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How much nothing do you have to lose?

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Koji, walking alone through the Digital World. Set during the first few episodes of Frontier.

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Disclaimer: I do not intend to harm the rights of the creators and copyright holders of Digimon Frontier with this fanfiction.

Note: Written because I think Koji is /bananas/.

Koji is the furthest thing from lost.

He doesn't realise it in words, but he's aware of it whenever a snap-crackle-pop sounds near him in the forest. It's something he feels when he whirls around, excitement rising like a bright flag.

There's another sound to his left. He glances around for the creature making the noise and thinks, I could turn back and join Takuya and the others. Or wrestle a branch off that bush to use as a club, or jump at a branch of that tree and climb. Maybe even spirit-evolve.

Nah, that's probably overkill. Big digimon wouldn't be comfortable in the narrow spaces of the forest, and as far as he can tell, digimon were more dangerous the bigger they got. Small ones could usually be talked down when they felt like making trouble.

He jogs to the bush and crouches to take hold of the possible club. He waits, listening; but the sound of breaking twigs has stopped, and only the wind stirs the leaves. The sunlight is bright enough that he can see pretty far between the trees and sparse undergrowth, and nothing is in sight. Whatever it was has probably moved on.

Koji straightens, sighs, and smiles a little. Dad would be proud if he knew that Koji could take care of himself like this. Maybe his stepmother would be proud too... Then again - he shrugs to himself - who cares?

It doesn't matter who knows what he's capable of, since he knows. He doesn't need to join the other kids because he can handle himself. He can't be lost, because he's the one mapping this brand new world. He isn't alone, because the feeling is too natural to be noticeable.

He walks further into the forest, ignoring the monsters lurking at his back.
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