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I just let you go.

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Ryden. Kinda....

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As my hand caressed his face, my breath quickened as I got more and more nervous. I wanted to tell him, right there that I was in love with him and had been for the last year. Well, now’s my chance.
‘Ryan, I love you.’ I said.
‘Er...Brendon?’ he looked confused.
‘I’m serious.’ I gazed deep into his amber colored eyes, ‘I love you. I have been in love with you for the past year.’
‘M-me? R-Ryan Ross?’ He stuttered and looked down at his feet. I put my finger under his chin and raised his head so he could look at me.
‘Yes. You, Ryan Ross.’ I smiled, which was rare for me.
‘But you are Brendon of P!ATD!’
‘Yes and you are Ryan of TYV!’ I was relieved that he hadn’t run away screaming. We were standing there, just gazing into each other’s eyes.
‘Aren’t you gonna kiss him yet?’ I turned around to see Jon Walker and Spencer Smith standing there with an impatient look on their faces. I looked back at Ryan and moved in for a kiss, but he stepped back. I must have looked hurt because he quickly said,
‘I’m really sorry Brendon! I-I...’ he turned and ran. And just left me there, my heart shattering inside my chest.
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