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Chapter 5

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Mikey makes an unusual friend :)

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Mikey got onto the bus the next day and faced everyone laughing at him. It was like a scene in the movies where everyone laughs in slow motion. Mikey was not in a movie and he was not acting. The laughs were real and they were painful.
Only one girl wasn't laughing. She was wearing school uniform like everyone else but she had done her best to make it look different. She stood out. Mikey sat on an empty seat by himself. The strange girl got up from her seat and sat next to him. The laughter went down a little.
Mikey looked at the girl properly for the first time. She was had short blonde hair with a rainbow coloured cap with little funny badges pinned on the front of it. She had brown eyes behind glasses with a rainbow frame. Her skirt was pulled up really short and her tights weren't exactly school uniform because they were yellow and red stripes. Her shoes were neon pink doc martins and she wore neon orange arm warmers.
"Hi!" She said, smiling at Mikey "What's your name?"
Mikey was about to reply but she said "Oh yeah, it's Mikey! I saw that website about you!" Mikey looked down "I didn't find it funny. It was actually kinda harsh." Mikey looked up again "I don't get how you could be a loser anyway. You're actually quite hot. Great! I'm sitting by someone hot!"
Mikey blushed "Yeah, I'm Mikey... What's your name?"
"Crayon." She replied. Mikey couldn't help smirking. Crayon did too "I know my name is weird but that's because I've got a weird mom. My Dad wasn't around see, so my Mom got to choose my name." She raised her eye-brows "Crayon! I actually don't mind Crayon as a name. It's great! No-one else is called Crayon."
"Never met anyone called Crayon." Mikey said, smiling. He couldn't help but like her.
"If only my middle name wasn't Orange." Crayon pouted. Mikey laughed and so did Crayon "I kinda try and live up to my name, as you can see." Mikey saw. "I move schools a lot, because I don't really fit in anywhere."
"Neither do I anymore." Mikey replied sadly.
"We could be friends though, right?"
Mikey thought about it. He liked her, and he really needed a friend right now. He nodded "I'd love to be your friend."
"Great!" Crayon smiled. Then she frowned "Umm, now what do we do. I've never had a friend before..."
"Really?" Mikey asked "Well, we talk to each other. And hang out. And we tell each other everything."
"We talk?" Crayon asked "Great! Because I talk a lot. I also say the word 'great' aswell. It's not my fault I like the word great, great is just a great word! What word do you say the most?" Mikey shrugged "Don't talk much, do you?"
"I'm not really getting a chance!" Mikey laughed.
"I'm sorry! But like I said, I do talk a lot. Lots of people find it annoying, it's why I've never had a friend. Actually, I have! It was two years ago though. She didn't talk much so we were perfect friends because I did enough talking for the both of us!"
"What was she called?"
Crayon was silent for the first time on the bus journey "I think it was Emily..." She finally said "But it could've been Emma... I don't know!" Crayon sighed "And I told her about my imaginary friends Flopsy and Gemmakins and she told me I was a freak. Typical, when she finally opens her mouth, she insults me!"
Mikey giggled "Flopsy and Gemmakins?"
"Don't you mock me aswell!"
"No, they're good names. Better than mine. They were called George and Ben."
"Well they're nice names. A little ordinary. When I'm older I'm going to have a son and I'm going to call him Pencil. No, when he's in high school, people will get the wrong idea... What about Colour? I don't know Mikey, help me think about something very unusual!"
Mikey thought about it "I don't know. Why not name it after your favorite food?"
Crayon stared at him "You want me to call my first son Meatball?"
They both burst out laughing. Emma glared at them both from the front. She turned to Frank "Who is she? Is she new?"
Frank looked at where she was looking "Yeah. Why do you care?"
Emma sighed and looked like it was obvious "I'm trying to ruin his life, doofbag! And that means he can't have any friends!"
"Look, I think this has gone too far." Frank said "The mean message should've been the end of it. I feel kinda sorry for him."
"Well don't." Emma said "He's gotta pay for making me look like a total dick in class."
'You do that on your own' Frank thought, but didn't dare say it out loud.
Crayon stopped laughing "Who's the girl with the blonde hair? She keeps glaring at me."
"Emma." Mikey told her "She was the one who started all this bullying I think."
Crayon raised her eye-brows then yelled "Emma! EMMA!" Emma turned around.
"What are you doing?" Mikey hissed.
"Have you got something to say to me?" Crayon called to her "Because, well, you keep glaring at me! So why not come tell me what's bugging you so much?"
"Piss off, Rainbow!" Emma yelled back.
"Actually, it's Crayon, but close enough! No really, you have a problem! I wanna hear it!"
"Crayon? Is that really your name?"
"My name is certianly not your problem because you were glaring before you knew it. Is it my hair? My hat? WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY HAT?"
Kids around them were giggiling. Mikey didn't know whether they were laughing at Crayon or Emma. He hoped it was Emma.
"My problem?" Emma asked, smirking "Is YOU! You're a stupid freak with a stupid hat and a stupid name. Get a life!" Emma turned around.
"Got one thanks!" Crayon yelled back "And one hater isn't going to ruin it!"
Mikey laughed. Crayon had just owned Emma.

[A/N] - Hi, can yew please tell me what you think of Crayon? I made her up and I wanna try and get one of my books published (My friends sister has two published XD) and I wanted to write one about Crayon... Thoughts? :3
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