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Harry Potter and the Looney Girl

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There is more to Luna than you might think.

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Disclaimer: I own none of the mentioned characters. They belong to JKR and the WB.

Luna giggled as she saw the massed Death Eaters, ignoring the gobsmacked looks that Harry and the others were giving her.

"Bloody hell! What are you giggling at, Looney?" Ron demanded as he eyes the DE's nervously.

"Hmmm?" Luna blinked owlishly at Ron before she looked back at the DE's and raised her wand.


Luna grinned as a small whirlwind formed in front of her, quickly growing to her height before stopping, revealing a hideous monster ... well, the Purebloods thought it was a monster, the Muggleborn thought
it was a hallucination.

"Hello, Taz." Luna giggled as she hugged the furry thing.

The thing snarled and growled at her as it hugged her, then licked her. "yummy"

Luna pouted at Taz, "Taz, I need your help. Those mean men in the white masks want to kill me. They already took Daddy."

It's eyes widened as a deafening growl came from it. It looked over at the group of DE's, then began spinning, small papers appearing from nowhere to get caught in the twister as it went in their direction.

This scene has been edited due to extreme violence, swearing, gore, and mention of politics.

Luna cast a cleaning spell on Taz and hugged him tightly, "Thanks, Taz! Next time I see you, I'll make sure to have a nice juicy rabbit for you to eat."

Taz grinned widely and squeezed Luna tight as it began spinning again, Luna's friends watching in shock as they listened to her screams of glee.

Harry looked over at Hermione who looked back with a 'don't you DARE say it' expression.

"Wow ... I guess she really IS Looney Tunes."

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