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the new blood of a clan

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Brendon looked down at Pete wentz with envy how could William have done this he was his second in command not this eye liner, skinny jean wearing bass player be any more use than a chocolate tea pot.
"Why him to take after you?" he asked William
"Because he's a natural vampire you didn’t see him when we brought down his first human" William laughed
"But V successor will make mince meat of him"
"That Alice girl pleases ....."
"I could see him falling for her like you did V"
Rage flickered in Williams’s eyes and soon Brendon was pinned to a wall and being choked
"Please William please" Brendon coked out
"Leave what I and V had in the past got it" he said his eyes an ice blue and baring his fangs this was always a touchy subject for William. V was once his lover but she left him to marry a mortal man called Eric who she later blooded they often adopted mortal children who would have the choose to become vampires or not and even then William bit the three oldest (David, Zacky and Alice) just to piss them off.
"Yes, yes" Brendon said still pinned to a wall being choked
"Yes what?" William asked
"Yes master William I will leave sir please stop I beg of you" Brendon was dropped to the floor clutching his throat and gasping for air
"Wake him up and have him ready for the clan's meeting" William said
"Yes master" Brendon said and got up from the floor he walked over to Pete on the floor the two bit marks still fresh on his neck.
"Wake up you piece of shit" Brendon snarled at him and kicked him in the stomach
Pete groaned and looked at Brendon
"Please don’t hurt me anymore" Pete begged how Brendon loved that
"I wont but you have to get ready for the clan's ball come on a nice suit and a hat" Brendon pulled Pete to his feet he smelled horrible "and a wash are in order" he smiled
When Pete arrived at the ball he was in a black suit with a white blower hat.
"Brendon why am I here" Pete asked
Brendon was getting annoyed now this was the 7th time Pete had asked this question. Brendon sighed "I don’t know peter" he said "why not ask William"
Brendon soon spotted Ryan talking to V shit he thought William will not be pleased with this
Brendon made his way over to V
"Good evening Mrs. Snow" Brendon said talking her hand and kissed it lightly
"Brendon" she said with a cold tone "I seem to have meet your play thing" she smirked and glanced over at Pete wentz
"And this is" she said looking at him
"Peter Lewis Kingston wentz the 3rd"
"Ah this is....."
"Yes" Brendon and Ryan said sharply Pete looked dunmfolded
A bell chimed
"Dinner" V smirked
There where many vampires all here to announces the same thing
Who would fallow them on?
After there most satisfactory meal
"and to business" one vampires said as each vampire had severed he\she's time as a clan leader they must leave the clan to a successor but this successor must be a new blood only a few years old Pete was in the category of new blood "ice care to start"
Ice was the leader of the the punk vampires
"As I leave I chose Mr. Jonathan Lewis Seward" ice said some a man no older than 24 stood up
"Thank you" he said
After 10 other clan's had gone all that was left where the dandies and the black parade
V stood up "as I leave I choose Miss. Alice Morag Cooper" a girl no older than 17 stood "Thank you" she said there where hints of a Scottish ascent in her voice
Finally William stood up "as I leave I choose Mr. Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the 3rd"
Pete was shocked but stood up "thank you" he said and they both sat down

a\n this is only the start hope you liked it but what will happen next
I’ll put Patrick Joe and Andy in the next chapter
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