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Several metal singers are being kidnapped, but to what end? And by whom?

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Floor wakes up to find herself in an unknown place. It's a big room, it has three doors, one in each wall except one where she can see a window placed high, visibly blocked by bars. She can't possibly reach to it and see what's there. Daylight comes through it. There are two big couches against the walls, she can see there are mattresses below them.

She panics and goes to one of the doors which is closed, she then proceeds to the second one which opens easily to reveal a big bathroom with a shower, toilet and washbasin. No windows there. She goes to the third door to find it closed too. She tries desperately to open it but no avail. She tries to jump from the couch to the window but it's too high so she gives up and sits in the couch corner hugging her knees, scared and worried, She doesn't know how she got there, she doesn't remember. The last thing she recalls was going out to her garden to water the plants & then, blackness and there she is now.

A noise startles her and the door to her right opens abruptly, a young tall woman is pushed inside. Unlike Floor, she is gagged and her hands are tied behind her back. She is blindfolded. Floor would recognize that hair anywhere.

- Simone! -she yells

The girl turns to the source of the voice but the fast movement makes her lose her balance and trips, almost hitting the floor but the taller girl who catches her. Floor removed the blindfold and gag immediately and the redhead blinks a couple of times, adjusting her eyes to the new place.

-Floor? But what...? -recognizing the girl in front of her. Floor then proceeds to untie her hands while Simone looks around.

-What are you doing here? What's going on? -Asked the red head.

-Dear, I know as much about this as you do, I don't know, I was at home in the Netherlands and then the next thing I know, I woke up here but I wasn't tied up... do you feel ok? What happened?-

-Yes... I think... I was on my hotel and I left my room to get something from the bar and then I woke up in a moving car... someone then dragged me out and walked me through some sort of hall all the way until here I think...-

-Where were you? -Asked Floor and she went back to her corner. Simone rubbed her wrists as she started looking around, going through the doors pretty much as Floor had.

-I was in Sweden, the band gave a concert there & we're supposed to leave tomorrow... -Her eyes rested on the window. -What's out there?-

-I have no idea, I can't reach, perhaps if I carry you on my shoulders...-

-Yeah that's a good idea, your taller.-

-I hope you don't weight too much dear.-

Simone sits on Floor's shoulders and the Dutch tries to lift her up, but no luck, Simone's too heavy for her so they stumble down to the floor (not Floor) making a lot of noise.

-Ouch...- mutters Simone as she dusts her pants off. -Sorry- says Floor and Both keep silent for a moment. Simone looks around again and cracks her fingers.

-How the hell did we get here? Who could have possibly kidnapped us both? And what are they doing with us? Floor... I'm really getting scared out here.- Simone says and then starts trying to force the door again.

-I tried that, Sim... won't work, better come sit with me and let's stay calm... nothing good will come if we lose it...-

-Calm down? Floor... we've been kidnapped and... and who knows what they'll do to us...-

-I know, I know, I'm scared too, believe me, but... what can we do? Let's stay calm and gather our strength alright? So we have energy to defend ourselves in any case...-

Simone breaths and goes to sit next to Floor. In that moment the door made noises again and opens, and a new figure shows up, as restrained as Simone.-

The woman trips and falls on her knees. Floor and Simone run to her and try to remove the blindfold, but the woman fights frantically at theyre touches.

-Easy! It's okay, we're here to help you,- Simone says in English and the woman calms down, then the redhead removes the blindfold and the gag but Floor works on the ties at the wrists.

-Sharon? Oh my god...- mutters Simone in her mother tongue. Sharon looks up and finds Simone and Floor looking at her with frowned expressions. She is absolutely confused and opens her mouth but nothing comes out. She looks around, as if not believing what was happening.

-What is this?- she finally asks.

-We don't know, we just... somehow someone took us and locked us here, Sharon, what happened? where were you when they took you?- Asked Floor.

-I was shopping for groceries, I was about to get in my car... I don't remember anything else but waking up and I couldn't see or move and then I was being carried, I tried to fight but I couldn't, then they left me on my feet and pushed me in here... and... Oh God!! NO!-

-What? What is it?- Asked Simone ad Sharon's face showed in terror and her hands covered her mouth, she seemed frantic for a second but then relaxed, covering her eyes with a hand.


-I'm sorry, I just thought that I had taken my son with me but it's okay, he stayed at home... but Who's got us? What do they want?-

-We don't know, we haven't seen anyone, they just threw us here...- said Simone with a tired voice.

Sharon got up and started trying the doors just like the others, discovering the bathroom and groaning at the stillness of the other two. The others let her, knowing she needed to do something to calm down.

-Floor, do you think you could lift her?- Asked Simone.

-Probably, Sharon, come here, please, can you climb on my shoulders and see what's outside the window?-

Sharon giving up on the door, nodded and allowed the much taller Floor to raise her up until she could see through the window.

-What do you see?- Asked Simone.

-I see that... there's no way we'll get out by this window, thick bars on the other side and I can't see much... just plants and the ground, I also see a wall made or rocks and nothing else.-

It seems were in someone's yard, and underground,- pondered Floor after she lowered Sharon and rubbed her shoulders.

-No wonder it's damp...- Simone said.

-This is just weird I can't believe this. How did they get to us? It can't be just some guys, if they managed to get us from three different places, it must be more than one person, and they must be well organized,- Sharon said.

-You think they'll ask for some kind of ransom?- says Floor

-Perhaps it's some wacko who decided to collect Dutch metal singers...- said Simone with a bitter voice.

In that moment the door opened again and a blown woman was thrown inside, gagged like Simone and Sharon had been.

-Forget that theory Sim... and add a Norwegian to the mix,- said Sharon as she ran to the newly arrived, who was frozen in her spot.

-It's okay relax, we'll uncover your eyes okay, Liv? It's me, Sharon.-

The blonde turned to the voice and nodded. The three girls worked to free her and Liv looked at them with surprise.

-Liv?- Said Simone in English.

-Yes, what... what is this about? what are you... how did we... I don't understand-. She said with very frightened eyes.

Sharon sighed. -It seems someone is collecting metal female singers honey... we've been kidnapped. We don't know where we are, how we got here or who is responsible, also, there's no way out, behind that door there's a bathroom, but the other is locked, and that one is where you just came from. What was the last thing you remember?-

Liv blinked, keeping quiet as she tried to understand and looked at her surroundings. -I was on my way to see some friends, we are composing a new song... I reached a red light and then that's all I recall... I just remember waking up and I was lying, then someone pulled me from my hands and made me walk until here. I got so scared when I couldn’t see or move...-

-I know how you feel, so none of us remembers how we were taken, that's most... frustrating,- sighed Floor. -So you were back in Norway.-

-Yes. How long have you been here?- Asked Liv.

-We've all been arriving at a regular timing... I don't think we've been here more than 2 hours, well, me, I was the first one to arrive, then Simone and then Sharon,- offered Floor.

-We were thinking some lunatic is… actually I don't know what to think,- said Sharon.

They all went quiet with their eyes lost, they couldn't even think about their situation, there was no more information, nothing else to know, just doubts and conjectures.

Liv stands up and explores their prison like the others had and after giving up looking for some kind of miraculous hidden door went to sit to the large couch along the other girls.

The door opened one more time, the four women looked up to discover a young woman being pushed inside. Her wild curly hair falls over her blindfolded eyes.

-Now who is it?- Said Floor with a tired tone. Simone went to the girl and touches her shoulder but she struggled, retreating until her back was against the door.

-Hey, easy girl, I'm trying to uncover your eyes!- Said Simone, Sharon was at her side as well, trying to calm down the newly arrived stroking her head. Floor and Liv waited for her to calm down so they could help too.

The girl stood still enough time for Simone to retire the cloth from her eyes and mouth.

-Marcela?- asked Floor. Marcela nodded and looked around, frightened and looked at each of the women in the room, and watching with huge eyes her surroundings. Liv turned her around softly so she and Floor could untie her hands.

Marcela frowned confused and moved her head to the sides. - what is going on?- She finally asks.

-Floor, Sharon, Simone, Liv... all you here... is this some kind of TV prank?- she said with a incredulous laughter.

-We wish... hi, I think we haven't met,- said Simone and they all chuckled a bit. It was very strange to make introductions in those circumstances.

-Hi, I know who you all are...- said Marcela and looked around again, fixing her eyes in the other doors.

-That one is a bathroom, the other one is closed, none of us know how we got here and we haven't been here for more than two hours. We don't know who got us or why, just letting you know,- said Liv.

-Where were you before arriving here?- asked Sharon as she led Marcela to the couch, everyone follows, sitting down. The place is getting damp and cold and it can be seen that’s the light is starting to go away, because the night is about to fall.

-I... I was in my hotel room, we are in the middle of a tour in Spain. I remember someone knocking on my door and I opened it & then, nothing, I wake up and panicked when I found myself gagged and tied up. Someone dragged me to my feet, I was lying down... and they brought me in here.-

-This is totally crazy, Simone was in Sweden, Sharon and I were in our country, Liv was in Norway and Marcela was in Spain, we all were in very different places, far away one from the other. It can't be just one person, whoever is doing this, it's several, and they must have money to have such an operation,- said Floor.

-But what for? What can they possibly get from us? The only thing I can think of is a big fat ransom,- Liv says.

-Or it's the kind of scary, hard core fans...- said Simone.

-I don't think I have that kind of fans...- muttered Marcela as her eyes rested on the window.

-Believe me dear, we all have that kind of fans,- said Sharon with a dry smile.

-The window is blocked by iron bars Marcela, sorry to let you know- said Liv.

-But, it's just that, this is stupid! I mean... who on earth, rich or not, goes around kidnapping singers?-

-Metal singers,- said Simone.

-Yeah whatever! It's... it is just ridiculous, I can't believe this!- Marcela passed her hand through her hair and she went to the door and gave it a good kick.

-Calm down, please, you'll earn nothing by stressing yourself up, there's nothing we can do, so all we can do is just stay as relaxed as possible, so we keep strong and whole, so we can be united and defend ourselves, ok?- Said Sharon.

Marcela looked at her for a moment, and finally she nodded, going back to take a sit.

They all kept quiet for a few minutes. The silence was complete, not even steps or nothing to hear outside their prison.

-So, who do you think it's next? Who'll show up behind that door now?- asked Liv.

-That's a cruel thing to ask,- said Floor.

-but a real possibility,- answered Liv.

-Tarja,- answered Simone and Floor at the same time and smiled a bit at their synchronized thoughts.

-God I hope not,- Said Sharon.

-You don't like her?- Asked Marcela.

-No, It's not that, I don't really know her, I just don't want anyone else to be brought here.-

-Maybe Vibeke, or Anekke or Anette or…- said Simone

-Stop, Sim, that’s just won’t help-

Again silence fell over them all.

-How's tour been so far?- Asked Liv to the room.

-Awesome,- said Marcela. -We've been having so much fun. Simone, I saw you at MFVF, you were great.-

-Thanks, you did it great too, I didn't know you played violin,- answered the redhead.

And so, they all started talking about their bands and projects, talking music in general, taking their minds out of their present situation. Liv took a short nap and Sharon dozed off a bit on Simone's shoulder as the others kept talking, all of them grateful as much as they could be, that their captors at least provided them with a well equipped bathroom.

A metallic sound startled them all and they saw the heavy door being opened again. All they could see was a woman being pushed inside. This one however, stayed on the floor, she seemed unconscious through the cascade of black hair over her face.

-Tarja!- Shouted Liv and went to her, Simone was short after her. Both checked The Finn's pulse and breathed when they found it steady. Floor removed the blindfold and gag and Simone freed her hands while the others gathered around.

-Tarja? Hey honey, wake up,- Floor said softy as she gave light slaps on Tarja's face, but the woman was out cold.

-What's wrong with her? Is she...?- Marcela asked, arms crossed over her chest.

-I don't know, help me take her to the couch,- said Simone as she got a hold of the small woman's feet while Floor grasped her by the wrists. Liv helped by lifting Tarja's middle and so they made their way to the couch, where Floor sat, placing Tarja's head on her lap. Simone does the same with her feet.

-Tarja? Wake up,- called Liv as she kept patting her friend on the cheeks with no success. Sharon and Marcela stood to the side, worry on their faces.

-Why isn't she waking up?- asked Sharon to no one.

-She must be drugged. If we all were so heavily drugged, it's no wonder we can't recall a single thing,- said Liv.

-Why did they bring her unconscious then?- wonders Simone, placing Tarja's hair behind her ear.

-Perhaps they exceeded the dose... I was unconscious too and woke up when I was already on this room. Or maybe she wasn't brought from such a far place as we did, do someone know where she was at the moment?- asks Floor.

-She had finished touring, she told me she was going to be at home, whether that's Finland or Argentina, I don't know...- Liv said.

-I'd be really scared if it was Argentina, that's too far away... but we all were in Europe and judging for her clothes it seems more plausible that she was in Finland,- says Marcela and sat down on the other couch, but she had to get up again at Simone's alarmed voice.

-Oh god... no...- the redhead said.

-What?- said Sharon.

Simone lifted up the unconscious woman's long sweater. -Her pants... they're undone,- she said with a shaky voice, taking a hand to her mouth. Floor looked at the evidence and looked away, as if the sight alone burned her.

-Oh please no...- begged Marcela as her hands went to her own body, feeling herself.

-What have they done to her? To us?? We were unconscious! They could have done anything with us!- Liv said frantically as she started to check herself as well.

Sharon and Marcela started looking for any unfamiliar feeling in themselves, any sign of an intrusion, their faces showing the fear.

-Ok everyone calm down!- said Floor. Sharon looked at her with a disbelieving face, wondering how she could ask for calmness in such situation. Simone buttoned up Tarja's jeans and lowered the sweater, not daring to check for more, not wanting to find something horrid beneath it.

-We could have been ra… Tarja is... we could... and you ask us to be calm!- Sharon shouted.

-Do you feel like it happened? Do you feel anything different? We'd feel it! We'd know, that's not something that goes unperceived, just sit down and relax for a while!- The tallest woman said.

Marcela, Liv and Sharon stood still, exploring their own bodies with their minds.

-I feel fine,- said Marcela and sat down, her eyes resting on Tarja. -I hope she's okay as well.-

Sharon and Liv sat down too. -I feel normal too, I don't think anything happened to me...- said Liv. -Yes, same here- says Sharon.

-Then, what about her? Why was she...- Simone said.

-We don't know, let's not jump to conclusions okay? Let's wait until she wakes up and let's try not to alarm her,- said Floor.

-Maybe we shouldn't even mention it,- said Simone.

-Would you like it if we hid something like this from you?- said Marcela.

-Yes, perhaps,- answered the redhead.

-We should tell her,- said Floor.

-You're going too far, the only thing there's to tell is that her jeans were unbuttoned. Nothing else, let's not elaborate, girls.- Sharon told them and they all nodded.

-You know, she's the reason I started singing,- said Simone after a few minutes of silence.

-She really broke ground didn't she?- Asked Marcela.

-Yeah...- was Floor's soft reply.

In that moment Tarja's head moved and her eyes fluttered, opening them at last and she saw a couple of blue eyes looking down at her.

-What Floor?- she said rubbing her eyes.

-Hi there Tarja, how do you feel?- the Dutch answered.

Tarja sat down looking at the women around her. She blinked and raised her eyebrows.

-Um... What's going on?- she simply asked. she started looking around. -Where am I?-

-What's the last thing you remember?- asked Simone.

-Simone, I... I was at home. girls, what are we doing here?-

-We don't know... were you in Finland or in Argentina?- asked Marcela. Tarja looked at her for a few moments.

-In Finland... I had gone outside to turn on the sauna and then I just wake up here, Marcela, right?-

-Yes, hi.-

-None of us know how we got here, try not to be alarmed, but we have been somehow kidnapped, we don't know why or by whom, we all have been arriving one by one. You were the last one, so far...- said Sharon, smiling reassuringly.

-Hey... Sharon, It’s been a long time since we saw each other- said Tarja trying to pretend cheerfulness.

-Yeah... some circumstances huh?-

-And are you all alright? No one's hurt?- asked the Finn.

-We seem to be fine... how do you feel Tarja? Everything okay? Nothing... hurts?- Asked Liv. Tarja reached to touch her hand and kept quiet for a while when she noticed how the other women kept a still stare, waiting for her answer.

-Mmm.. no.. I feel okay, why? What's going on?-

-Darling, don't panic okay? but you arrived with your jeans undone...- said Simone, trying to deliver it as softly as she could.

Tarja's eyes opened wide as she placed a hand over her stomach feeling for the button and finding it in it's place.

-I buttoned them up for you,- said Simone.

Tarja kept quiet for a while as her eyes got lost, the other held their breath. Finally Tarja moved her head closing her eyes with a reassuring smile.

-No, girls, don't worry. I was wearing a skirt when I decided to turn on the Sauna, so I put these pants on and didn't bother to button them up, that's all, besides if something had happened I'd feel it.-

The answer lifted a huge burden from them all. She was fine, they all were fine at least in that aspect.

Tarja stood up and walked around the room, trying the doors as the other had, finding exactly the same.

-How did you get here? What were you doing?- she asked.

-I was watering my plants- said Floor.

-I was at my hotel after a concert Simone kept on.

-I was shopping for groceries- added Sharon.

-I was on my way to a friend's house- remembered Liv.

-I was at my hotel as well someone knocked on the door and now here I am- said Marcela.
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