Well, a lie. One shot.

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wrote this because.... I felt like it

Louise’s POV

“I recall muttering to myself as I walked back from you, darling. As I walked away. But do you remember how much you hurt me? I don’t suppose you do. You tortured me and you hurt me, but you never cared. I still can’t believe I did that – walked out on you in your hour of need. If I had known about everything, all the pain you’d felt… I’d have changed my decision in a heartbeat. When they told me you’d taken your own life as I slept I-I broke down. I’d never felt the way I felt. I couldn’t deal with anything. I blocked everything out. It’s taken five months to come here… to visit you. I thought you were violent because… well just because you were. I didn’t know about your childhood. I didn’t know about any of it, I swear. I’d take it all back. Every single word… All of them. I would never mean to hurt you… I care…” I whispered to the cold stone, scrunching the paper with each and every word I’d read up in my hand. I threw the paper onto the floor and began tracing every letter of your name. I thought about what else was written on the note and tried to remember the rest of the speech. I wasn’t sure why I’d let the paper ball roll away but I had. I brushed my red hair out of my eyes and gave up. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Allowing the tears to fall freely down my face, I continued.

“I killed them. I killed my family… my friends… I-I thought if I killed enough people I’d get you back… I thought I was helping you. I’ve ruined lives and I’ve made a good job of fucking up my own. I know you’d forgive me if you were still here… But… if you were still here I wouldn’t… I would have never made those mistakes.” I pulled the gun out of my back pocket. I knew I deserved it. Even after all of those mistakes I’d made, I knew I could still live. I just didn’t want to.

“I can’t live without you, Anthony” I whispered, pulling the gun to my head. “And I’ll always love you” I continued. I pulled the trigger.

“Louise? You fucking idiot! I’m not dea-” I heard someone yell as my heart stopped.

Anthony’s POV

“Alex… You and your stupid, stupid ideas.” I hissed, shoving my older brother against the wall.
“I got rid of her! I thought that was what you wanted” Alex argued. Despite being five years younger than him, I was tougher. I’d never wanted to hurt Louise. I never meant to…
“No. That was what YOU wanted. I loved her. You’ve always ruined everything for me.”
“You said you wanted her dead!”
“Because I was pissed off!”
“She left me, Alex. I fucking loved her and she left me”
“She deserved to know about what happened to you!” He told me.
“What YOU did to me. I should just slit your throat right now…”
“You wouldn’t. You’d get the knife and then cry, you mental little emo boy!”
“Trust me. I would. I’d like you to feel pain. How much I’d love to get a group of whores to rape you. How much I’d love to stand there with a knife and stab you. I’m physically and mentally scarred for life because of you! ” I cried. I knew he wouldn’t understand. I let go of him and left his flat, smashing a window with my fists as I left. I could feel the glass in my hands. I deserved the pain. I crept back to the cemetery. He’d already taken away my fake headstone. The police were there, examining her body. I bit my lip. I glanced down and noticed a sheet of paper. I picked it up. She’d written it. I choked out a sob as I read it. She meant every word, I could tell. I was too late to save her.

I knew she’d killed everyone. I knew it was her. She’d always had a stupid little theory that you could bring back the dead by killing the others that you cared about, the others you loved. I crept back to my parent’s house and raided the kitchen for the sharpest knife I could find. I hated Alex. He could play his life the way he wanted, but he'd ruined mine too much. I walked to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. My sleeping pills. I took them out of the cabinet and poured the entire bottle onto the floor. I swiftly grabbed a glass of water and then sat on the floor. I pressed the knife deep into my left wrist, letting out a yelp of pain. The blood continued pouring down my wrist as I began to swallow the pills.

My parents found my body the next day. I hate how my pathetic excuse of a brother doesn’t even feel guilty. He caused it. He caused every single problem in my life. But I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I have Louise again now.
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