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You're Still Here

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Gerard is dead and sick of it. Mikey is alive, but is struggling to deal with his older brother's death. One shot.

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Gerard glared at the mirror, seeing nothing but the room he was stood in. He crept across the hall the hall to where his fifteen year old brother slept. He smiled. He had tried to avoid seeing Mikey, but being tied to the place of his death – his parent’s house made seeing the boy inevitable. He wanted to forget. They both did. Gerard swept his shoulder length hair out of his eyes. The red hair dye had been fading, he’d meant to dye it the day he died, but just couldn’t be bothered. He walked into Mikey’s room and began pacing. Boredom could attack the best of people, Gerard included. He sat on the floor, longing to be alive again. He thought back to all the great times he’d shared with his family and that punch in the stomach came back. Guilt. He’d never been brilliant at making decisions and killing himself certainly hadn’t been the best. He missed his family more than he could describe, especially Mikey. He had to watch Mikey live the rest of his life and he had to watch Mikey invite his friends round to their house. Their house. Except, it wasn’t Gerard’s anymore. Gerard didn’t own a thing. Gerard was gone. The possessions that were once his were the only proof he had lived. That and the gravestone waiting in a cemetery. Waiting to be visited, to be cared for.

He sighed as Mikey stirred in his sleep and slowly awoke. He knew that Mikey would’ve come into Gerard’s room and they would have talked. Gerard had only been dead for three weeks, so waking up at three in the morning must have been a habit… Mikey sat up, glass teardrops dripping down his cheeks and breaking, silently smashing against his bed. Gerard wanted to hold him, to tell him everything was okay. But how could he? He was dead and he was the reason for Mikey’s tears. Mikey began to cry loudly, unable to hold back any longer. He threw his face into his pillow, gripping the edge of them as he screamed. His parents raced into the room and held him. Mikey felt like a five year old and Gerard could sense it. Gerard squeezed his hazel eyes shut, not wanting to watch his brother cry. As soon as Gerard could hear that Mikey had stopped crying, he opened his eyes. His parents were leaving the room, leaving Mikey alone. Gerard wanted to tell them to stay with Mikey but he knew he couldn’t be heard. He was gone to them. He was a memory.

Gerard watched as Mikey reached for his glasses. He watched as Mikey stood up and turned on the light. Mikey sat on his bed and sighed.
“Gerard… I miss you” Mikey whispered, wiping away small teardrops as he cried silently to himself. Gerard grabbed a pen and paper. He wanted to try something. It had worked in movies and it had worked in stories.
“I know, Mikes. I’m sorry” he scribbled. He pushed the paper towards Mikey.
“G-Gee?” Mikey gasped in surprise, trying to find his older brother in his seemingly empty room. He stood up and grabbed a notebook. He placed it next to the paper note Gerard had already given him Gerard smiled.
“Mikey, think… imagine me right here, in front of you… please” Gerard scribbled. He watched his brother’s face. Mikey was concentrating so hard on seeing his brother.
“Gee… you’re crying!” Mikey gasped. Gerard moved his hand up to his eyes. He was crying.
“Mikey, imagine me talking to you” Gerard wrote. Mikey concentrated again.
“Gerard, speak. I won’t know if it has worked unl-“ Mikey began.
“Hey, Mikey” Gerard smiled.
“GEE!” Mikey exclaimed, hugging his brother.
“Shit, Mikes! Calm! Everyone else with think you’re insane!” Gerard giggled.
“So? I started hanging out with your friends, Gerard. They say I’m just like you!” Mikey smiled.
“The geekier me, yes” Gerard giggled.
“Oh, and Lindsey asked Frank out…” Mikey sighed.
“She did what?!” Gerard yelled. He’d been dead three weeks. The thought of his girlfriend and his best friend dating make him feel sick.
“I’m sorry…”
“It’s not your fault, Mikey” Gerard sighed.
“Frank said no, by the way” Mikey told him.
“What?” Gerard asked, confused.
“Frank said he couldn’t possibly date Lindsey. It wasn’t fair on you. To be honest, we all thought she was using you anyway…” Mikey explained.
“Why didn’t you say something then?” Gerard questioned.
“We thought you were happy” Mikey sighed, a look of guilt spreading across his face. Gerard hugged his brother.
“I want to see them…” Gerard sighed.
“See who?”
“Frankie and Ray” Gerard told Mikey, a look of guilt on his face.
“Come to school with me tomorrow then!” Mikey chuckled, rolling his eyes.
“I-I can’t leave the house. I died here. I can never leave…” Gerard whispered, tears streaming down his pale cheeks.
“Oh…” Mikey whispered.
“Mikey, you need to sleep. I’ll still me here in the morning. I’ll be here every day… forever…” Gerard sighed, taking his brother’s glasses and placing them on his nightstand. He helped his brother into bed and left the room. He crept back down to his basement bedroom. Nothing had changed. His body had been removed, obviously, a bit of the blood had been cleaned but the drugs and blades were still there. Gerard grabbed a few of his comics and sat on his bed reading them. He could live his life. Yeah, sure he could. Only his “life” would never end. He’d be stuck as a weird looking eighteen year old forever. He grabbed his diary and scribbled a note.

“We’re only temporary. We’re irreplaceable and unique, but only temporary. We’ll spend the majority of our time as memories, because once we’re gone, there’s no going back. Gerard Way.”

He smiled at what he had written. It was so true that it hurt. His escape plan hadn’t worked, but he was going to embrace that. He’d decided. After all, he could contact Mikey and he couldn’t wait to find out who else he could talk to.
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