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Chapter 8

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Heyy, I know I said I wasn't going to update my story but heres why I am : I was at my gig and I was messing around with one of the guitarists on stage, they turn and bust my head open with the end of their guitar. I think its nothing and carry on - at the end of the show I get it checked up. So now I am stuck in A&E waiting for freaking stitches. While I'm waiting I thought I would update my story, so here it is ( oh I'm uploading from an Ipod so sorry if it's short XXXXX much love kiddies xxx Ellie Frank xxxx

I gazed into his hazel orbs and sighed, he was right - we DID need to talk. I was hoping this ment he wouldnt run off halfwy through. He sat himself down on his bed, I followed and sat at the end. He kept his head bent and picked at one of thr strings coming from his jogging pants.
"So," He began, I kept quiet and glanced from my lap to him.
"We really need to talk." I nodded, but I doubt he saw me.
"I .. erm .. just wanted to say ... sorry - for fucking everything. I mean, I have been a complete prick with you and it's not fair of me to treat you like that."
I looked up at him and realised he was silently crying.
"Look Gerard, I wanted to say sorry too - I mean, I wasn't trying to confuse or annoy you on purpose. I guess, well - I don't know. Infact I don't think I should be apologising ! Your the one who made me open myself up time and time again and each time you would walk off and leave me to try and fix myself. And I guess I never healed." I wiped the tears that were dripping off my face, I sighed and looked up at him - at the same time he looked at me. We gazed in silence at eachother through ur tears.
He smiled weakly at me and wiped his tears.
"So where am I going to sleep ? Donna said there were bedquilts and stuff in the cupboards." I changed the subject, as we both knew that was what all that needed to be said about the previous topic - well for now anyway.
"Oh my god, they're fucking setting this up ! There are no sleeping bags or duvets !"
I stared at him open mouthed. They were in deep shit - and they will be informed tomorrow.
"I guess we're gonna have to share - I mean, Head to toe that is." He mumbled on with himself.
I smiled and nodded, sharing a bed with a hot guy - sure why not ?
"I'm just gonna get changed." I muttered as I walked into his en suite with my bag. I wiped my smeared makeup and reapplied it, I tidied my hair and put on my black misfits tank top, with black tight cotton shorts, I sprayed myself with perfume and stepped out the bathroom.
Gerard did a double take of me when I walked in - well I think he did anyway, he probabl didn't actually...Maybe just in shock of how ugly I am.
He chucked me a pillow to put at the end of the bed for me to sleep on. Once we were settled I realised I would have the pleasure of Gerard's feet in my face.
"Your feet better smell of fucking roses Gerard Way." I hissed giggling slightly. Suddenly he shoved his feet in my face causing me to fall off the bed and onto my back on the floor.
"Yeh well your feet are no walk in the park either." He giggled as I stood up and put my hands on my hips.
"I'll have you know - my feet smell of apricots !" I cried in defense.
He chuckled and gave me a 'suretheyare' look, " What mouldy gone off apricots ?"
I jumped on the bed and slapped his arm jokily.
"Jesus ! No wonder Frank winces when you slap him !" He muttered as he rubbed his arm. I giggled and sat at the edge of his bed as he sat himself up.
"Y'know when you and Frank do that sexy talking thing with eachother ? Do you actuall mean it ? Because he says you don't but well I don't know .. nevermind...." He lowered his head and blushed.
"You mean this sexy voice ? No we don't mean it at all Mr.Way, we're just ... playing." I finished with a wink after putting the seductive voice on.
Gerard shot his head up and grinned.
"What do you think of my sexy voice ? Does it sound goooood ?" He growled in a velvety voice. My jaw nearly dropped, dear god it sounded amazing.
"It blew me away." I replied, trying to make myself sound more sexy.
"Why don't you try and blow me away ?" He asked with a wink.
"We'll have to arrange something." I replied finishing in a fit of giggles.
"Gerard Way, you are one of the most dirty minded people I know !" I chuckled. I stood up and studied the bed.
"Now about this sleeping plan .... as rose scented as your feet are, I don't think it will work out."
"Well maybe you could ... sleep next to me ? But not in that way - if you get me .." He mumbled to himself, I smiled at his sweetness.
"I would be happy to, Mr Way." I put on the mock sexy voice.
He grinned and pulled the covers back and shuffled himself closer to the edge of the bed. I climbed over him and lay under the covers, so I was inbetween him and the bedroom wall. He pulled the covers over us and I turned on my side to face him. We gazed into eachother's eyes for what seemed like forever, he smiled and stroked a strand of hair out of my eyes when it fell on my face.
"Ellie...I know this sounds slightly perverced, especially since your trapped inbetween me and the wall... but can I h-hold you?" He asked blushing slightly.
I looked into his innocent eyes and my heart melted.
"S-sure." I smiled at him.
A huge smile plastered his face as he wrapped his arms around my waste and pulled me closer. He nuzzled his face into my neck and sighed happily.
"Night Ellie." He whispered happily.
"Na night Gee." I whispered back equally as happy.
I wrapped my arms around him and we pulled ourselves closer to eachother before slowly falling asleep.
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