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Watching The Stars

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He loves her. She loves him. But they've convinced themselves that keeping it a secret is the best idea. One shot.

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random one shot. reviews please :D

She glanced over at him again. He was talking with his friends in the corner of the café. She sighed and left, she couldn’t watch him anymore. Not until the next day. Her heart wouldn’t allow it. She knew she should hate him for the times he’d hurt her when they were still at school but she couldn’t. She walked back to the apartment she shared with her two best friends and `locked herself inside her room. She cried for hours. She imagined him holding her close and kissing but the thought made her feel sick. Sick with jealousy. She craved him, but he’d never know.

He sighed as he walked inside the café. She was there again. He knew he shouldn’t love her. He thought back to eight years before, when he was the bully and she was the victim. She’d never love him. He sat with his friends. They told him that the girl was following him. He blushed and looked over at her. She was staring into her coffee. He looked closer at her and noticed her tears. He sighed and tried to distract himself with an uninteresting chat with his friends. Friends that he didn’t even care about anymore. He watched her leave. He wanted to run after her and ask her what was wrong but he couldn’t. He didn’t have the guts.

That night in their local park the pair met. By accident, of course. She looked up at him and sighed. Ignoring him would be rude.
“Hey” she whispered.
“Hi, umm…. Do I know you?” he asked. He sighed as he said this. Of course he knew her. They both knew that he knew who she was.
“Don’t play games, Jason. I’m not stupid…” she sighed.
“Sorry. I’ve seen you at the café. You’re there a lot…” he smiled.
“Oh… yeah… I like coffee” she smiled.
“Really? Because earlier you left without drinking it. You were crying” he said, concerned.
“Shit… It doesn’t matter…” she said, beginning to walk away. He couldn’t let her. He wouldn’t.
“It does matter!” he choked out, knowing what she’d ask next.
“Why? Why the fuck is it so important to you? Do you remember what you said to me? Don’t even try to imagine how much you’ve hurt me! I’ve been seconds away from killing myself because of you!” she screamed. She’d rather him hate her than be rejected. He threw himself onto the floor, tears rolling down his cheeks as she left.
“I fucking love you, Krystal” he whispered as she left. He knew she wouldn’t hear him. She glanced over her shoulder.
“Did you say something?” she asked. She didn’t know what he’d said, but she knew he said something. She walked over to him. He looked at up her and then back down at the floor.
“I love you” he whispered. She blinked at him, trying to figure out what he’d just said. Well, she knew what he said she just couldn’t understand it. She held her hand out to help him up. He shook his head at her hand and climbed to his feet. He turned and began to walk in the opposite direction. She ran after him. She smiled at him.
“Wanna know why I was crying?” she asked.
“O-okay” he stuttered, clearly confused by the situation.
“I love you too” she smiled, lacing her hand with his. The pair kissed in the middle of the park and stayed there all night, watching the stars.
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