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Just Because...

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Lying to yourself is always the easiest escape route. one shot.

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based on true events...

She begged him to take her back. She begged too much, some might say. He ignored her, he ignored everyone. She regretted breaking up with him. It was the biggest mistake she’d made in… forever. She always made stupid choices. She quickly read all her emails and was surprised to see one from him. She read each word, trying to process it all. He explained that he had wanted “time to think” and had considered all of the options. At the bottom of the email were three words that hurt her the most: I miss you. She ignored the email, unable to think of a way to reply. What could she say? He continued emailing her all day on all of her email addresses. She ignored every single one. But there was another email, one she shouldn’t have been able to ignore. She read each word, tears in her eyes. He said that he knew how stupid she could be, how she always fucked up with making decisions. He said he would take her back. She ignored it. She didn’t care anymore, well, that’s what she told herself. She knew she cared too much but she was okay. She knew that, and she wasn’t changing her mind. She continued to ignore him. It didn’t matter what he said, did it?
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