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Dog Day

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Mikey's always wanted some alone time with a dog...

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Mikey crawled along the floor towards me, his clothes discarded in the corner of the room. He looked so beautiful naked, I'd always thought so. His slim body and sharp, angular hips made him perfect to me. "Ready?" He nodded slightly, the black collar secured tight around his neck shining as he did so. I smiled at him, leaning back in my chair and releasing the collar I held in my hand.

Edgar padded over towards my brother, sniffing the air as he moved. With Mikey on all fours the large dog was practically the same size as him. The dog moved to him, licking the skin of Mikey's side, making him shiver. Mikey's hard dick twitched with arousal, the tip shiny. He let out a soft moan, wiggling his pretty little ass.

For so long my brother had secretly wanted to get fucked by a dog and with the other guys having dogs it only made his desire increase. I was the only one he told about this, since we'd always shared our deepest, darkest lusts. We'd done it ever since we were teenagers when we first sucked each others cocks. Since then we'd done so much together that I guessed it was only fair I'd help him with this fantasy. A few days ago he'd first met Edgar and the dog had practically pounced on him. Mikey'd gotten such a boner from it that he'd practically came in his pants.

So I'd arranged for us to get some alone time with Edgar, just for my little brother.

The dog moved behind him, sniffing at his ass. "Nice dog, get on me..." Mikey whispered, pushing his ass back again. His dick swayed from the motion, his eyes on me as the dog took the hint and climbed on top of him. The dog humped his ass a few times, his cock sliding out from his hiding place. The slick organ looked strange, different to a human member. For one, it was bright pink and for another the entire length of it glistened with slickness. I didn't get long to examine it though as swith a single thrust it vanished between the globes of Mikey's ass. He let out a sound that was between a moan and a yelp, his face twisting slightly into one of pleasure. Most wouldn't know that from looking at him though, since his expression wasn't too much different from normal.

I palmed my cock, wrapping my fingers aroound my stiff shaft and stroking as the dog began to fuck Mikey. He let out soft moans, his dick leaking profusely over his flat stomach. The large dog pounded Mikey hard, his claws scratching at his sides. Now I knew why people used the term 'fucking like animals'. "How's it feel?"

"So... so goood." Mikey whispered in a breathy tone, his ass pushing back again. "Better then I ever imagined."

I smiled to myself, stroking myself faster. The dog rammed into him harder, licking at the back of his neck and making soft sounds I'd never heard a dog make before. Then again, I'd never seen a dog fuck before. I flicked my tongue over my lip, hearing Mikey let out annother cry as Edgar thrust against him. There was a soft sound thet sounded like a wet sort of pop and the dog no longer moved as rapidly. The dog now just made a humping motion with his back hips.

"Oh fuck..." Mikey released a low cry, though it was louder then he normally made when he came. He squirted over his stomach and the floor beneath him in thick spurts. The fluid glistened beautifully in the light as he beathed heavily. His arms gave out, causing him to collapse to the floor while the dog kept rocking into him.

The dog made another strange sound, half a whimper and half a yelp. I assumed he was orgasming and I could just about make out his cum sliding out of Mikey's ass. it seemed he came much more then even Mikey had. Then again he probably hadn't gotten laid anytime soon.

"Fuck..." Mikey moaned, looking right at me, his tongue wetting his lips. He looked so gorgeous, sweat making his hair sticky to his face. I sped up my hand, standing and moving in front of him, wanting to climax over him. Indeed I did a few strokes later, covering his face with cum and wiping the last few dribbles over his face.

I sat back on the floor, watching as Edgar finally slipped out of him. The dog shifted away from him and curled up on the floor, licking his softening cock. I was always jealous that animals could do that and we couldn't. Although there was this one guy I'd seen once that could suck himself off, though I never asked him how. Without the dick inside him the cum flowed out of Mikey in a torrent, pooling around his upper thighs.

"Holy shit Mikey..." He smiled at me, reaching back and cupping his hand under the stream, bringing it to his mouth when it was full. "How's it taste?" I asked as he licked it up just like a cat would lap at milk.

He wrinkled his nose slightly, stopping his licking. "Bitter." He lifted his hand up to my face. "Want to try?" I did so just out of interest, then made a soft gagging sound. Guy cum was much better. He chuckled softly, wiping the rest over his chest. "Can we keep him?"

"Sure." I smiled at him, nodding. I was sure Edgar's owner could part with him with the right amount of money. I stroked my brother's hair, glad that he seemed perfectly content with what had just happened. I'd have to film it next time.

Dog Day
Pairing: Mikey Way/Gerard Way/Edgar
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: Bestiality
Notes: Based on I toyed with the idea of the dog raping him but I knew it'd be hard to come up with a scenario, so I did this instead.
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