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It was a dark and stormy night. Nick sighed at the desk, alternately reading his tedious arithmetic books and monotonous computer books. He wondered if it was worth being the night manager at the Fort Garry Hotel but then reminded himself that college was waiting for him to graduate with a decent degree. And college needed money. And his family’s respect needed him to get passed college. His parents, aunt, uncle, and older cousin made it painfully clear that he had to go to college to get a “real job”. So here he was, college or bust.

Everyone was asleep, reading, or looking for the ghost on the second floor. He personally didn’t believe in ghosts. He heard someone come in and that turned his attention from his book to his job. It was a pregnant woman with her husband and kid of around ten.

“We are here to check in,” the woman told Nick.

“Do you have a reservation?” Nick asked.

“Yes we have a reservation. It should be under von Wizard,” the man answered.

“Room 202? You believe in the ghosts, don’t you?” Nick asked after checking the reservations.

“What do you think? Just give us our room key. Mom’s water broke a few minutes ago!” The little girl replied in a raspy voice.

Nick decided to ignore the creepy little girl and do his job. “Oh god, would you like me to call an ambulance?”

“Oh no, just give us our room key,” the woman answered quickly and in a tone that Nick knew meant ‘just give me the damn key’. Nick quickly gave her the key. He would never know the real reason the woman didn’t want him to call for an ambulance. Regular doctors wouldn’t know how to help give birth to a baby like the one she would have. Luckily the wife gave birth to a healthy little baby girl, herself nor her husband would know of the importance of this baby girl.]

A red haired woman waited impatiently with an eleven year old girl on a street. It had been a year since the night at the Fort Garry Hotel where Nick had encountered the odd family. Where were the tardy boy and his mother?

Sparks signaled the arrival of a witch. A young boy came with the assistance of his mother. The boy was holding a tired one year old girl wrapped in fine linen.

“Hello auntie. Sorry about us being late, Tancora wouldn’t stop screaming so we had to wait until she got wore out. Mother didn’t want to harm her with the side-affects the sleeping charm would have on a baby,” Densil Witchery, the eleven year old boy, greeted his aunt.

“Good to see you again Morgan.” The mother paused at the sight of the sad and tired young girl her son’s age. “What is she doing here?”

“I wanted to see my little sister. That evil lawyer got his way so my little sister won’t remember her parents or me. I want to say good bye,” the girl explained softly, the beginning of tears blurring her vision. She took the baby and kissed her. “Be strong Tancora, no matter what. Good bye. I love you.” Morgan took the baby, Tancora, and placed her on the doorstep.

The baby’s older sister took a book nearly burned completely by fire from her pocket and held it to the woman who brought her there. It was a photo album. Morgan smiled weakly and took out her wand.

“RENOVA!” The book was a bit burned at the edge but the photo’s were good. Then the girl allowed her clear, wet tears fall on her cheeks.

Morgan placed the book in the baby’s wrappings, along with a note. Then all of them left, the stone-hard silence almost symbolizing the heavy grief that seemed to have blanketed the world.
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