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Months Change

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It's been a few months since Julie was in hospital again, and Nico is acting suspicously- will Nico's actions cause a chain of events that will unleash a tragedy?

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"Okay that's it- I have had enough! What is going on here?" I questioned.

It had been a few months since I had been in hospital. I had gotten very big (although Mikey kept telling me I was still beautiful), Lucy had started dating Frankie (and I was catching every detail of it which coupled with morning sickness that the two of us were sharing made it difficult to keep anything down), and Frankie was experiencing what it was like for a woman to be pregnant- and complaining about it all the time.

Right now I was fed up- everyone seemed to not quite make eye contact with me except for Frankie, and this had been going on all day.

All of a sudden Lacey stood up and took my hand, dragging me outside without another word.

"What are we doing out here?" I said with a hint of panic in my voice, knowing what would happen next.

"Shhh calm down Julie, think of the twins. Everyone just wants to give you something special okay?" Lacey explained.

I took a deep breath, pretending to calm down knowing full well that I didn't need to.

"Nico is acting strangely" I stated, not really having anything else to do but gossip.

"I haven't noticed anything" Lacey replied, tapping her foot.

"Well She is. She's been seeing this guy for like ages but we have never met the guy- hell we don't even know his name, or what he does or anything!" I exclaimed, waving my hands for affect.

Lacey stopped tapping her foot as she thought about what I said.

"You are right, but she could just be a very private person" Lacey shrugged.

"Or she doesn't WANT us to know this guy for a reason" I questioned.

Frankie opened the door again grinning madly and motioned for us to come in.

I walked into the empty loungeroom- nothing had changed.

"Go to my room stupid" Frankie rolled his eyes.

I walked over to his old room and opened the door, gasping at what I saw.

The whole room had been converted into a nursery.

The walls were a light shade of purple, there were two cribs made of a reddish brown wood, two purple changing stations and soft toys on the floor all around the edges of the walls.

I looked at everyone in the centre of this amazing room and grinned madly- each of them had presents in their hands.

"Happy baby shower!" Lacey giggled from behind me.

"You guys are the best" I said as I started to cry, Frankie sniffling along with me.


"So hows the new guy?" I asked Nico as I ate cake.

All the presents had been opened (I loved Bob's kitten outfits for the twins, it was bold of him to buy just for girls, which caused Lacey to panic that I had told him the true gender of the twins) and everyone was just enjoying the cake- except for Frankie who was obsessing over the soft toys.

"Fine" Nico smiled as she sipped her punch.

"You should have invited him, I think he would have enjoyed the party" I smiled as Frankie yelled 'OH MY GOD A JACK SKELLINGTON PLUSHIE' from behind us.

"Oh I dont know..I think he would have been bored" Nico said as she took another sip.

"Why? he could have met us" I pestered.

"What is your problem?" Nico snapped.

I blinked. It took me a second to recover.

"Nothing other than the fact that you have been seeing this guy and none of us here know anything about him" I said, noticing that everyone was now listening on the conversation.

"Well it's none of your business!" Nico snapped again.

"Hey you don't talk to my wife like that" Mikey said angrily as he walked over and placed his arm around my shoulder.

"I just don't like you not telling us anything about this guy that's all" I said, leaning into Mikey's side and placing my hands on my huge belly.

"No you just like butting into everything- well this is my relationship and you aren't going to be any part of it" She growled and stormed out of the room and out of the apartment.

"Okay NOW I believe that we should stalk her ass and find out who she is seeing" Lacey said, Lucy nodding along with that idea.

"I don't want any part of stalking" Gerard stated firmly and left, slamming the apartment door behind him.

"That was weird" Ray mumbled, Bob nodding.

What was going on?

"Here's what we are going to do" Lacey grinned.

~~~ The next day

"I get the sunglasses and the hat, but why can't I have a trenchcoat?" I whined as we waited outside Nico's apartment building. Everyone but Gerard was now sitting on the benches across from Nico's building, trying not to act suspicious.

"Because your stomach is too damn big" Lucy giggled while Frankie lightly punched her on the arm.

"Guys, we have movement" Ray said as he pointed to a figure walking in the front door.

"Don't be silly, that's Gerard" Bob said as an eerie silence fell upon us.

Five minutes went by and Gerard didn't reapear, so we all marched over to Nico's apartment building, up the stairs, and stood in front of her door.

I sighed and knocked since no one else was going to and was shocked when Nico opened the door in her underwear, flustered and sweaty.

"What are you all doing here?" Nico demanded in a panic.

"Where's Gerard?" Lucy asked as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"How should I know?" Nico questioned. That pissed me off.

I charged past her and into her apartment to see Gerard with on her couch.

"Julie" Gerard whispered as he stood up and tried to walk over to me.

"What is this? why on earth would you keep this from us?" I exclaimed as the others walked into the room.

Nico walked over so she was standing next to Gerard and glared at me.

"This started out as something fun for me. Gerard however was trying to lose himself in me" Nico spat.

"Why?" Mikey asked.

"Because I still love Julie" Gerard said as he stared at the ground.

"Ow" I breathed as I put my hand on my stomach.

"What's wrong?" Mikey asked as he placed a hand on my stomach.

"Oh god NO!" Frankie exclaimed as he and I doubled over in pain, Lucy holding onto Frankie while Mikey held onto me.

"Her water broke!" Lacey exclaimed excitedly.

"The twins are coming" I groaned as I looked at Mikey and smiled, watching the big grin grow on his face, ignoring Frankie screaming for painkillers.
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