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To go or not to go.

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Kirstie makes up her mind. Finally!

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Chapter 3
Ben woke up to a bad cramp in his neck. He sat up on the couch and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. He sighed. This is going to be hurting me all day. He winced at the loud screech-like sound that was coming from the T.V.
He switched it off and looked at the round clock hanging on the wall.
10:30 a.m. it read. Ben knew that Kirstie would be calling soon. She had always been an early riser, no matter what kind of night she had before. That was one of the many things that Ben liked about her.
The phone rang, he picked it up.
"Ben, what did you say to tom?" asked the distressed voice of his mother.
Ben started rubbing his neck again.
"He's upset because I told him I couldn't come back and live with you guys"
Great, Ben , lie to your mother.
"Okay, just try not to talk about it, even if he asks, because he's real sensitive about it, especially since Ryan is gone, You could at least visit more often"
"Okay," Ben said, " How about I come over there with Kirstie later? We're going camping so we'll be gone a few days"
Great. Another lie. You're a horrible son.
"That sounds like fun." His mother said sounding more cheerful than when she had made the call.
"We'll probably be there in a few hours okay?"
"That's fine, dear Tom will be real happy to hear that, Tell Kirstie I said hi okay?"
" Okay Mom, I love you"
"I Love you too sweetie"
"Bye dear"
There was a click as his mom hung up the phone. Ben did the same.
He headed to his room, and grabbed some clothes, then went to the bathroom to shower.

After Kirstie finished getting dressed, she brushed her wet hair back not feeling like blow drying it now. No matter what she did, she couldn't get the dream out of her head. She knew that she couldn't tell Ben, because than he wouldn't let her go. And she had to go. Regardless of what Sara said. Sara and Ryan maybe dead, but they're still trapped. But Kirstie could save them. Ben would be safe. He probably wouldn't be let in. But Kirstie could. Because of her gift. Why? She didn't know. Why had Sara and Ryan been let in? And what the hell were those creatures? Kirstie shuddered just thinking of them.
She shook her head trying to get them out of her head. And it worked. Well it will for a little while anyway.
Kirstie finished making her bed and walked downstairs glancing at the clock as she did so.
11:25 A.M. flashed at her with bright red numbers. She heard a rumble outside.
Oh Great. A storm, Exactly what I need. She rolled her eyes as she poured some orange juice in a glass and drank it.
She felt better. As she put the glass in the dishwasher, Rain started pelting her roof really hard. Again Kirstie rolled her eyes.
She picked up the phone and dialed Ben's number. It rang five times before he picked up the phone.
"Geez ... it took you long enough" Kirstie said.
" Sorry took a shower"
"Excuses, Excuses" she replied jokingly.
Ben laughed, " You know its really coming down out there, you sure you wanna do this today?"
"Yes, Ben I'm not changing my mind"
She could hear Ben sigh in the background.
" I know. Oh yeah, mom wants us to visit in a little while , I told her we were going camping."
" Okay. Do you want me to come over there or what?"
" No , I'll come over there I need to pack some stuff"
" I can't help?"
" No. I'd rather do it, It won't take long okay?"
" Okay hurry up."
" Um Kirstie?"
" Yeah Ben?"
There was a long pause.
" Nothing." He hung up quickly.
A confused look crossed Kirstie's face. Then she shook her head and hung up.
Kirstie walked upstairs and grabbed a duffel bag and stuffed some clothes and a couple pair of shoes, then went back downstairs and grabbed a flashlight. Kirstie also grabbed her cell phone which was on the counter, completely charged. Her mp3 player was on the living room table, also fully charged.
At least I'll have something to do.
She grabbed the mp3 player and put it in the duffel bag. Kirstie thought for a second to make sure she had everything she needed. A thought of the creatures staring at her went through her mind. She didn't own any kind of weapon.
But Ben does. He has a small handgun in a place underneath his dashboard. I don't know if he keeps it loaded though. Or even if he keeps it there anymore. Maybe she could ask Ben to make sure it was there. No. Then he'd be suspicious. By now she was beginning to wish that she didn't even ask Ben to go. Sara had told her that Ben probably wouldn't be let in by the dark one. Probably. Meaning there is a chance, no matter how small it is. Kirstie couldn't let that happen. I won't let that happen.
Kirstie pulled out her cell phone and dialed Ben's number. This time he picked up during the first ring.
" Hey Ben" Her voice started choking a little.
" You okay Kirstie?" Ben asked worriedly.
" Yeah fine" Her voice clearer.
" Whats up?" he asked not believing her.
" I know this is really short notice, but I don't think that I can do this."
Kirstie's voice became very choked. Hot tears began rolling down her face.
" its okay. Its okay. You don't have too we don't have to do this."
" I'm so sorry Ben."
Kirstie hung up the phone. Ben thought she was crying out of grief. And she was , but it was.....complicated.
I'm still going. I've got to help them. But Ben's not going anywhere near that place. I won't let him.
Kirstie put her cell phone in her pocket and put her duffel back over her shoulder.
What about a weapon? She exhaled angrily. Great! Now what am I going to do?
She walked into the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife off the block. She held it out in front of her. The light bounced off the blade.
Not very creative. But its going to have to work.
Kirstie slipped it into the duffel bag carefully and zipped it shut.
She looked at her computer desk as she walked back into the living room.
In case I don't come back........
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