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The birth of an angel

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Two of the trio has to go back and finish school but what changes will happen when they meet Kagome Higurashi?

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Ai and Nao ran, Hearts beating, blood pumping the two did not stop untill
Mana screamed "Italian!"

For the next 8 weeks the trio learned about themselves and their new powers and weapons. They learned that Mana could see the future, Nao was a Telakinetic, Ai could turn invisable and walk through any object, and that they all had ESP.
Ai learned thaf she and her siblings needed to have more than 10,000 calories a day and a pint and a half of blood daily. She learned that her weapons had names and voices. Her swords and bow told her stories of both demon and Tenshi kind, they were older then the stars and taught her languages in her sleep. Mana and Nao also learned. They learned that their skin was impenetrable and to stay away from Iron. Iron was annoying it stung and singed. The Mokona they saw still held more things from their parents but refused to relinquish them, so the girls knew something would happen.

Ai screamed "I'll be there in a minute!"
Nao and Mana were out shopping so Ai was the only one in the enourmus manchine. She stepped over the third story railing while tying her chocker in place. To a human she was a blur but for her everything went as slowly as the hour hand on a clock.
She landed and ran to the door stopping only to look at the camera moniter to see it was a man in a suit.
Opening the door she said "Hello."
The man stuttured saying "Hello Shirabuki-san."
/Ok just because I don't age doesn't mean you can freak.\
To everyone Ai,Nao, and Mana still looked to be 18 because one because of their Tenshi heritage they didn't age and two the choker barriers made it that way, because of this the girls oftenly got more than just a friendly greeting.
The man continued "I am Tanaka the lawyer that has been managing your parents will."
Ai narrowed her eyes her parents will had clearly stated since that both her mother and father had no living relatives everything including the fortune, house, company, and shares went to their three daughters. This had pissed off more than a few people.
Ai stepped back letting in Tanaka he was Nao's old friend so Ai knew he could be trusted.
He sat down and Ai asked "Would you like some tea?"
"Yes, Shirabuki-san that would be a pleasure."
After making the tea she sat down and Tanaka began "You as the middle child were left many storehouses that your father owned."
/Garrh I know he was an antique collector get to the point!\
She turned back -"You see the law states that you have to finish High School to get your inheritance."
Pissed Ai growled "Why can't Nao get it? She skipped 11 and 12 then finished college!"
He answered calmly "Nao-san already got her part of the inheritence which was the house, fortune, and shares. She sold the shares upon Mana-sans and your agreement. The will clearly states about what goes to who and because of the law if Mana-San and you refuse to finish High School your inheritence will go to a third party."
She sighed Ai knew her father had left more important things for her and her sisters, so she had to agree so those things didn't fall into the wrong hands.
Sighing again she answered "Nao knew something like this would come up."
All of a sudden someone called "Ai it's me and Mana we're home!"
Nao sped in and stopped her expression dulling but still remaining a smile.
"Hello Tanaka."
Mana rushed in "Ai why does it smell like a hu-"
Nao covered Manas mouth and finished "a humongus pot of tea?"
Tanaka chuckled and said "I was just explaining to your sister that to get your inheritance she and Mana must finish High School."
Mana moaned and said "Fine I'll go."
Tanaka blinked he didn't think persuading the girls would be this easy.
Ai sighed "I'll go too."
Tanaka unlocked his breifcase and took out some papers.
"Then I need you to sign here."
"Not so fast." Nao stopped and picked up the bundle quickly reading through it.
After a few minutes she smiled at Tanaka "I knew I could trust you. This clearly states that the moment Ai and Mana signs this their inheritance is indesputably theirs wether they fail or pass the schools entrance exams."
He huffed "I've been your friend for years, how could you think I wouldn't make sure to use so much lingo that the other lawyers wouldn't understand a thing?"
Nao laughed and both Ai and Mana signed away.

After Tanaka left and had given Ai and Mana their claim papers all three lept into the car and sped off.

Mana said "Go left and straight for 1.5 miles."
Ai sighed "I know we're using Mana as a GPS but Nao do you really have to steer with your telekinetic ability?"
Nao looked over at Ai confidentially "You really are-"
"A cars going to hit us!"
The steering wheel swerved and the other car missed them by an inch.
Ai finished "Proving my point."
They were heading to where Ai's inheritence which was at the National Bank Of Japan. Now if they just flew or walked they would instinctivly know where the place was and would probably be there in five minutes, but since they wanted to keep their cover Nao and Ai had to use Mana and her inate sense of knowing where everything is in the world. Nao found out Mana had this power because all of their rooms have a thermostat and Mana likes hers at a nice and chilly 60ºF. Nao turned it to 60.5ºF and Mana came in yelling.
Mana chirped "We're here!"
/Note to self buy a personal car with a GPS.\
The trio got out of the car and went into the building. The moment they did though a policeman stopped them saying they had to go through a metal detector test.
Nao went up first and the man said "Please remove all jewelery and electronics."
Nao pulled off her bracelets and earings then handed over her cellphone,I-pod, and purse.
"Please remove all jewelery."
Naos eyes turned dark "I did this necklace is a family heirloom which I refuse to remove from my person."
The man restated "Please remove it ma'm or I will have to use force."
Ai watched the policeman place his hand on his gun and mentally called to Mana /Start operation Traumatize.\
Mana nodded and began to cry.
Now this got the attention of everyone in the room some recognizing the girls immediatly from television.
The man wobbled and pulled his gun.
Ai sniffed the air detecting alcohol.
Turning to the officer she stated "Your drunk."

Nao took her defensive posistion with her arms out in front of her.
"We are not going to take off these necklaces and how dare you raise that on us!"
A civilian walked up to him saying "Think this through man put the gun down."
The police officer huffed "I have to deal with a ton of rude people and I demand to have some respect around here!"
He turned to shoot at Nao and Mana kicked him in the gut but not before he shot at Ai.
BAM!! The gun went off and Ai's necklace glowed emitting an invisibile barrier that melted the bullet.
Security ran over and handcuffed the man while a red haired woman walked up to them saying "Hello I'm Satsu, head of security, are all of you unharmed?"
Nao, Ai, and Mana nodded.
Cheif Satsu smiled "Well than lets get you to the clerks shall we?"
Nao replied "Yes" and started to follow the redhead.
She started to explain "It isn't mandatory to get a screening some people just use fingerprint identification. Rest assured that the guard will be put on trial for shooting at you and being drunk while on duty."
Mana commented "I would expect nothing less."
Satsu led them to a clerk and bowed saying "If you need anything do not hesitate to get me" then she left.
The clerk started "Welcome to Tokyo National Bank! How can I be of assistance?"
Ai walked up to the woman with her papers "Yes, I would like to have acess to this vault."
The clerk took the papers and after reading them said "Well everything looks to be in order, I assume you have your acess code?"
"Then could you please sign this?"
Ai leaned over to read the paper it simply stated that she had withdrawn items that she had stored and that the bank was not responsable for them when sed item(s) left the banks area.
The woman then took the paper and fed it into a machine.
"Alright, would you please follow me?"
She led them behind them counter and toward a very large metal door. The guards nodded and stepped away, she slid a card into a slot and with a "click" the door opened.
Mana, Nao, and Ai followed the walking woman with two of the guards at their backs.
/Why are they following us?\
The woman stopped and turned "This is your safe, I'm sorry for not telling you but the guards are for security purposes."
Ai smiled "Thats quite alright."
She turned to the inscription pad and typed in her code.
She hit enter, an electronic voice came on" Password accepted."
/How ironic that the password is my nickname in Sanskrit.\
Nao looked back "Would you mind if we just went in alone?"
"Of course whatever is in there is only known by the person who puts it in the safe, but rules dictate that the door will have to be shut."
The trio went in casually and the door was shut behind them.
Metal cases were everywhere! Mana ran to the left to choose a big bulky one.
/She always acts like an excited child.\
Ai and Nao walked over to the case and helped Mana lift the heavy lid.
"Hey its full of equipment like ours!"
It really was, it had weapons, jewery, kimono, and a choker like their own, but Ai knew those things weren't meant for them. For one the kimono was too small for them, it was for a 16 year old, and two Ais own weapons told her the ones that were in their silk wrapping wouldn't accept any of the three as its master.
Nao sighed closing the lid "Mom mustv'e had a vision because none of these were ment for us."
Manas Mokona transformed from its cellphone charm state and swallowed the box, making Nao stumble backwards in suprise.
"Mana your Mokona just ate the case!"
Mana grinned "Not eat, stored! Didn't either of you read the instructions?"
Ai yelled "What do you mean "instructions"?!"
"All you had to do was press your Mokonas tail jewel."
/Note to self read manual.\
Nao pressed her hand to her face "Well at least they're good for something."
Her Mokona, Mukuta jumped out and started yelling "Mo! KonaKona! MokonaMOOOO!?"
Ai looked at her mini Mokona Mozuka "Are you going to rant too?"
Mozuka shrugged and grew, taking its place on her left shoulder.
Ai snapped her fingers and with a quick word silence Mukuta.
"Ai, you dont have to be so mean!"
"I'll let him speak when he decides to calm down."
The next two boxes were small but defied their size holding more kimono in every size for both men and women.
After that they opened some chests with whole sets of weapons and kimono, some had just weapons, and others had long thick scrolls.
Nao chuckled "Looks like we have some studying to do."
Mana laughed "Well considering that none of us really sleep, the scrolls will be finished in no time."
"How many boxes?"
"That was number 31 of 98. Ai, Mana I think we may have to come back."
Ai looked at Mukuta "When did you get your voice back?"
It was 5pm and the trio eventually decided just to have the Mokona swallow everything and head home.
"BURP!" Manas Mokona, named Mokona-(chan) said"Mo moko mo."

As they left and hopped into the car Ais stomach growled.
"I want pizza, anyone else?"
The Mokona jumped up and down on the dashboard screaming "KOOOOOO!"
Nao murmered "I don't care."
"I want one with everything on it!"
Ai smiled "Good. Mokuza please call the Little Italians Toki Pizzaria."
/I love that the Mokona double as phones.\
Mokuza opened her mouth and a ringing noise was heard.
-Hello this is the Little Italians Toki Pizzeria would you like to place an order?-
Mana chirped "Yes please well have 10 no 15 extra large organic pizzas with everything on it except for anchovies, they don't taste good."
-We have a new party size that is twice as large but is in a bulk package to make it easier to carry-
Nao turned to look from the window "Then we'll take that but add on three extra large 48oz Tea gulps hold the sugar, 7 calimari, 12 meatball heros, 5 loaves of bread, 9 tins of Zitti with chunky Marinara, and 11 differently assorted desserts."
The operator gulped -Will that be all?-
Ai finished "Yeah we'll pick it up please put the order under the last name of Kamiya."
Mozuka closed her mouth and shut off the connection.
/I thank the heavens for being able to use my mothers last name, if those people heard "Shirabuki" there would be no end.
Ai pulled into the driveway about 20 minutes later, Mana was no longer alive.
Nao got out first and gently closed the door, while Ai turned off the cars ignition and got out.
They hurried into the pizza parlor as quickly as they could, trying to get home as soon as possible.
Nao ran to the counter "Excuse me we're here to pickup and order for Kamiya."
The man looked up and called "Hey do we have the order for Kamiya?!"
A voice answered "Yeah we just finished it!"
Different staff members came in and out stacking the food.
"Thats a big order."
Ai barely glanced at him " I guess."
"That'll be ¥1548."
Nao just nodded and handed him the cash "Keep the change" within seconds they were gone` Naos telekinetic powers carrying all of the leftover food.
In the car Ai left open two boxes of pizza and Calimari for the Mokona and got in the backseat.
Nao was at the drivers seat and they sped off.

2 hours 40 minutes later
Mana had eventually woken up and helped to finish the food that was now gone.
"I'm hungry!"
Nao turned to Mana "You ate more than the rest of us!"
"Yeah but I'm still hungry!"
Ai walked down the hall saying "Stop fighting! I just finished catagorizing and shelving 974 scrolls within the Mokona AND establishing a link so we can read them any of them anytime and anywhere, no matter which one we have and I am in no mood!"
/Sigh my brain may be as quick ad ten supercomputers but its still exhausting!\
Mana refocused on her computer "Yes, I just bought out an entire auction!"
Nao rolled her eyes "You've been buying anything antique you can find including those Geisha outfits and weapons."
Mana smiled "I have gotten us more than 652 kimono outfits and I'm proud of it! Since we're immortal we need variety, plus if we just put some of our aura into clothing it turns into angel cloth and reapairs itself to never fade!"
Ai groaned "Youv'e bought them but it always falls to Nao and I to fix and store them in the Mokona."
/Sometimes I'm glad those things are bottomless pits.\
Mana sighed "Fine, I'll go organize everything else and you can buy whatever you want."
Mana walked off leaving Ai and Nao to shop.
"So how much do we have to spend?"
Nao looked down into the bottom left of the computer "¥93216899851459."
Ai clicked onto a famous antique selling website.
"Remind me why we always buy all of the antiques we can find?"
Nao smiled "Its bred into us."
"Plus our weapons told us to."
Within minutes Ai had bought the websites intire stock of everything.
"Scoot over my turn."
Nao went to and clicked on an army supply website.
"What would you think if we got gear for roughing it?"
"You mean like living in the wild?"
"Do it we might need it for later."
Nao then ordered everything she thought they would need. Ai picked out a website which sold authentic things people decorated castles with, Tatami,Futon,windows,sliding doors, etc.
And on impulse she got everything.
/Why do I feel like we're preparing for something?\
Soon she and Nao were finished with the computer and just started reading scrolls.
"I can't believe I'm starting school in a week."
"If you and Mana pass the entrance exams."
Which they did.

1 week later
Ai and Mana were getting ready for school.
/Gahh the people set us up as stupid freshman!\
The school had said even though the girls were 22 and had passed the exams with flying colors they had never attended High School before so they had to start out as newbies.
/At least its a change all we do is train, eat, shop, study, and sleep.\
As Ai got in the drivers seat of her new Eclipse Nao waved and closed the door.
"Ready for your first day of High School?"
Mana sighed "Well better now then never, are we coming home for lunch?"
"Yay! Your turn to cook!"
/Double Dammit.\
"Can we go-"
Mana moaned "WHYYYYYY?"
/Stay calm.\
"Because I know your probably shopping on the internet with your laptop right now, then at school you'll probably use your cellphone for the next 8 hours."
Mana crossed her arms "So?"
"So your a shopoholic!"
Mana smiled "PLLLEEEAAASE!?"
This went on like this for the next half an hour, when Ai pulled in at the school she growled "FINE!"
"But no clothes."
/Kami she can be annoying sometimes!\
They went to their seprate homerooms both thanking the heavens they looked 18.
"Class this is Shirabuki-san, I excpect you to show her respect."
She recieved weird glances from everybody in the room. Ai choose an empty seat and sat down.
1 hour later
/I hate this already.\
/Me too, but I love cellphones with built in internet!\
"Um excuse me?"
Ais head shot up from her already memorized algebra textbook "Yes?"
The girl had friendly blue eyes and medium length black hair "Hello, I'm Higurasi Kagome!"
/That was.... blunt.\
Ai reached to shake the girls outstreached hand "I'm Shirabuki Ai. Would you like something?"
"Well umm I saw you were done with your work, and I was wondering if you could help me?"
Ai smiled uncertainly "Sure just show me where you sit."
Kagome pulled Ai to an empty seat by her own and pulled the desk over.
"Which question is giving you trouble?"
"Number 17."
Ai looked up "Well you added the X wrong it's supposed to be X+J(2)/5G×185C+XHJ= 5
"Ooo I get it so I multiplied the decimal wrong too."
/Well at least shes nice.\
"Yeah its easier if you-"
For the next two hours Ai and Kagome chatted and worked undisturbed until
"Hey Kagome whos the new girl?"
Kagome was so startled she shrieked causing Ai to laugh.
"Not funny you guys!"
The three girls who stood behind Kagome laughed "Well if you payed more attention to your surroundings!"
Kagomes aura spiked at her anger "Not my fault!"
/Shes a miko?!\
Eventually everyone calmed down and Kagome said "Well you guys this is Shirabuki-san. Shirabuki-San these are my friends Eri, Yuka, and Kairi."
"Just call me Ai."
Kairi smiled "Welcome to Nobunaga high school."
Yuka questioned "Is there anything in perticular you don't like?"
Ai scoffed "Well these uniforms for a start. Can these green skirts get any shorter?"
Kagome nodded "That is something I can agree with."
Yuka started "Are you going for any clubs?"
She thought for a moment "Well I know how to use almost any weapon, an array of fighting styles, folklore, gymnastics, dancing, history, instruments, singing, swimming, and well the list goes on."
Eri laughed "You sound like your
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