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I'll Never Let You Fall (Gerard Way) [Part 1]

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This is a love story between the two main characters Gerard Way, and Marissa Williams. This is a good story, read it.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Gerard Way - Published: 2006-05-13 - Updated: 2006-05-14 - 552 words

Hello. My name is Marrisa. All my friends call me
Pixie, because I am really short, skinney, and hyper.
I am Pixie. I look like a pixie, I also have pink hair. It
wasnt my choice. I wanted to dye my hair blue, but my
Mom said pink, or no dye at all, and I was sick of being
blonde, so pink it was. My favorite band is Green Day, and
I have never been to a concert. Ever. I am also in love with
a boy at my school, his name is Gerard. He is sooo cute, and
seems pretty nice. He can sing really good too. We are both
17. He doesnt notice me though. All my friends tell me to
go and talk to him, but I just know I would make a fool
of myself. I'm an idiot. I can NEVER think of the right thing
to say to anyone, let alone him. He is perfect, and I am just,
me. Lame stupid me. Pathetic me, with two friends
who hate me right now, (I wouldnt skip school with them) and
parents who I ingore, (my Mom is a stupid girl, and my Dad
works all day) and I am hyper, clumsy, and shy. At least,
around Gerard. I am not really shy to anyone else, I just always
make a fool of myself. Anyways, back to Gerard. He has been
in my school for three years, and I have loved him the whole
time. I only love HIM. Like, five guys asked me out this year,
but I said no to all of them, I only want Gerard. Even though
I will never have him, hes the only one I want. I write song
after song about him, and poem after poem, write about him
in my journal every night, and always talk about him to my
friends. I know, I sound like a stalker. I am not one though.
I just love him. I'm sure he doesnt love me though. Possative
actually. I mean, who would love me? Especially the most
amazing person on earth. Ok, I need to get to sleep, tomarrow
is school. Yay! I actually LOVE school for one reason, thats
the only time I get to see Gerard. He lives next door, but I
would NEVER go and talk to him, I would, look like an idiot!
I just watch him at lunch and stuff. How I wish I could
talk to him! Anyways, I have to go to bed now.

(The Next Day)

I was standing in the hall, and here came my friends. One
was tall, and had brown hair. Her name is Holly. The other
one is short and kinda chubby, with red hair. Her name is
"Hi." I said, "Guys, sorry I didnt skip with you, I really am,
I just didnt wanna get i........
"Its ok its ok!" Holly said, "I just wanted to say sorry for
being a jerk and hating you for not skipping school is all.
You dont have to freak."
"Ok, sorry." I said.
"Hey!" Lisa said, "Look whos coming down the hall Marrisa!
Its Gerard!"
"Oh-my-God!" I yelled, and hid behind Holly.
"Nonono," Holly said, "You talk to him! NOW!!!"
"No I......." and he was right behind me. What do I say?
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