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Was it a dream?

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Right this was the only think of to end this if you have a better idea tell me and i will fix it

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he awoke with a jolt, god what a wierd dream he thought he looked over to see eveline. waking
"morning" he said
"morning" she said
he kissed her
he felt something sharp against his skin then it plunged into his chest. he stared in shock at the girl. she broke the kiss with a smirk.
"i rember you you killed him"
it was his best kept secert
and his biggest mistake
he killed them for there money
he needed it so badly
"you killed the best my in the world you killed my father"
it was true he did he swore his life to god on that day but now he was bleeding on the sheets of his bed. she left him there. would some one find him? no he didnt want to be found he killed 5 people he didnt deseve it.
his body became feverish
he felt tired
his eyes closed
and he died
"is he dead" eve's boss asked
"yeah happy now" she said
"very" he said
"i hate you bob"
"i love you too dear" he said as they drove off in to the sun set

a/n hope you enjoyed it
its my first
kinda of an omg ending
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