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I woke up the next morning and groaned as the shrill sound of my alarm filled the room litterally moments after I awoke. I hit my alarm clock several times before I located the button that would save my ears, and threw back the covers. After yawning my way to the bathroom I took a shower. I stepped out more awake, and then decided what to wear. I was suddenly aware that Frank would be at school. I dressed in some bright red skinny jeans and my misfits t-shirt. Then I threw on my black Doc Martens and picked up my school bag. After walking downstairs I drank my coffee before I heard a nock at the door. A rather tired looking Pair of boys stood infront of me.
"Hey dude" Gerard said as I stepped outside and locked the door behind me
I smiled at both of them as we began walking to school. When we arrived through the gates of hell, Mikey spotted Frank and Ellie standing near the sports hall. We walked over to them and I smiled at Frank. He smiled at me and I swear I saw him blush before he looked down. I turned to ellie, and gave a big 'ROAR' before she 'MOOOO'd back at me. The guys all looked confused and then burst out laughing 
"What the fuck?! you guys are so weird!" Ray said as he walked over to join us, followed by bob. 
"Well Duh!" Ellie said and we all laughed
"Oh yeah, erm, our parents asked if you guys wanted to stay round our house tonight?" Frank said and we all nodded.
"Sounds good to me" I agreed and then the harsh sound of the school bell sounded. 
"urrg, I'll see you in Music Gerard" I said as I walked off with Mikey towards our home room. We took our usual seats at the back of the class as eeryone else filed in. Mikey tried to duck down as Mily walked in. I could see why Mikey liked her. she had dark brown hair that fell in loose waves down her back, and light brown eyes. She always wore vintage clothes that really suited her. 
I heard Mikey sigh as she giggled at something someone said.
"Look Mikey, I know you don't wantto tell her how you feel, but just speak to her. Try and make friends with her at least! you'll feel a lot better" I told him and he just sighed again.
"I guess" he sighed. We walked out of the classroom and I made my way towards music which I had first lesson. Gerard was waiting outside for me, and so was Frank, who I assumed was in our lesson to.

"Hey Frankie! your gonna love music, it's a piss take. We just sit and muck around for two hours!" I told him and he smiled. 
"Sounds good to me" he replied as we entered the classroom. 

We all sat around talking. Frank picked up a random guitar and started randomly strumming it. We all stopped talking and listened to him play for a while. He was really good.
"Hey Frank, that was awesome!" I told him and he blushed. 
"Thanks" he replied and set the guitar down. 
I went over to the near-by piano and started randomly bashing out a twisted melody. It was unplanned, unco-ordinated and totaly improvised. It morphed into something more gentle, soft and creeping. Then I started playing time of your life by green day. Frank and Gerard smiled as they recognised it, and Frank picked up the guitar. He played along to and then Gerard started singing. I smiled at his voice. I'd always known Gerard could sing. He never believed us when we told him, but his voice was very destinctive, and oddly beautiful.
The song finished and we all laughed for some reason.

Music finished and we all went to meet up with the rest of the guys. It seemed over night our group of 5 friends had turned into a group of 7.
We all sat on the school field (in the shade of course) and I started putting rays's hair into little plaits. We looked over and saw that Mikey had fallen asleep. He was randomly shouting out words that made no sense. I could see everyone trying not to laugh until he shouted "MARSHMALLOWS" and Ellie lost it. Mikey woke up and kept worridly asking us what was so funny for the next 5 minute until we had calmed down enough to explain. And man did he blush.       
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