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This ones pretty long, and important :D Some strong language, you have been warned

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After Ray and Bob arrived, We all decided to get into our PJ's. Me, Ellie and Mily went up the Ellie's room get changed while the boys stayed downstairs. I decided, seeing as Ellie was Franks brother, and just beause I needed some girls support, that I would tell them. This meant that only Frank, Ray and Bob didn't know. 
"Ellie, I don't know if you'll hate me because of this, but I think I'm in love with your brother" I told her, being straight to the point. She seemed slightly shocked to start off with, but then she smiled and nodded
"Right then, we need to devise a plan to get you two together then" She said and rubbed her hands together. Mily giggled.
"Wait? what?!" I asked shocked
"Well, yeah, we're gonna get you together. I mean, he's crazy about you" She told me. I was so confused, and so uncertain, that I just let her ramble to me about what she would do.
"Tonight, we'll play seven minutes in heaven, and we'll make sure he gets you, and then you can just wait for him to make his move, which he will" She started "and if he doesn't, then I'll have a word with him" she said and I just sighed. This could only end badly.

I was wearing my scruffy grey jogging bottoms and a Superman t-shirt. I never wore proper PJ's. We all went downstairs and found the boys inside the tent. They were all just wearing boxershorts and t-shirts, and I inwardly gasped when I saw Franks tattoo'd skin. We all piled in and sat around talking for a while. 
"Guys! can we play something?" Frank asked 
"Sure, how about 7 minutes in heaven?" Ellie said and everyone agree'd except for Bob and Ray, who claimed that it always ended in tears. They went to watch some movies while we shoved Mikey Frank and Gerard out of the tent so we could put things in a hat.
"Right," Elllie whispered "all put something in, but whatever Frank pulls out, say it's Emma's okay?". We both nodded. When the guys came back into the tent I was nervous as hell. 
"okay, who's going first?" Ellie asked and none of the guys offered
"Come on!!" Mily said and shook the hat at their noses.
"I'll go" Frank sighed and reached in. He pulled out the charm bracelet. We didn't have to pretend, because that's actually what I had put in. I smile nervously at him and stood up. He followed me as we walked towards the empty storage room. Ellie had followed us, and told us that the 7 minutes would start when she shut the door. We just nodded and went inside. I sat on the floor and took a shaky breath. Of course nothing would happen, Frank didn't like me.

He came and sat next to me on the floor. Suddenly I felt the smooth skin of his palm rest on top of my hand. I turned to look at him, and he breathed in shakily too. Then he slowly leaned towards me. Maybe I'd been wrong about him liking me...

After what felt like a lifetime his lips brushed against mine. After a couple of minute, my arms moved to around his neck and he deepened the kiss. Suddenly, Ellie banged on the door, telling us time was up. Frank just pulled away, got up, and walked out of room without a word. I sat in a stunned silence before Ellie came in, her eyes full of questions.
"He kissed me, and then just left without a word..." I said, still in shock. I walked out and went back to the tent. Frank was sitting there, and looked at me as if nothing had happened.
"So, who's next" He said and yawned. That was it. 
"Im done with this bullshit" I spat and stormed up the stairs to the bathroom where I locked myself in. I sat on the floor and let the tears escape. I heard the voices downstairs, muffled by the floor and Walls between me and them. They started off quite and confused, but then they started raising, getting louder until it was a full blown shouting contest. Eventually they stopped, and the whole house was silent. Suddenly I heard a soft knock on the bathroom door
"Emma?" Gerard whispered and i got up and unlocked the door
he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He sat next to me and I lay my head on his shoulder
"How could he" I whispered and Gerard sighed
"Emma, I don't think he meant to hurt you" 
we sat in silence for a few minutes before Gerard stood up.
"come down stairs?" he asked
"I'll be down in a minute" I promised and smiled weakly as he left. 
I got myself together and tried to walk down the stairs with my head held high. It was going great until I walked into the living room and saw him. A lone tears slowly let gravity take it on a journey down my cheek. 
"I- I can't" I said and turned to go back upstairs
"Wait!" I heard a voice say but I didn't listen
"Emma wait!" Frank called
"Leave it Frank. Haven't you done enough" I shot back and stomped upstairs. I got changed back into my clothes and grabbed my bag. Then I stormed back down the stairs. Ellie was at the bottom and I threw my arms around her.
"Im sorry, but I just need to be alone" I whispered in her ear and she nodded understandingly. I walked back home and flopped down on my bed. Dad had gone out of town so I had the house to myself. 
I lay in bed and swore I could still feel Franks lips against mine. That kiss had obviously meant nothing to him, but it just felt like something. I cried myself to sleep with the knowledge that Frank didn't love me.

In the morning, I awoke to the sound of my phone. I looked at it and saw I had 5 texts and 6 missed calls, one from Mikey and the rest from Frank. I read the most recent text.
"We need to talk, I'm coming over to yours" was all it said. I wasn't ready to face him so I burrowed myself further into my bed. Just as I did I heard the doorbell. I groaned and sleepily walked to my window which  was front facing. I peered out and saw Frank standing at the door. 
"Go away Frank" I shouted down
He looked up at me.
"Emma please, I need totalk to you" He said
"No! you've done enough" I said and walked away from the window.
I was convinced he'd left so I got back into bed. About 10 minutes later the doorbell rung again. I went back to the window and saw Frank standing there with a bunch of flowers
"Oh that's great, one bunch of flowers and I'll forgive you" I shouted sarcastically and slammed the window shut. He continued like this for nearly an hour, leaving and coming back with something new. It didn't sway me though. 

About an hour after he had first arrived at my house, he rang the doorbell again.
"Frank, FUCK OFF" I shouted down at him. He didn't reply, and I saw he was kneeled infront of the door, fiddling with the lock. I gathered what he was doing, and went downstairs and opened the door.
"what the fuck are you doing" I demanded
"picking the lock, although it looked like you did it for me" he grinned, but it soon disappeared when he saw I was deffinitly not smiling.
"Frank, what the Fuck are you doing here? you made it pretty obviously how you felt last night" I said, standing with my hands on my hips, although inside I was begging to cry.
"Emma, I need to talk to you about last night" he said
"Fire away, you can't make me feel any worse than I already do" I said and walked through to the living room. He sat on the sofa opposite me and rested his head in his hands.
"Emma... I love you" he said
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