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Inquisition - Two

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Frank and Gerard get to know eachother

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A/N - Thanks to the people who reviewed. Reviews make me smile! Anyways, A little more story info for you - Frank and Gerard are in year 11. This is the year I am in and its the year you're in from age 15-16, although for Frank it will be 14-15. The reason I have decided on this year is because some of the subjects I study RE, PSHCE and art are coming into areas I think would work well in this story.
Enjoy. :)

Franks P.O.V

Gerard led me into the school library, he seemed grateful of my company. I was equally grateful of his. The cuts on my stomach were sore, even though they were weeks old. Gerard moved to a small table in the corner of the room, shielded by several large bookcases. The room was large, the red walls adorned with photographs of past prosperous students. The books cases where silver metal, stocked with books on all the subjects studied along with popular titles. The floor was covered with grey-blue carpet tiles, sprinkled with trodden in gum.

“Sit” Gerard instructed, I obliged.
I let my eyes scan his face, taking in his dark eyes, shaggy black hair and pale skin. His features beautiful, I could sense I liked him. Gerard reminded me of him… the reason I was sat here.
“Birthday” Gerard said simply.
“Halloween” I replied, smiling. My birthday was bad-ass. “Yours?”
“April ninth, not as cool as Halloween” Gerard looked at me, “So you’re sixteen?”
“No” I shrugged, “I got put up a year”
“Fuck, that never happens” Gerard seemed stunned, “You must be smart”
Yeah…. Smart. “Naturally” I winked at him.
“Favourite subject?” Gerard asked
“Music, it’s my escape. Yours?”
“Art,” he replied simply.
“Shoulda guessed” I smiled to myself
“What do you play?” Gerard seemed genuinely interested.
“Guitar, and occasionally vocals”
“Awesome” Gerard smiled “Rockstar in the making”
“Yeah, I wish” I smiled to myself.
“Phobias” Gerard was getting into the swing of his examination.
“Spiders” I shuddered. “They’re fucking freaky.”
“Awww, bless” Gerard mocked lightly
“Fuck you. You must have some”
“Yeah, needles.” Gerards turn to squirm. “I cannot stand them.”
“So, no tattoos for you?”
“Weird” I was shocked. “I would have had you down for wanting loads”
“Nope. Not me” Gerard smiled, taking out some paper. He began doodling absent-mindedly.
“Hey, draw me” I said smiling.

Gerards P.O.V

“Hey, draw me” he said, a smile cracking across his face.
I nodded, turning my page over. I quickly sketched out his features, trying to do them justice. I worked quickly, Frank watching me in awe.
“Finished” I said, signing my name on the paper.
“Fucking hell, get bad at drawing!” Frank exclaimed, tracing over my lines.
“You like?” I grinned
“I love” he handed it back to me, reaching for his timetable.
“Where are you next?” I asked, folding up my drawing
“Maths” he pulled a face
“Mr Williams” Frank said
“Same, I’ll take you” I stood up, and Frank did the same “What form you in?”
“Miss Jacksons, the history teacher” Frank said as we made our way to maths “I spent first period with her, you?”
“Im in her form too” I laughed, “I’ll be glad of the company”
I was really starting to like Frank.

Like? Hate? Opinions?
This is gonna get interesting fast. I promise.
xo Rose
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