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Saw: The Untold Story

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Agent Strahm is dead, along with others, but that doesn't stop Detective Miranda Stone from investigating with the Jigsaw murders. Follow her journey as she discovers the identity of Jigsaw and the...

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In all honesty, I own nothing that involves Saw. The characters that are shown (besides Stone) are all creations of James Wan and I think Leigh Wannell. I only own Miranda, who might I say I made a total bad ass (and possibly a Mary-Sue, don't judge meh!) But all bad asses have their weaknesses, even if they don't want to admit it. But I wish with all I had I owned Peter Strahm (did you know the actor who plays him is like 52? I just found out today! I was so shock and sad...that I thought someone who was like 4 times older than me was attractive!) If there's a section that's in italics, then you just bought yourself a flashback opportunity. I'll try to keep things like the Saw movies, things like dramatic twists, horrible gory deaths, the works.

Now on with the prolouge!

Dark, tired aqua blue eyes slowly fluttered open. A groan of pain, and a sudden breath of air sounded around the room. She felt her arms and legs strangely still, not being able to motion them like she could with her head. Closing her eyes tightly, trying to move into a more comfortable position. She realized she was in a sitting position, and could not move comfortably as she liked. She started to take in quick, panicked breaths, trying to get out of the restrains that held her limbs. She tried to stay calm in the pitch black darkness that also held her, but the nervousness and anxiety that took over her system could not help but try to make her move.

Shit, the thought shot through her head like a speeding bullet.

She looked around, hearing the sickening and annoying sound of dripping water, probably from the ceiling or a faucet, in which case she thought. Suddenly, the room was riddened with light, and she looked down to see that she was tied into a chair, not just any chair, but an electric chair used by many to execute criminals and murderers. Tightly wrapped rope held her to the point where she noticed dried blood on her wrists and ankles.

Now was the time to start struggling, and she began to. She made an effort to cry out with a hoarse, "Help!", but the metal door at the end of the room was held shut, meaning no one could hear her. The confused shivered, fearing her upcoming fate. A sound of static went through the room and the brown waist-length haired woman looked up with fear-stricken eyes at the T.V that was before her.

Soon, she would have to play a game. A game in which she will have to figure out how she got there. And then, she will have to make a choice. A choice in which she will be choosing between life and death.

But first, we'll have to go back a few days earlier in Detective Miranda Stone's investigation.
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