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one shot about bullying...

Category: Drama - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2010-12-10 - Updated: 2010-12-10 - 148 words - Complete

one shot

They were yelling at me. They were insulting me and I knew I couldn’t deal with it. I ran from classroom to classroom, trying to find someone who wouldn’t make me feel shit. I only knew one person though, and I knew it would take me ages to find her. I started walking, trying to catch my breath. They followed me. I knew I had no other choices left. I ran again, racing towards the toilets. I locked myself in one of them, hiding. I was hoping that they would leave me alone. They didn’t. They never would. They yelled at me as I cried silently to myself. They stood outside laughing at me as pulled a safety pin out of my pocket and dug the sharp point into the palm of my hand. And that was when the fucked-up-ness started…
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