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I'll Be There [Re-written]

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Frank Iero, unloved and forgotten, no one to run to, no one who cares. All he ever wanted was for someone to be there. Cute ONESHOT FRERARD plz R&R it wud mean so much plus cute pic i made inside x

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"Frankie and Gee":

My first ever oneshot, it's very random lol i hope you like this, i worked hard on this and i think its pretty orginal and different so please tell me if you think it's good :) R&R pweaseeeeeeee!!
xx coz

I sat on my damp bed watching out the frosty window, as all the white crisp snow fell, making white blankets appear on the fancy cars that drove past. I remember when I was little I dreamt about being in one of those cars, driving it or not, I always thought I would be able to look through those tinted windows, pulling faces at all the people as we passed by, knowing that they would not be able to see me.

Now it's as if people can never see me at all, not a glance or a care in the world for me. They treat me as if I’m not real, and I have been starting to believe it too. I always thought at Christmas I would be having a blast with my family, eating and laughing at all the games we could play, and staying up until all hours of the night playing with all my presents. Now the only thing I do all hours of the night is cry myself to sleep, hoping to wake up from this nightmare, but I’m always still in it.

Just one day, I would wish for someone out there to notice me, to befriend me, for someone to be there. However, things like that do not happen to people like me.

Suddenly the door flew open, giving me a sudden breeze as the cold wind hit me. As quick as it began it was over, the door was locked again and shut tight, bolted with several locks to keep me in. They never spoke a word to me but yet, they knew of my presence and they made damn sure to keep away from it.

Though, as the dust cleared away from the door, a small figure lumped on the floor was revealed. Tightly hiding away, but shivering slightly as it had its back turned away from me. That's when I realised that it was an actual human being. I quietly crept off the windowsill to discover the body that was now, curled up on the floor by my door.

As I stepped further the body flinched, the shivering came to a halt and I could see the body tense up. I stopped my actions and was contemplating whether to move further. Then the body rose, standing tall, well taller than me anyway, and as it did I could tell it was a man, by his strong structure. He had long black hair that fell to his shoulders, that dangled in his face as he then turned to me, his face was childlike and cute, but held a lot of anger and strength, but what shocked me the most was his change of emotion. How he was small and vulnerable just then weeping on the floor, and now tall and strong, acting as if he was a different person, it amazed me.

He looked me straight in the eye, they were powerful and strong, but yet soft and kind. I took a deep breath and braced myself to speak.

"Who are you?" I said keeping my eyes fixed to his, gluing my feet in this spot.

He tore his eyes away from mine and stepped into the light, the glow of the moon shining bright on his frame, allowing me to see him clearer. He took a while to speak and before he did, he took a seat on my bed that was just a shabby old mattress and a couple of thin sheets.

"My name’s Gerard Way, who are you?" he spoke in a voice that I was not expecting to escape his lips, they were soft and gentle, and before I answered he changed again, he wasn't big and powerful as before, but now he was average sized, approachable and looked a lot younger, if that was possible.

"W-what the hell, w--what are you, why do you keep on changing?" I gasped as I moved further into the corner of my room.

"I-I it's kind of complicated...I change, one minute I’m old the next young, and I end up in different places of the world, and the n-next thing I saw was this women dragging me in here. she probably thought I was some stray," he said as he lay his head in his hands, he was more or less talking to himself, but every word he spoke I listened to clearly, though I couldn't understand why he was like this.

"I don't u-understand?" I said as I moved closer towards him as he seemed more at ease and approachable.

"Well, ever since I was a baby I would always have different emotions, I would change instantly, but never physically . And now I change physically, and every once or twice a year I would change when I least expect it. I age either it be young or old, and I travel to where ever someone that age would travel to. Though any other time I have the chance to travel or age whenever I like," he said as he looked up to me.

This was all a big shock, how something like that could actually happen, i felt some kind of jealousy towards Gerard, the way he has the opportunity to change whenever he can, sure there’s some mishaps but man, what I would do to be able to do that.

"Wow, that is amazing, how can you do it," was all I could say, I didn't know what to say. This was all new and nothing I had imagined.

"I really have no clue at all, after my parents died it was as if they left me the ability to change age and travel, oh I didn't mean to scare you by the way," he spoke as he ran his fingers though his short white hair, it looked the same as the snow, like a white blanket on his head. It was fluffy and shiny and I had the urge to touch it, but thankfully, I resisted.

"No It's okay I’m sorry about your parents. How old are you anyway?"

“Well it’s not your fault, they died when I was seven, and I'm nineteen, for the time being anyway,” he laughed slightly “and you never answered my question before, what is your name?" I could not help but smile at how cute it was, it was weird but at the same time, I was jealous, and I also felt this strange attraction towards him.

“Oh, well my name is Frank Iero.”

He smiled "How old are you?" he questioned looking me in the eye.

"I'm sixteen."

"Oh, well this no way to celebrate Christmas, and I can't believe my powers had to mess up now," he said with an awkward expression plastered to his face.

"Yes it's not, but I’m used to it," I smiled sadly. "Anyway, how do you celebrate Christmas then?"

"Well... friends mostly, or my brother and his girlfriend, though it just isn't the same without our parents," he said quietly.

"Yeah, I know how you feel," I said looking down.

"Yeah, So this is what it's like in a care home?"

"Urmm, well not all care homes but for me, yep," I said as I chewed on my lip.

"I'm sorry, this is no way to live," he spoke.

"I know, but there’s nothing I can do."

He sat there for a while with a thinking expression, before he said anything he was up to his feet, dragging me up to him by the hands.

"Well maybe I can," he said as he smiled at me widely.

"H-how? And I hardly know you" I said, saying the last sentence slightly quieter.

"Well when I change and travel again, you could come with me, all you have to do is hold tight, and you could get to know me," he said leaning in slightly as he spoke the last seven words.


"I have always wanted to travel the world with someone, I never found someone who wasn't afraid of me, or willing to take an adventure, there’s a whole world out there, what have you got to lose?" he said as he smiled at me again. "Trust me."

"Ok," I said nervously, but smiled after as I knew I made the right decision.

Yes it may be daft? Agreeing to something like this with a complete stranger who has magical powers, to age them self and travel to different parts of the world within a second, but as Gerard said, what do I have to lose?


I have been stuck in this cramped little room the whole of my life, wishing for someone to take interest in me, and for me to go places, and it's being handed right in my face. However, he came here on accident and as weird as it is, I just have to say yes, for both of our sakes; I now know that magic is possible and I want to know what else is with him.

"We should be going anytime now, I normally end up travelling in 20 minutes or a little longer, so just keep hold of me," he said glancing over towards me.

"Ok, though don't you think this is weird?" I said to him, as he then whipped his head round to face me.

"Yeah it is, but you know what else is weird?"

"What?" I questioned.

"It feels like I know you, and I definitely have a good feeling about you," he smiled shyly.

"You know, I do to," I said lifting my head up to meet his gaze.

“I want to do this, I can see you need a better life than this, and I want to give you one, I have a nice house down North of New Jersey, and there are good Schools, and good Jobs, we could also travel to China if you wanted, we would be there with a snap of the fingers," he giggled slightly, making me do the same.

"Sounds very good, I can't wait," I said as I gave him a big hug, which he returned, I felt very good about Gerard, I could sense that he was a good person and I wanted to know even more about him.

"I'll be there for you," he smiled, locking his eyes with mine, however weird or wrong this may be, I like Gerard a whole lot, even after this short period of time we have known each other, he has took interest in me, and I have been waiting for those five words for a long time.

I moved closer to him and placed my hand behind his ear, finally feeling the soft white hair beneath my fingers. He smiled and traced my face with his soft fingers. They ran down my cheek giving me tingles and butterfly's inside my stomach. Before I knew it, his lips were softly latched to mine, pressing his warm luscious lips against mine, sending shivers throughout me and filling my body with warm sensations. He pressed his hips against mine making the moment even more pleasurable.

I wrapped my arms around the small of his back while he cupped the back of my neck deepening the kiss. He slipped his tongue in lightly, exploring the insides of my mouth as I melted into the kiss, and my tongue soon joined his as his soft warm tongue pressed and twirled against mine.

When I opened my eyes were weren’t in the presence of my old shabby room with peeling walls, and damp floors. We were outside, which looked to be the nice street of New Jersey, the snow was falling lightly on my skin, and the sun was starting to rise.
It all seemed too perfect to be real, but I squinted and rubbed at my eyes and as I opened them I was still here, this was not a dream.

The kiss was broken and I smiled widely, almost too wide for my face, but as soon as Gerard saw me, he smiled too, with the same enthusiasm as me.

"I can't wait to share this adventure with you," I said as I clasped his hand in mine, running my thumb on his soft skin.

I took a step down the street, hearing the crunch of the snow beneath my feet as I took more steps forward, seeing things I haven’t seen for a long time. I haven’t been out for so long, and I love it all ready, being out in the fresh air and finally being able to touch the snow, unlike just seeing it. I am finally going to have a good Christmas, and it was all because of him. Starting a new adventure and doing it with someone new, someone who will be there for me.

"Me either, and you know what?" he asked with a glisten in his eyes and a smile creeping on his small pink lips.

"What?" I smiled.

"I kind of like weird anyway," he smiled sweetly, while squeezing my hand lightly and looking into my eyes, as we both set off to travel this world together. This was not what I dreamt for and never what I wanted.

Because this, was so much more.


:D please tell me what you think, yes it's fluffy, yes it's cheesy but it's my first one-shot and i was really bored so i just wrote this. It's like 3:00am and i'm so tired so if it's kinda crap sorry, but well you'll have to get over it hehe :) yep so if you didn't think it was crap pleaseeeeeeeee rate and review!!!!
xx coz :)
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