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Anti-Bullying Story x

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"What do you wanna be when you're older?" Frank asked the others.
"I wanna be a lollypop lady." Emma told him "Because they don't start work til they're like sixty..."
Everyone giggled, but Emma looked blank. The rest of the group realised she was being serious and sighed.
Emma wasn't very smart and cared more about looking good than doing well in school. She had long, blonde, curly hair, blue eyes and always wore tons of make-up. She was usually the last one to get any joke, unless it was a dirty joke and she was always asking stupid questions in class.
Frank was more intrested in school than Emma but sometimes he acted like a bit of a dick in class. But when it came to music lessons he payed one hundred percent attention. He was determined that when he left school he'd be in a succesful rock band.
Lily was probably the smartest of the group, forever studying. You'd think she was just like Emma though if you saw her, because she's so pretty. She had short black hair, green eyes and only wore a little make-up. She was a teachers pet for most teachers.
And finally there was Mikey. Mikey wasn't a total nerd but he wasn't stupid either. He did well in class and the teachers liked him. But he didn't go over the top or anything.
"What about you Lily?" Frank asked, ignoring Emmas comment.
"I'd like to be a journalist." Lily smiled "What about you Frank?"
"Like you don't know!" Mikey laughed.
"Guitarist. Famous rock band. You know what I mean." Frank told her "What about you Mikey?"
"An actor." Mikey replied. He was pretty hurt when everyone started laughing at him.
"Whatever." Emma said "Did you hear that Bob is having a party this weekend?"
"So?" Frank asked "He's two years older than us! He'd never give us an invite."
"My brother got one." Mikey told them "Doubt we'll get one."
Emma pulled a white envelope out of her handbag that she called a schoolbag "I got one!"
"Seriously?" Lily asked "When? How?"
"Because I'm hot! And this morning, I think Bob is really into me!"
"You wish!" Frank told her as the bell rang.
They all walked to their last lesson of the day and sat down. Mikey sat by Frank in the middle row and Emma sat by Lily in the row behind them. Their lesson was science.
"Right class!" The teacher said, walking into the classroom and everyone stopped talking "Today we're going to be learning about the periodic table!"
Emma put her hand up.
"Yes Emma?"
"Did Jesus make the periodic table?" Emma asked "Because the word 'periodic' makes it sound like it's like really old... So did Jesus make it?"
"Ummm no Emma." The teacher sighed "Can anyone tell me who did make the periodic table?"
Lily was an obvious one to put her hand up. But so did Mikey. "Yes, Mikey?"
"Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869 was made the first person to make the periodic table." Mikey said.
"Well done Mikey!" The teacher said smiling at him. Mikey smiled back.
He didn't notice Emma doing an impression of him behind his back while Lily laughed.
The bell rang for the end of the day. Mikey stayed behind to get a merit off the teacher, so Frank, Lily and Emma dashed off.
"Did you hear him?" Lily asked "He thinks he's such a know-all!"
"He keeps sucking up to the teacher." Frank said "I swear her fancies Miss.Baker." Miss.Baker was their science teacher.
"He made me look like a real thicko back there." Emma pouted. The others remained silent "I'm so glad Bob isn't in our class."
"I don't like him anymore." Lily said "He wants to be an actor! Can you believe that? How pathetic!"
"I know!" Emma laughed. Neither of them mentioned that Emmas plans for the future was just as pathetic.
Mikey walked over to them "Hi!" He greeted with a big smile.
The others remained stoney faced and silent. Mikey realised they had been talking about him. He quickly said goodbye and walked away.
He reached his house and his phone bleeped. He pulled out his mobile and found a text from a number he didn't recognise.
He planned to tell his Mom but she smiled at him and said "Had a good day at school?" And he didn't want to take the smile off her face.
"Yeah. It was great!" He said, quickly deleting the text message.
'Oh well, it'll end tomorrow anyway.' Mikey thought to himself.

[A/N] - Based on an anti-bullying advert I saw and I thought "FanFic." :)
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