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Can A Gift Be A Regret?

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Felicia sat on the edge of a cilff...

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It took Felicia two days, on her own, to find her parents other house. It was night-time when she reached it. She ran to the cliff that followed thirty feet behind it. She sat on the edge, and cried loudly, though she didn't mean to. She had mistakingly waken up Shrek's dad. She didn't hear him walk up behind her. He touched her shoulder, she jumped up and turned around, only to look up and find her grandfather standing before her. "G-grandpa...!" Her nose started to bleed.
"Come quietly. We can't wake your parents right now, alright?"
"Yes, grandpa."
So he took her into the house, into the guest bedroom, got her a cold towel and some water, and left her alone for the night.
She was the first to wake up in the house, so, she decided to have a walk around. She had walked about her own for an hour. She turned a corner and ran into someone. "GASP!! Grandma!" She hugged her grandmother (Shrek's mom).
"Oh, my sweet dear! You're alright! Thank goodness, you're alright." She gripped tighter than Felicia could. "Now, be very quiet, and follow me. Alright?" She let go and grabbed Felicia's left hand. And Felicia nodded in agreement. They were as quiet as can be, and they still ran into Fiona, which Shrek's mom tried to avoid happening.
"Clara, please give her to me."
"N-no." Felicia felt like she had seen this all before, like in a dream or something.
Fiona grabbed Felicia's shoulder and pulled her, "I told you to give her to me. What part of that did you not understand? She is my daughter, not yours. You had your chance with your children, including Shrek, and you lost it. But that doesn't mean you have to gain another chance with mine. Now, you leave her alone. And hope that I don't catch you touching her again, or you will regret it." Clara slowly let go, and watched as Felicia was taken away...again.
"What in heck are you doing here, Felicia? You know how dangerous it is to be out there all by yourself."
"Why would you even run away? You're doing just fine living with Fergus."
"Mom, I-"
"And Farcle,-"
"Mom, I came here to jump off of your cliff!!"
There was a silence between the two, "Why would you think of doing something like that?" Felicia just looked down, "Felicia, that is no reason to go and pull such a least the good thing is that you didn't, and you're okay."
"Mom," she cried, "Why did I have to live? Why couldn't the doctor just let me die?"
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