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Sweet Caress

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Duzzy. Izzy thinks about a not-so-long-ago love.

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"Sweet caress the ocean blue"

Izzy Stradlin finished his last song, "Sweet caress", spoke some thankful words to the crowd and left the stage. He plays that song always as the last one, because he cried often after playing it. It remebered him to much of a person, who he once loved. No, a person, who he still loves! He left the club through the back door, running, and backed against the wall. Cold rain dripped on his face, nobody could see the tears he was crying. For a time, he just stood there, listening to the noises on the street and trying to repress the pain that he held so deep in his chest. But his thoughts circeled about the person he wrote that song for.
Duff McKagan

Duffs face appeared in Izzys inner eye. He inhaled the air deep in his lungs and began to run. He didn't know in which town he was, he wasn't street-smart, he just ran, he ran away, leaving his past behind, leaving his memories behind, leaving his love behind, the love to Duff. The rain had soaked him completely and his breath came in bursts, but he continued running. He just couldn't stop running. Once again he damned his stupidness. Back then, he almost confessed his love to Duff, but in the end just hadn't the guts to do it. He blamed him for that stupid action. Perhaps his illusion of Duffs reaction was just too pretty. Perhaps Duff would hated him if Izzy had confessed his love to him. Izzy didn't really know. He felt a big force rise. A tornado of feelings sweeped across his soul. How should he feel? Happy? Sad? Angry? Nothing was like it was supposed to be. Until he saw that face. He would have recognized it of thousands others, though Duff looked older now, more wasted. Izzy stopped immidiately and started running the whole way back. He heard steps behind him, and tried to persuade him that the person behind him could be anybody. Until two arms wrapped around his waist. Duff prevent him of running away. Izzy felt Duff at his back, and all his senses screamed at him to let him fall into the hug.

"Hey Izzy"
He felt Duffs warm breath at his ear and shrinked back.
"Why do you run away huh?"
"Let me go Duff, please."
It was a strange feeling, seeing his old bandmate, feeling him.
"You're soaked Izzy. Come on."
Grinning Duff released him and gave him his jacket.
"Leave me alone Duff..."
Duff started to walk and Izzy couldn't do anything else than following him, though his mind was completely against it, his desire was bigger. He wanted to say so many things, but he hadn't enough courage. After a while Duff stopped. They stood under a small porch and watched the rain falling down. In silent, Duff hugged Izzy.
"I was at the conceret...", he whispered.
Izzy blushed.
"The last song... was beautiful..."
"Thanks...", Izzy mumbeled.
"Why did you wrote it? This person should be really happy."
Izzy started crying once again. Duff didn't know, which feelings his words caused in Izzy.
"Did she left you?"
"No.. I never was together with that person..."
"Please, Izzy, who do you mean?"
"I can't say it..."
Now Duff didn't say anything and held his good friend close. Words would have destroyed that moment. He stroked Izzys rain-soaked hair. Izzy sobbed. He didn't deserve Duff being that close. Mutely he screamed into Duffs T-Shirt, inhaled his scent, a mixture of cigarettes, deodorant and perfume. Duff sat down on the stairs and pulled Izzy in his lap.
"It hurts me seing you suffer like that..."
Duff putted his jacket on Izzys shoulders.
"Because you're important to me Izzy..."
Duff face was now near at Izzys and he couldn't withstand.
"The song... is for you..."
"Oh.. I somehow... thought of that too..."
"Do you hate me now?"
Izzy swallowed nervously, but Duff just laughed.
Duff pulled Izzy a little closer and kissed Izzy.

Izzy sat with his guitar on the stairs of his house and watched the orange sunset. He heard steps behind him. Out of the corner of his eye he realized that it was Duff, who sat now also down and pulled Izzy in his lap.
"Hey Izz"
"Hey Duff"
"I love you..."
"I love you too"
Duff kissed the smaller man soft, who took his guitar, faced the sunset and began to sing.

"Sweet caress the ocean blue
Just a stolen moment through
Coldest night the fullest moon."
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