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The Art Of Being A Fanboy

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Ryan posts a blog about tw of the best days of his life. One shot. Ryden.

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random one shot.

Ryan’s Blog

I remembered something… two of the best days of my life… You want to know more? Read on. I only post these blogs when I’m bored…

I looked across the classroom at him. His glasses framed his smiling face perfectly and his messed up brown hair looked adorable. I knew he was the only person paying attention to the shit the teacher was saying. Well… besides me. He scribbled down his work and sighed. He rested his head upon the desk. I knew he was the new boy.
“Brendon! Do not sleep in my class!” The teacher yelled. I could hear chuckling from behind me. The jocks. I’d always wondered how they could get away with never doing any work when the outcasts had to do the work.
“I finished the work, Miss…” Brendon sighed, holding his book up in the air. The teacher, Miss Deville, snatched it greedily and read the page.
“You’ve got talent, boy. See me after class” Miss Deville told him. I sighed and continued writing the story I had been writing. I knew what would come next.
“Brenny is a teacher’s pet!”
“Suck up!”
“Go sit with Ross. He’d be your best friend… or maybe something more”
“Fuck OFF!” Brendon yelled, bursting into tears as he left the classroom. Stupid Deville had no idea what had happened. I stood up, kicked my chair over and left the room. I noticed Brendon sitting next to the door, curled up.
“Brendon… I am so sorry…” I whispered.
“What did you even do?” he asked.
“I’m the Ross guy… Ryan Ross…” I sighed, holding my hand out for him to shake it. He looked up at me with a small smile and shook my hand.
“Nice to meet you. I kinda had all this shit coming… Didn’t I?” Brendon sighed.
“It’s okay… How long have they called you a fag and all that shit?” Brendon asked.
“A while… I stopped counting after five years” I sighed. I knew the answer really. I was nine. My alcoholic dad came into school and told everyone that I’m gay. It’s true… but… I didn’t even know then! Everyone teased me about it. Seven fucking years. It had been seven fucking years to the day.
“That sucks. I was home schooled before but…” Brendon choked out, bursting into tears.
“What happened?” I asked. I bit my lip nervously. I’d only just met him…
“My parents found out that I’m gay. They told me they didn’t want me in the house longer than I have to be…” Brendon sighed.
“Fuck…” I whispered, hugging him.
“Is there a reason why they torture you?” he asked me. I nodded yes and explained what had happened. We walked back into class and sat back at our desks.

-That Night-

“Yeah… You see… Shadow…. He’s so cute…” I squealed. My best friend smiled and brushed her black and blue hair out of her face.
“What’s his name? You obviously like him… you’re being a total fanboy” she giggled.
“Brendon!” I giggled.
“What?” I asked.
“Um… what does he look like?” Shadow asked.
“Shade… he’s gorgeous… he’s got brown eyes and brown hair and glasses and…”
“He’s my brother!” Shadow screamed.
“He-He’s what?!” I asked. Shadow was two years younger than me and had been my best friend for years. We were similar.
“He’s my older brother, Ryan. He’s dealing with a lot of shit right now. Break him and I will kill you…” Shadow hissed, leaving my room and storming out of my house. I stared around my room. I knew she meant every word.

-The Next Day-

“Brendon! Hey!” I called across at him.
“So YOU’RE the guy that makes Shadow so happy! I thought I’d never meet you!” Brendon smiled.
“What?” I asked, confused.
“She talks about you all the time. I should have recognised your name…” he smiled.
“Wow… really?” I asked.
“Yeah. Ever since our parents found her kissing her ex she’s been getting tortured by them…”
“Her ex? You mean Lucinia?” I asked.
“Yeah… I still hate that bitch. She messed Shade up so much…”
“I know…” I sighed.
“I know you do. You saved her, Ryan. You stopped her from killing herself… I… I can’t thank you enough…” Brendon whispered, hugging me.
“Faggots!” one jock yelled. Brendon and I smiled at each other and kissed.
“So what if they are?” Shade yelled.
“Shade!” Brendon and I smiled in unison, pulling away from each other and hugging her.
“Hey guys. This is kinda awkward…” she giggled.
“True… but oh well…” Brendon smiled.

And that’s what happened. Shadow and Brendon will always be my best friends. Always.
Ryan Ross.
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