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A falcon flew through the open window in the living room. Tancora cawed like it. It cawed back. Tancora cawed in reply. It landed on her arm.

“You could talk to it?” Mandy was astonished.

“I guess its part of my powers. There’s a note attached to it.” Tancora noticed an envelope on the leg. She took the envelope. “To Ms. von Wizard,” Tancora read.

“Give me my letter!” Mandy said.

“It’s probably for me,” Tancora told her cousin.

“Who would send you a letter, you don’t even have friends!” Mandy grabbed for the letter.

“Let’s read it to find out or I’ll curse you,” Tancora threatened. It was easier to make a threat when you were a witch. Or a vampire. Or a ghost. Or a werewolf.

“What is going on there!” John came over. “A falcon in the living room!” He cried.

“It’s bringing a letter,” Tancora explained.

“My letter!” Mandy told her father in a pout.

“It say’s Ms. von Wizard, that’s my name too. Your letters come through the mail. This is more likely to be magic mail,” Tancora replied. She tore open the envelope before John could seize her. “Dear Ms. Tancora von Wizard. We hope there is no disturbance during the passage of this letter. You have been accepted at Merlin academy. An associate shall be sent to pick you up to get you the equipment you will need and ensure your passage to the academy. Morgan Ambrosius. Headmistress of Merlin academy. Representative of the board of education; North American division.”

There was a knock at the door after Tancora read it aloud. Tancora ran over to answer.

“Hello Tancora!” A young man, about twenty three, greeted Tancora. He had curly black hair and silver eyes that were so dusty they were almost gray but they lost the dullness of Tancora’s mother’s.

“Hello, who are you?” Tancora asked.

“Densil Witchery. I’m supposed to pick you up to take you to the academy.”

“Am I suppose to bring anything?” Tancora asked.

“Anything you want. First years get a free suitcase to bring their things in,” Densil answered. He gave Tancora a suitcase. Tancora stuffed clothes and the photo album of her parents in the case.

Tancora brought her suitcase from her closet and walked to the door.

“Okay Tancora, let’s go!” Densil told Tancora.

“But I’m a vampire, sunlight kills me,” Tancora told Densil.

“That’s not true. A lot of vampires have albinism so they are pale and sensitive to the sun. Hereditary you know. Witches also aren't wicked and green; they went fairly good in the medieval period.”

“What about the falcon?” Tancora asked. Densil opened the door. The falcon flew out.

“There, problem solved. Come on, let’s go,” Densil said with some impatience.

Densil stuck his hand out in the air. “What are you doing?” Tancora asked.

“Hailing an atomototer,” Densil answered.

“What’s an atomototer?” Tancora asked.

“Wizard taxi’s,” Densil replied matter-of-factly. An invisible flying car landed. Tancora didn’t even know it was there until it landed. It had a painting on the bright red door that read ‘Atom’s Atomototer Service.’

Densil put the suitcase in the trunk.

“Get in Tancora,” he told his teenaged companion. Densil soon got in. “Cullen Place please,” Densil told the driver.

“Why do we have to go to Cullen Place?” Tancora asked.

“I got to pick up some other kids,” Densil admitted.

Cullen Place looked magnificent. It was a tall white mansion with elegant, original statues decorating the front guard. Densil knocked on the door. A man with dark hair and skin answered.


“I’m here to pick up Vanessa,” Densil told him.

“She is out back,” the man told Densil who started making his way to the back with Tancora beside him.

At one point Tancora went a different way than Densil. She ended up in a courtyard. By a fountain she saw a girl with bouncy black hair and brown skin. Her eyes were an eerie blood red and she wore evidently expensive clothing but nothing really feminine like make-up or skirts.

“Your Vanessa, aren’t you?” Tancora asked.

“So what if I am?” Vanessa answered.

“You’re a vampire.”

“Why would you say that?”

“You have no reflection in the water and your eyes are pure red.”

“Yeah, what are you?”

“A vampire, witch, werewolf, and ghost.”

“How can you be all of those?”

“My mom was a ghost, my dad was a wizard, I was bitten by a werewolf, and bitten by a vampire apparently.”

“You must be Tancora von Wizard.” There was some bewilderment in her eyes and voice.

“Tancora! Where are you?” Densil shouted, answering Vanessa’s question.

“Go to the Dracula picture and take a right! I’m in the door on the left!” Tancora shouted to Densil. With the small echoes caused by the many cave-like halls Tancora wasn’t sure where Densil was so she had to shout. In a few minutes Densil was in the courtyard.

“Tancora, there you are. Ready to go Ms. Cullen?” Densil asked.

“Yes I’m ready. Got my suitcase right here!” Vanessa answered cheerfully.

“Do we have to pick anyone else up?” Tancora asked Densil, who had to call another atomototer because someone had to hold the car there and Densil had forgotten.

“Just two boys,” Densil answered. He got an atomototer told the atomototer driver where the boys were.

The girls followed Densil to the door, where two boys were siting on a suitcase each. They were obviously identical twin brothers. They were the same height, had the same curly blond hair and they even had the identical thick callus’ on the third finger of their left hand and identical pale faces. They wore different clothes though. One had an orange shirt with vertical lines with red pants and the other had a red shirt with horizontal lines with orange pants. Their eyes were different too. The one with the red shirt had red eyes (they seemed beastly unlike Vanessa’s who’s eyes seemed to imitate blood) while the one with the orange shirt had silver eyes.

“Girls meet Bretaso and Sorensen,” Densil introduced the boys, putting his hand on the shoulders of the boys to indicate who was Bretaso and who was Sorensen.

“No, I ain’t Sorensen. ‘e’s Sorensen,” the boy with red eyes told Densil in a cockney accent.

“Okay, he’s Bretaso, he’s Sorensen,” Densil confirmed.

“What do we have to do now?” Tancora asked Densil in the atomototer.
Densil answered that they were going to get supplies.

“Okay, we got your guy’s uniforms, cauldrons, your books, you’re fang sharpener’s, potion kits, and heavy-duty fur trimmers. We need to get you guys some wands,” Densil said. They were at the magic superstore. It was just like a regular store but the contents told them apart. Tancora was irritated. People were murmuring something about ‘the von Wizard girl’ and spying on her and some outright greeting her and asking what it felt to have survived… Tancora didn’t understand!

They went to the wand department. Vanessa and Bretaso didn’t need wands so watched Sorensen and Tancora get theirs.

Mrs. Luburow, the wand clerk, seemed friendly and responded immediately after Sorensen pushed on a bell.

“Hello young wizard and witch!” She greeted the children enthusiastically.

“’ello ma’am. Could ye get us a wand if ye please?” Sorensen asked. After he said that he smacked his head as if he had said the wrong thing.

“I can’t just give you any old wand. Do you think wands just get their magic by magic?” Mrs. Luburow asked. “Well they don’t, they have to be made by the hand of a true wizard or witch. Each has their own wood, a part of a beast, bathed together in a potion. They all have meanings. I’ll have to have you two try different wands. Wizards first!”

She took a case from the millions behind her. She went to Sorensen and opened the case up. There was a wand inside it.

“Try it out,” she instructed. Sorensen took the wand and waved it. The wand sprang to life. It had chestnut-brown eyes, legs, and a mouth that had half a million splinters instead of teeth. Sorensen looked at it with a dumfounded expression then let go it, allowing the wand jump to the desk with a surprised expression on his face.

“Egad!” He exclaimed.

“Sorensen, what happened?” Tancora asked.

“’ellish son of a bloody idiot splinter bit me,” Sorensen answered. His hand was sore and red with splinters. The wand stuck a tongue at Sorensen.

“Man, what an ugly kid,” the wand spoke. It turned around to Mrs. Luburow. “You can’t make me work with this kid. I can’t stand him. Look at the stars, they say that I am not destined to be with that kid. What about the boy over there, I’d work with him.”

“That’s me twin, and ‘e don’t need a wand!” Sorensen exclaimed.

“I didn’t notice. You’re uglier than your twin!” The wand replied and then called Sorensen names that shouldn’t be written in any book, getting Bretaso to giggle and Densil to say “Don’t encourage the potty-mouthed thing.” Mrs. Luburow clasped her hand around it, pressed on what seemed to be it’s head to somehow make it a piece of wood again, and put it back in the case.

“Sorry about that. If it’s not right for you it comes to life but someone who has been studying wand lore since she was eight years old knows how to put them to sleep. Let me take away those splinters. Just lay it on the desk.” Mrs. Luburow waved her hand over Sorensen’s sore hand. It was de-splintered and went back to its natural color of pale white.

“Scorico!” Sorensen exclaimed.

“Huh?” Tancora asked.

“It’s a trick only wand authorities and wizard physicians know. It clears some wand-related wounds as long as they are not committed with Dark Magic.” Sorensen used a voice that people use when they are quoting something. “‘The Scorico charm originates from Gerifo Amracordo who was an early witch ‘ealer. It took several years of practice but soon was perfected. At the time there was no serious Dark Magic (see Dark Magic, page eight thousand eighty) so it was foolproof way of ‘ealin’ any person with a wand-related injury. Ever since only wand theorist’s and wizard physicians are taught the method.’”

“You’ve read Advanced Wand Lore?” The clerk asked, nothing short of surprised.

“Yuh, and memorized it. The passage I recited was on page four thousand eighty four, second paragraph, and two lines down from the previous paragraph. Read it when I was nine,” Sorensen answered.

“I’ve never met a boy who has read it, let alone memorized it,” Mrs. Luburow told him impressed.

“I’ve been called a prodigy in wand lore,” Sorensen admitted.
“Well I hope you can get a job in the field. Now about your wand… Try this.” She gave Sorensen a wand. Sorensen took it. He waved it. Sparks came out of it.

“There you go. It has maple wood to show you think problems through logically. It also has a dragon scale for boldness, and it was bathed in a healing elixir to show you will have a long healthy life,” Mrs. Luburow explained.

Now it was Tancora’s turn.

“I’m happy I’d live to get Tancora von Wizard her first wand,” she said excitedly to herself as she got a wand for Tancora. It sprouted body parts and started shouting insults and swears. The next five did also. Then the next ten. Then the next twenty and so on and so on.
Mrs. Luburow picked out a wand that even she was shocked to have picked out. When Tancora tried it the result was sparks.

“This wand was made from the stubborn oak wood, and the daring skin of a lion bathed in strength potion. There is only one other one of the kind in use. It was sold years ago to a young enchanter like you. He even was part werewolf, ghost, and vampire. He had all the powers of a wizard too. He had every power a wizard ordinarily has and a few they don’t. This boy mistreated that wand for no wand should be used for lies, deceit, and murder. This boy is the one who gave you the marks that rest on your neck and how your parents died.”

“Densil, who did give me the bites that are on my neck?” Tancora asked.

“I won’t answer that question,” Densil replied.

“The fire was arson then. Who was the arsonist?” Tancora asked.

“Obscurum, a real wicked wizard who no one likes to talk about. He killed your parents and made you pleanty famous in this world because you survived the bewitched bite. There is only one other person to survive it besides you and Obscurum,” Densil answered.

“What’s a bewitched bite?” Tancora asked.

“Look on your neck,” Densil replied.

“Who’s the other person besides me and Obscurum who survived it?” Tancora asked.

“Not answering. La la la la, I’m not answering!”

They were going to exit but someone stopped them.

“Densil. Where did you get these children?” A man with dark hair that was thick and straight, pale silver eyes and a freckled face asked Densil.

“I have to send them to school,” Densil answered. By his irritated tone he wasn’t very fond of the man.

“Ambrosius trusted her nephew, a boy who can’t be trusted with a wand, watch over four children. Somehow I find that hard to believe,” the man told Densil.

“You’re a lawyer, now that’s hard to believe,” Densil told the man. The man studied the children.

“Vanessa Cullen, fine girl, nice family. Except that her parent’s are filthy blooded,” he said.

“’ey!” Sorensen exclaimed.

“That was uncalled for!” Bretaso exclaimed, his beastly red eyes glowing.

“The Kingston twins. Idiots for Pure Personage, the whole family,” the man said. Bretaso’s eyes were glowing red even more after that comment. Sorensen, Vanessa, and Tancora held Bretaso back.

“Let me at ‘im! Let me at ‘im!” Bretaso shouted, struggling to get free of the tight hold that was made and nearly succeeding. The man went over to Tancora.

“What is your name?” He asked.

“Tancora von Wizard,” Tancora answered.

“Even though you got more headlines in the newspaper because of two bites on your neck than all the true hero wizards, witches, ghosts, vampires, and werewolves in the world you must know this. Your parents were a complete disgrace to the world!” The man left.

“Don’t listen to him Tancora. Banshee and Prospero von Wizard were the best thing to happen to the world. You should be proud to bear their names and have their blood in your veins!” Densil told her.

“Who is he?” Tancora asked.

“Petstis Malum; or as everyone calls him behind his back, Pest. He’s not the kind you want to be in school with at school although you will. His son and daughter, Effigia and Effigy, are just like him and are starting school this year too. You’d better steer clear of the Malum’s,” Densil answered. Tancora went to her new friends; hearing a light snicker from Vanessa.

“Is Bretaso okay?” She asked.

“Yeah. ‘is temper shoots up like steam most times,” Sorensen answered.

“What did that guy mean by ‘Pure Personage’ and ‘filthy blooded’?” Tancora asked.

“Pure Personage mean that everyone in the family is a witch or something, like us. Filthy blood (no offence Vanessa) is such a foul term for someone with no parents that are magic that it is almost an swear; children are in a Barney for using the term when a team member misses a ball when playin’. The polite word’s Rien. If her parents are Rien it means Vanessa is Rien kin. She was probably bitten from a vampire at a young age,” Sorensen explained.

“Yes I was. A man from the Vampire Welfare part of the magical ministry supplied me with blood so I didn’t die because of lack of blood.”

Tancora sighed on the train. She was on the train to her new school. Densil had taken them to the train station and made sure they found a cart. They all told a bit more about themselves and Tancora and Vanessa told them what it was like living in the Rien world. Tancora still reminded herself an evil person had killed her parents even though her mother was now a real ghost along with her father.

A boy and a girl came into the cart. They looked like younger Petstis Malum’s. Although they were different genders it was obvious they were twins.

“Hey Tancora. Names Effigy, that’s my sister Effigia,” the boy introduced himself and his sister.

“You know, there is room in our compartment. You don’t need to share a compartment with these idiots,” Effigia told Tancora.

“Hey!” Vanessa exclaimed.

“And some, filthy bloods daughter,” Effigy added.

“The prefects ‘re goin’ to get ye…” Bretaso taunted, obviously offended by being called an idiot twice in the same day. He probably would have struck them down hadn’t Sorensen been holding his arm down hard.

“They wouldn’t dare,” hissed Effigia,

“Ryes would dare,” Sorensen replied.

The Malum twins looked pale. “Well, Tancora. I can say this: don’t make friends with the wrong sort,” Effigy told Tancora.

“I can decide who’s the wrong sort. These are my friends and you’re more likely to grow fungus in your mouths than to make me your friend,” Tancora replied. Normally she wouldn’t have been so rude but those twins were just one of the few people who have an aurora of menace that makes who ever is around them rude.

“What was that about?” Vanessa asked the boys.

“They threatened prefects with jail time if they gave them detention on the first day, we know. Ryes’ our brother who’s a prefect. He wouldn’t ‘esitate in expelling ‘em,” Bretaso started.

“Why?” Tancora asked.

“’cause they’ve tried to get us out of our ‘ouse more times than we could count. Petstis keeps ‘n trying to say Prospero got the house for us outta blackmail,” Sorensen continued.

“Prospero was my father’s name. Do you think there one and the same?” Tancora asked.

“Yeah! The two were great friends in school. Prospero got the ‘ouse out of inheritance ‘nd gave it to ‘is friend, our dad. Petstis tried to say that the will was fake and the ‘ouse was ‘is but ‘e never got it,” Bretaso answered.

“What claim did he have over your house?” Vanessa asked.

“’e said Prospero’s father ‘ad actually left it to ‘is father and therefore it would ‘ave been left for ‘im in due time but Prospero ‘ad made a fake Will so ‘e could ‘ave the ‘ouse. Every one said that if Prospero wanted the ‘ouse, why give it to ‘is old school friend without even looking at it but that didn’t stop Petstis-the-jerk-Malum. So far ‘e only got us to be evicted for a month but that was terrible,” Sorensen answered.

Soon the school came up.

The school was really a bunch of castles. It looked magnificent and subtle. A woman of about twenty-three with bright silver eyes and messy brown hair met the students after the journey.

“Hello, for first years my name is Herena. Do you all get your suitcases? Okay good. Follow me to the school, it’s not to far,” Herena told the hundreds of young witches, wizards, ghosts, vampires, and werewolves.

They walked for ten minutes and then they saw the many castles that they would be taught in.
Okay; Sorensen and Bretaso are Cockney so they talk with the best transcription of Cockney I could. If you could improve the transcription, let me know and I'll make the changes.
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