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We're not okay, ( We promise ).

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Really Random - something that happened with me and my mates but I replaced us with MCR, enjoy !

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I rested my head back against the coach seat, we had been driving for about three hours. Not too bad you might think, but you probably haven't been trapped in a confined area with someone who is getting high from coke and crutons ( please don't ask where he got them from. )
"Hey - Hey - Hey Gee - Hey !" Frank mythered me, I thought of him as a bee - if I kept perfectly still and didn't move, he would go away....Sadly Frank has no relations to a bee so I was permanently being verbally harrassed with my own name.
"What!?!" I cried out angrily. He jumped back a bit at my outburst.
"CRUTONS !" He shouted before throwing a handful of crutons in my face. I picked the bits of bread out of my hair angrily.
"I will fucking bin those crutons if you carry on." I stated angrily. He leaned back against the window and held his large bag of cubed bread protectively.
"NO YOU WILL NEVER TAKE MY CRUTONS!" He shrieked with a look of horror on his face.
"Oi emo shut the fuck up !" Some guy chav called over to Frank angrily. It was quite late and we had seven more hours until we got to our destination - so he was kinda waking the bus up.
"EAT CRUTONS CHAV!" Frank shouted before launching a handful of crutons at the sleepy beast.
He shot his head up and glared at Frank angrily.
"What the fuck did you just throw at me ? I'm gunna fuckin' kill you if you ever think about doin' that again I'll fuckin' bang you one." ( If you have never heard the common british chav language~ the term 'I'll fuckin' bang you one' does not mean sexual intercourse, good heavens no, it means something on the lines of : I'll fuckin kill you / aka beat you up. )
Frank giggled crazily as I looked to my left at Ray and Bob who were pretending they didn't have a clue what was going on.
"I'LL FUCKIN' BANG YOU LIKE I DID TO YOUR MUM." I looked up at Frank in shock, the boy clearly didn't know the meaning of the term either - that or he was high of cubed bread and coke.
The chav boy glared at Frank angrily.
"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY ABOUT MA MAM!?" Apparently he didn't like his mum being brought into come backs that didn't make sense.
"Oi don't you start gettin' up in ma face, coz I will fuckin' own you!" Frank shouted angrily, now inheriting the 'chav' accent. I bit my lip as to try and not laugh.
The chav rolled his eyes and turned aruond after sticking his finger up at Frank.
"Yeh thats right turn back around, I own this bus like I own ya gran."
"Fuck off twat." Replied a bored and pissed off chav.
I pulled Frank down back into his seat.
"What the fuck !?" I asked him giggling.
"'Ave you gotta problem wiv 'ow I talk ?" He asked loudly, still keeping up the accent. I giggled and shook my head before I turned to play on my DS.
Frank had been happily muching on crutons for about half an hour - I finally had some peace.
"CRUTONS !" Frank shouted before throwing more cubed bread across the coach. His action was answered with several curses and swears towards him.
The peace was nice while it lasted.
The news of the cruton incidents had reached the teacher, she made her way angrily down the isle.
"Frank Iero enough with the messing around !" She shouted angrily, the whole bus had gone quiet to listen to the mini cat fight that was beginning on the coach. It was entertainment for the 28 students on the coach.
"Crutons!" Frank cheered happily as he threw a handful of crutons at our teacher Miss.Heslop.
I burst out laughing as one bounced off her from inbetween her eyes.
She glared at Frank angrily.
"How dare you throw food at me !" She shouted angrily. The whole of the coach were now turned to see the uproar at the back.
Frank was silent for a moment, I watched him as he tried to think of a comeback.
"IS YOU DISSIN' ME COZ I IS BLACK !?" He shouted out in his chav accent.
Miss.Heslop stepped back slightly, shocked at what he had shouted.
"At the front Iero." She replied flatly. I giggled as Frank jumped from his seat and walked down the isle. I finally had peace and quiet.
It was disturbed yet again when I was showered in crutons followed by a distant,

I'm currently on a school trip and this occured when I was on the coach trip to the place xxxxxxxxxxx

Characters :
Gerard : Me
Frank : Gabrianna
Bob : Sam
Ray : Jamie
Chav Boy : Chav boy / wannabe gangster.

Much love xxxx Ellie Frank xxxxx
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