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Fairy Lights

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Frerard christmas oneshot! who knew decorating the tree could be so fun? fluffiness and cheese! [2012: Edited; my first ever oneshot].

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Note 2012: Hi guys, so this was the first ever oneshot I wrote- nearly two years ago at Christmars for my friend. Anyway, I noticed how sloppy the grammar and shit was, so I thought I'd just fix it- I haven't changed the storyline, 'cause I don't like to do that- it shows how much my writing has progressed ect. But yeah...I know it's crappy and beyond cheesy, but hey, you have to start somewhere :L Enjoy! (

Fairy Lights

I watch as tiny snowflakes drift gently down from the velvety December sky to form a thin blanket of white on the grass below my bedroom window. The snowflakes are gradually getting bigger and bigger, falling rapidly from the raven clouds as I sit, slumped on the window seat in my bedroom, gazing up into the ebony endlessness of the sky, listening to my favourite Misfits CD and wasting wishes.

Just as the track changes from “Crimson ghost” to “Day of the dead”, my phone buzzes in my jeans pocket.

I fish my mobile out and glance at the screen:

One new message from Mikey:
Hey, wana come ova and put up the xmas decorations with me and Gee? Mom + dad r away this weekend so u can sleep ova if u want. Bob + Ray r coming 2.

Thankful for something to do other than wasting impossible wishes, I quickly text a reply and jump up, grabbing my black schoolbag and shoving clean boxers and a t-shirt in, my red eyeliner and a toothbrush. I hurriedly yank on my scruffy doc martens and favourite leather jacket, then hurtle downstairs to the living room where Mom’s watching TV.

“I’m sleeping over at Mikey and Gerard’s tonight- that okay?” I ask, pulling on my favourite fingerless skeleton gloves.

“Sure, see you tomorrow sweetie.” Mom smiles as I give her a quick hug and dash down the hall, out the front door and along the street.

Mikey and Gerard’s house is only a couple of blocks away, but by the time I knock on their front door, I’m shivering violently in my leather jacket and thin stripy t-shirt, my feet numb in my black doc- martens.

Mikey opens the door, wearing his usual anthrax t-shirt and scruffy blue skinnies, but he has an alarming amount of green and pink tinsel draped round his neck.

“Hey Mikes. You look…Christmassy..” I smirk, steeping into the warm hallway as Mikey shuts the door behind me.

“Shut up Frank!” Mikey scowls as we go down the hall towards the living room. “I’ve been trying to put the decorations up in the living room, but these three aren’t exactly helping…” he opens the living room door in explanation.

Ray and Bob are chasing Gerard around the living room. Ray is pelting him with sparkly red baubles, and Bob is brandishing the Christmas tree as The bouncing souls blasts out of the stereo.

The living room looks like its been hit by a Christmas bomb; tinsel, baubles, fairy lights, Christmas CDs, wrapping paper, and for some strange reason, haribo horror mix, scattered everywhere.

“What the hell..?” I giggle as Gerard leaps behind the sofa, away from vicious Christmas trees and savage baubles.

“Die, you gothic moron, DIE!!!” Bob yells, forcing the tree into the gap between the sofa and the wall and stabbing Gerard with the tree.

“Evil Christmas-spoiler!” Ray shouts, flinging baubles in Gerard’s direction.

“What the hell, guys?” I snort, still giggling.

“Gerard says he doesn’t like Christmas, so we’re forcing him to.” Ray announces.

“By murdering him with a Christmas tree?!” I chuckle.

“Yep!” Bob grins. “Do you like Christmas NOW, Gerard?” he adds forcefully, jabbing Gerard with the end of the tree.

“Oww!” Gerard squeals from behind the sofa. “Fine, yes I do. Now stop fucking poking me!”

“Good.” Bob, seemingly satisfied, stops attacking Gerard with the tree and plonks it back in it’s pot as Gerard emerges from behind the sofa, making my stomach perform a familiar back flip as he gives me a quick grin.

As usual, he’s dressed in his black skinnies and Misfits hoodie, his hair, raven black like the clouds in the night sky, tangled, his usually chalk white cheeks faintly pink, presumably due to the fact he’s just been savaged by a Christmas tree. His eyes- a startling, intelligent slightly wild greeny- hazel, peek our from the strands of ebony, glittering and outlined with smudgy black. His long, dark lashes, cute button nose and pink, slightly chapped lips complete his perfect face. In fact, he seems to get even more gorgeous every time I see him…

I quickly squash these feelings; nothing ever can, or will happen.

“Can we pleeeeease decorate the tree now?” Mikey whines.

“I bags the baubles!” Bob snatches the box from Ray’s hands.

“I bags the fairies!” Ray squeals, grabbing the box of mini pink and purple fairies for the tree.

We al burst out laughing. Typical Ray.

“What?” Ray looks puzzled, which only makes us laugh harder.

“I bags the tinsel!” Mikey grabs yet another piece of tinsel and loops it round his neck. “Which leaves you two with the fairy lights- ha!”

Gerard and I groan simultaneously. The fairy lights are the dreaded job each year; last year it took Bob three hours to untangle them, the year before Mikey somehow managed to electrocute himself, and the year before that Ray somehow manage to set the tree (not to mention his ‘fro) on fire. So yeah, you can see our reluctance.

“But-” Gerard starts.

“No Buts!” Mikey smirks. “Lets get decorating!” he turns on “The nightmare before Christmas” and he, Bob an Ray start sorting out decorations.

I glance at Gerard, ignoring the bats fluttering in my stomach.

“Lets just get this over with shall we?” He sighs, opening the box of fairy lights.


I watch as his long, pale, nimble fingers untangle the lights.

They’re undone in five minutes.

“Wow!” I grin. “this has to be some kinda new record!”

“Don’t hold your breath, there’s still plenty of time for it to go wrong!” Gerard chuckles.

I grin distractedly, watching Gerard closing the box, drinking in his perfect appearance, presence, personality.

I sigh dejectedly, wishing the impossible again. Why did I have to fall for my straight best friend? What’s the point in Christmas if you know what you really want for Christmas will never be under the tree?

“What’s up?” Gerard asks, concern in his greeny- hazel eyes.

“Nothing.” I sigh.

Gerard raises his eyebrows. “Seriously Frankie, I’m not stupid.”

“Sorry.” I smile sheepishly. “It’s just-“ I lower my voice so that Bob can’t overhear and attack me with the tree. “- I kinda hate Christmas…”


“Because… I know what I really want is something totally impossible.” I say sadly, fiddling with the Christmas lights.

“I know how you feel.” Gerard looks sad too, his eyes full of remorse.

“You don’t.”

“Trust me, I do.” Gerard sighs. “But this is meant to be fun, so cheer up okay?” he forces a grin and chucks me a bag of haribo horror mix, but I can still see the hurt in his eyes.


Three packs of haribo horror mix and a crappy Christmas CD later, I’m feeling seriously hyper. Gerard and I are crazy- dancing round the room, singing Christmas songs loudly.

“Come on you guys, put the lights on the tree so we can put the decorations on it!” Mikey whinges from the floor where he Bob and Ray are munching chocolate coins, still watching the TV.

“Fine!” I pout, picking up one end of the string of fairy lights and chucking the other end to Gerard, who catches and starts twirling round and round the tree, singing “Jingle bell rock” as he winds the lights round the tree.

I giggle and do the same, twirling, dancing round the tree until we collide, giggling hysterically.

“Seriously, guys!” Bob says crossly. “Hurry the fuck up! Oh, Frank- you’ve dropped your phone.” He points to the mobile lying on the carpet.

“Oooops!” I giggle, starting towards it. I find I can’t move.

I’m tangled in the fairy lights.

“Shit, Gee, I’m stuck!” I gasp, panicking a little.

“Hold on, I’ll get you out.” Gerard attempts to step away from me.

He can’t.

Oh my fucking god.

I’m tied to Gerard Way, best friend and ginormous crush with a bunch of purple fairy lights. Fuck. Fucking motherfucking fuck.

“Uh-oh,” Gerard says quietly.

“Oooops,” I add helpfully.

“Umm.. guys?” Gerard starts calmly. “We’re kinda-”

“I’M FUCKING TIED TO HIM! OH MY GOD LET ME GO!” I scream, panicking big time and making Bob, Mikey and Ray jump.

“Help!!” I squeal.

They all burst out laughing like lunatics on crack.

How the hell is this funny? I’m stuck to the guy I dream about every single fucking night…

Okay, thinking about those dreams is a NOT helpful, brain!

“Seriously!” Gerard looks kinda panicky too, tugging the arm that’s tied to mine.

Once Ray’s snorts have subsided, he comes over and spends a good twenty minutes trying to untangle us, me getting more and more stressed by the minute. He finally gives up, so Bob and Mikey try and fail too.

“What the fuck are we gunna do?!” I moan.

“Wait for Mom and Dad to get back?” Mikey shrugs. “This is pretty funny.”

“No it’s not!” I snarl.

“Mom and Dad aren’t back ‘til tomorrow anyways guys!” Gerard snaps.

“Hahahahahaha!” Bob jeers. “Anyways, lets go and get some food- I’m starving!”

“Okay.” Ray and Mikey agree, following Bob out of the living room.

Gerard and I try to follow, but are pulled back.

I look behind us.

I’m not only tied to Gerard; I’m tied to the tree too.


It’s almost midnight and Bob, Ray and Mikey have gone to bed.

We attempted to get upstairs too, but the tree wouldn’t fit, so now Gerard, the Christmas tree and I are watching “Love actually” in the living room.

It’s agony; I’m sitting millimetres away from him and I can feel the heat coming from his body, giving me goose bumps. I’d move away, but I can’t; I feel truly and utterly trapped. It doesn’t help that the characters on the screen are acting out what I wish me and Gerard could do.

The room is in darkness, the only light coming from the TV. I steal a brief glance at Gerard.

His unique eyes are glittering in the light of the TV, beautiful, hypnotic and dreamy. His lips are in relaxed pout, light pink, chapped and irresistible. I swallow, and with great difficulty look away, my heart thumping crazily in my ribcage.

A couple of moments later my eyes stray to his face again, and he looks up.

“What you looking at?” He grins mischievously.

I blush. “Ummm..nothi-”

I’m cut off as Gerard launches at my side, tickling me vigorously.

“owffff- fuck- eeeech! Stop- ooff- it!” I snort between giggles, trying to move away, but only pulling Gerard with me, so he lands on top of me.

“Oooops…” I mumble, gazing into his bewitching eyes. He’s stopped laughing too, staring back at me, his eyes full of something I can’t put me finger on.

His long dark lashes, his ghostly pallor, pink lips and hypnotising gaze are drawing me closer…closer…until I feel like I’m lost in some kind of dream…

I snap straight back into reality as I realise I’ve pressed my lips on his soft chapped ones.

“Fuck! Oh god, I'm so sorry Gerard! Oh shit.” I gasp, sitting up and closing my eyes in humiliation.

I’ve wrecked our friendship, wrecked the best thing that’s ever happened to me, all in one, stupid, impulsive action.

I’ve wrecked the most important thing in my life.

I feel a lump rising in my throat and keep my eyes squeezed shut in case any salty tears leak out.

I jump in surprise as I feels Gerard’s lips softly, sweetly, gently brush with mine and then when I let out a shuddery sigh of appreciation, he pulls me close, running his delicate fingers through my hair.

I’m so shocked for a second I’m frozen, but when Gerard gently licks my chapped lips, I clasp him to me tightly, kissing him back longingly as I've wanted to do for so long.

When we both finally pull back, we’re both gasping for air, wide eyed and shocked.

“Uhhh…” I gasp. “Ummm…”

Gerard saves me from getting my brain to function enough to say something by stroking my cheek softly and pulling me into another fierce kiss, lips working, tongues dancing, hearts thumping, and everything that needs to be said seems to find it’s way into the kiss.

Gerard nuzzles and nibbles my neck, hugging me close.

“All I want for Christmas…” He whisper into my ear, warm breath tickling my cheek. “…is you.”

I grab his face and pull him into a desperate kiss, my heart bursting with happiness as I stroke his ebony hair.

Fairy lights are seriously the most fucking awesome things ever.

The end.

Wow, that was spectacularly cheesy. I can't believe I actually wrote that! Anyway, I hope it's a little more readable now...thanks for reading. I hope you don't die from the cheese overload...

CosmicZombie xo
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