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Chapter 7

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Hey guys, I'm on the verge of murdering my laptop. It decides it doesn't like me typing up my story straight onto ficwad - so it closes the webpage down. Taking A WHOLE FUCKING CHAPTER WITH IT >:( - rips out hair - xxx so if the chapter seems a little short / blunt at some areas it's because I had done a huge chapter before hand and watching get destroyed has turned me into a right bitch xxxxx Anyways cuddles and hugs dearies xxxx Ellie Frank xxxx

Two boxes of tissues and three tubs of Ben&Jerry's later I had finished my fucked up love story. I wiped a few tears and took a hug spooful of icecream and shoved it into my mouth, Frank opened his mouth signalling for me to feed him - I chuckled and placed a spoonful of cookie dough ice cream into his mouth. Donna rubbed my back soothingly as Frank wrapped his arms around me. I sighed slumping lower on the floor.
"Maybe you should try talking to him again." Suggested Donna. I sighed and looked at my lap. Why should I always be the one doing all the work only to have him turn away and ignore me.
"It's not that easy - he doesn't talk ! He just lets me open up my feeling and then walks away and ignores me - I mean I'm sorry if he finds me confusing or whatever, but I'm just being me !" I slammed the Tub of icecream on the table and quick as a flash Frank swooped it up and began eating. Donna wrapped her arms around me and embraced me in a warm hug.
"Look sweetheart, he hasn't treated a girl like this before - not even his previous girlfriends, so you must be something special ! Look - I love you, our like the daugher I never had, so I'm going to make this work for you okay ? Your gonna stay over here for the next few days and we will think and work on plans to get you two together."
I nodded obediantly at her, as she squeezed me tighter and kissed the top of my head.
"Yeh, me and Mikey tried playing cupid before - but we need help from the pro Donna." Frank added with a mouthful of icecream.
"Yes that didn't end too well, but I think the three of us would be great cupids." She chuckled.
"Now lets watch a crappy film!" Cried Frank in a girly voice.
I laughed and sat myself down next to Donna, as Frank put a DVD on and sat on the other side of her. The film was love actually, great. As much as I disagreed with horrors - I would rather watch one of those than a rom com. An hour into the film Donna and Frank were fast asleep. I chuckled quietly as I stood up and walked into the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of water and headed out into the garden.
It was a warm night, a warm breeze tickled my skin as I climbed and sat on the back wall. I gazed into the fields for a few minutes, collecting my thoughts until I couldn't take it anymore. I threw my head back and began crying. Once I started I couldn;t stop, I buried my face in my hands to collect the tears. I used the end of my tee to wipe a few of them. I bit onto a clump of the cloth lightly as to muffle the sounds of my sobs. I'm sure I had been crying for at least half an hour, slowly my tears started to run out and I was reduced to loudly sobbing and choking noises.
"What are you doing out here !?" I turned to see a concerned Mikey speed walking towards me. He had boxers and tee on - I guess he had seen me from his bedroom window when he was heading off to bed. He climbed up the wall and sat next to me, he wrapped his arm around me as I wiped a few stray tears.
"He's really upset too y'know - I'm surprised you didn't hear him crying !"
"Why is he upset !? I haven't done anything !" I cried out.
"Well, it's not for me to say - he needs to say it to you, but for now promise me this, don't walk away from him."
"Don't worry, I wont."
He smiled at me and jumped off the wall landing on the garden grass. I smiled as he helped me down and we began walking towards the house. I sipped my water until the glass was empty, when we got inside the house I placed the glass in the sink and headed to the living room.
When I walked in, Donna and Frank were sprawled on opposite ends of the sofa fast asleep. I chuckled and turned to Mikey.
"I guess you can sleep in Frank's bed since he's taken your place in there." He giggled quietly. I nodded and followed him up to his room.
"Frank's room is at the end on the left - Night !"
"Night." I mumbled tiredly as I made my way to his room.
I knew straight away it was his room, from the comics and posters - as well as the bags of skittles.
I jumped into the empty bed and sighed sleepily. The bed smelt of Frank; soap, skittles and aftershave - a weird yet wonderful combination. I felt my eyelids grow heavy as I snuggled deep into the duvet.
Just as I was at the edge of sleep, I heard the bedroom door open.
"Hey, you okay ?" They asked, I sleepily replyed with a grunt.
"Look dude, I'm sorry for arguing with you before - it's just, you know how she makes me feel and well ... oh fuck - look I'm sorry."
I propped myself up sleepily and focused my blurry, tired vision on who was at the door. They were wearing boxers and looked hot. Shit. It was Gerard.
"Lookin' good Gee..." I mumbled. Fuck - did I forget to mention when I'm tired I say what I'm thinking ? I was mentally kicking myself at the statement I just said to him.
"Huh ?! Ellie is that you !?" He asked confused.
"N-Yeh." I replied, I seemed drunk from the way I was acting.
"J-just go back to sleep - I thought you were Frank."
I nodded and buried myself deep back under the covers, falling into a deep sleep.


When I woke up I glanced at the clock, ten o'clock. I yawned and stretched and fixed my hair before walking downstairs towards the kitchen. I stopped at the closed living room door when I heard muttering.
"She said I was looking good !"
"What !? When !?"
"Last night, when I thought it was you.. but it doesn't count she was half asleep ... Or does it!?"
"Ha Hah! Nah I'm not saying - it's for you to find out."
"Urgh whatever, come on - breakfast is ready."
With that I hurried into the dinning room, to be greeted by Donna with a warm hug. I smiled and sat in my place for dinner. I didn't look up from my plate when the guys walked in - I was still mentally kicking myself from what I blurted out last night.
Frank came and sat down next to me, I smiled at him weakly. He smiled back and then quickly nodded slightly at Mikey, Mikey returned the nod and then sat down in Gerard's place. I glared at Mikey who gave me a wink. I shook my head and poured myself a drink.
"Mikey, outta my seat." Gerard stated as he walked into the room. Gee, he really didn't want to sit opposite me.
"No ! I normally sit here anyways !" Mikey cried out in defense.
"Mom !? Tell him !" Gerard cried out turning to Donna.
She sipped her drink before replying, "Gerard just sit in the seat."
"But I don't want to."
Donna's head shot up as she stared at her son with a look of confusion and anger.
"Why ever not !?"
"Because... I don't.."
I couldn't take the direct insults anymore. I jumped up from my seat.
"There ! Now you can sit down in that Freakin' chair!" I shouted angrily as I felt tears form in my eyes. I marched out into the hallway, up the stairs, grabbed my clothes and marched out the house in Mikey's Pj's.
When I got to my empty shell of a house I collapsed on the hallway floor and cried my eyes out. I heard the front door open, I turned to see Frank stood with a grin on his face. My heart sank a little with disappointment as I was hoping it was Gerard.
Frank walked over to me and threw me over his shoulder.
"Now lil' sis, Donna has set me a mission - to get your things packed to stay at hers for a few days, she wants to ready in under her half an hour. So dry them tears gurl - coz you shouldn't waste any tears on a man!" I giggled and wiped my tears as Frank ran up the stairs with me on his shoulder.
He placed me down on my bedroom floor as he sat on my bed and let me get packed. I packed new outfits, toiletries ( makeup etc ), perfume, underwear, belts and Pj's. I also threw my school bag next to it. Then I grabbed an outfit and ran into the bathroom and got changed, I was wearing a batman tee, grey jeans, a studded belt, purple converses, bands up my arms, my hair straight and slightly back combed and my regular eye makeup. I sprayed myself with perfume and stepped out the bathroom to find Frank stood with my bags on his shoulder.
"Quick we only have ten minutes left !" He cried giddily, he threw me over his other shoulder and ran down the stairs and out the house with me. I was giggling crazily when he ran across the front gardens and to the Way's house. He opened the door with his free arm and ran up the stairs. He dumped the bags against the wall on the landing and ran downstairs into the livingroom. We were both laughing like phsychos when we went in. Frank let me down gently on to the armchair whilst he collapsed on the floor in a fit on giggles.
Donna and Mikey were shaking their heads and laughing at us. I glanced over at Gerard and immediately sighed to myself. Frank must of noticed as he began to try and make me laugh.
"So Miss E, I see you enjoyed our 'Ride'." He said in his mock sexy voice and finished with a wink.
"Oh yes Mr Iero, it was quite breathtaking - we will have to do it again. Soon." I replied in an equally sexy voice.
Donna wolf whistled and clapped as I burst out laughing. From the corner of my eye I could see Gerard glaring at Frank angrily.
I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. I felt boiling hot and dizzy.
"Are you okay !?" Mikey asked concerned.
I nodded and pulled myself up, " Yeh just gonna get some air." I replied before walking out of the room.
I walked through the kitchen and into the back garden, I sat on the door step and massaged my temples.
I heard the door open behind me and someone sit next to me. I turned to see Gerard. Shit.
"Hey." He said quietly.
"Hi." I replied whilst massaging my forehead, I was slowly beginning to feel better.
"You okay ?" He asked.
"No, not really, but I'll survive. You ?"
"Exactly the same."
Hah. I doubt it. We sat in silence until he stood up and walked back inside. Yep - thats right just buggar off again.


It had been a quiet day, Mikey, Frank and Gerard had gone out to practice with their band - so me and Donna had had a girly day in.
We were now all sprawled in the living room, except for Gerard, watching the simpsons. It was my all time faveourite programme! I yawned and glanced at my watch, 9:30PM, it wasn't that late but I was kinda tired. I turned to Donna when the commercials came on.
"Hey Donna, I'm gonna go to bed - which room am I in ?" I asked politely.
"Okay hun, it's the one opposite Frank's."
I nodde and headed out the room, ignoring their smirks. I grabbed my bags which were on the landing and headed into the room I had been directed to. It was just like Frank's only a bit more darker and more twisted, I thought it was awesome. I placed my bags down and turned to see Gerard stood at the door. His black hair was wet and the only form of clothing he was wearing were the black jogging pants. Phwoar.
"What are you doing in my room ?!" He cried out. So thats why they had those smirks on their faces.
"Donna said I was sleeping in here."
"N-no you can't sleep in here." He mumbled to himself.
"Yeh - I don't wanna stay where I'm not fucking wanted." I said sadly as I headed for the door. I glared at him in confusion and anger when I realised he was blocking the exit.
He sighed and bowed his head.
"We need to talk Ellie." He said as he gazed at me with his perfect hazely - green eyes.
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