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She Hated Christmas But No One Knew Why

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Anna always hated Christmas...

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random one shot

Anna sighed as she tried to figure out the next line. The next line? Anna wrote the lyrics for her band. She also sang them. She wanted to write lyrics on everything that had happened to her in the past year, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t find the words.
“Cross my heart, I’d die for you, send a message to me, I won’t reply,
Pease understand that I’m not ignoring you but I just can’t find the words,
There are a million things I could tell you, I never asked you to leave
It was a misunderstanding but I can’t change it…”
She read over the page again. “Verse or chorus…” she muttered to herself. Well, who else could she mutter to? She was the only one in the house. She had been ever since her sister died. She grabbed her phone and dialled her best friend’s number. He played guitar in her band so she figured he wouldn’t mind her calling him.
“Danny?” she asked.
“What, Anna? It’s half three in the morning!” he sighed.
“These lyrics, they’ve gone wrong!” she almost screamed.
“Dude, calm the fuck down. Look, in five hours you’ll be here at mine celebrating Christmas. Concentrate on that and let me sleep” he sighed, hanging up on her. She felt tears burning in her eyes, she didn't want to concentrate on Christmas. She slipped the lyrics into her bag and crawled into bed, crying herself to sleep. She'd never wanted to write lyrics. She actually hated it. She didn't even want to sing. She really wanted to play the drums.

She sighed as she climbed out of bed. “Christmas! Fucking brilliant!” she muttered. She hated Christmas. She could make a list of every single bad thing that had happened to her and they’d all share the same date.
Anna sat back on her bed again, wiping away tears.
“Fucking hell, Anna! Are you okay?!” Danny yelled. She’d been thinking aloud, going over her shitty life for the past ten minutes, crying. She hadn’t noticed Danny had been standing there the whole time.
“You heard that?” Anna whispered, wondering why she’d ever given him a key to her apartment.
“Yeah, but I never rejected you… You never listened to the rest of the sentence…” Danny sighed. Anna tried not to giggle. Typical Danny… He always concentrated on the wrong thing… She’d practically told him that she born the day before Christmas but he ignored it.
“You did! You… You said that the girl you loved was pretty and talented and funny! I’m not!” she sobbed.
“Trust me, you are….” he whispered, sitting next to her. He brushed her hair out of her face and pressed his lips against hers. She pushed him away.
“Fucking liar!” She yelled, shoving him out of her apartment and as far away from her as possible. She waited all day, until ten at night before leaving. She wasn’t planning on going anywhere though. She waited by the side of the road. She waited for a car. She picked her moment and dashed in front of the car, allowing it to hit her full force. On the day after her eighteenth birthday, her nineteenth Christmas, she died.
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