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Chapter 3

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Could I Lie Next To You? – Chapter 3 REVISED

“How far away are we?” I groaned. We’d been stuck in the tour bus for three days now. I had to stretch and hopefully snag an opportunity to shower.

“About three feet?”

I opened my eyes and sat up on the small couch, looking at Bob in confusion. “Huh?”

“Look out the window.”

Suddenly we came to a smooth stop and the engine quieted down. We came face-to-face with an enormous cruise ship, docked only a few feet away from the parking lot.

“Whoa, I wasn’t expecting /that/.” I grinned with excitement and Bob, Mikey and Ray joined me by the window. “So we’re taking this to Hawaii?”

“Yup!” Ray chirped, looking as excited as I was. He turned from the window and started tidying up the bus (or attempting to, anyway), and the other two followed suit. It was then I realized Gerard wasn’t with us.

Managing to slip by the other three and tripping over several discarded beer cans in the process, I cracked the door to our bunks open just enough to peek in without being noticed. My heartbeat quickened at the sight and I had to fight to control my hard-on from spurring to life; it wouldn’t feel too pretty in skinny jeans.

Gerard was sitting at the edge of his bunk in nothing but his tight, sexy jeans. His bare chest was exposed and he had one foot propped up on the bunk opposite him, making the jeans, if possible, even tighter. His raised leg served as an easel for his comic.

His face was so beautifully concentrated on what he was doing. A pen in his mouth, a pencil in his hand, he worked peacefully in his own little world. Every few seconds he would lift his free hand and try to tuck his hair back, but it was just short enough to miss his ear. His other hand would periodically stroke and etch at the paper before tucking the pencil behind his ear and using a finger to shade. Graphite darkened his fingertips and some of it was visible on the dark denim of his leg where he wiped it.

I wanted so badly to just walk right in and take him by surprise. To lift the sketchpad off of his leg, toss the pen and pencil aside and push him back into that bunk, where I could—

“Hey Frank, we could use a little help here. This place is a wreck, we live like animals!” I cringed at the interruption and turned to Ray.

“I’m coming, I’m just getting Gerard…”

Knocking politely, as if I hadn’t been there the whole time, I opened the door a bit further and poked my head in.

“We’re here. You wanna come help us clean up so we can get the hell out of this bus?”

He grinned up at me and I had to swallow back a shaky breath. He was so… beautiful.

“Yeah, I’ll be right there.”

I closed the door again, leaving it just open enough for me to watch him dress. I felt like I was in a trance; there was no looking away from something so damn gorgeous.

When he had his shirt on, he picked up his sketchbook and his other art supplies and put them away. I reluctantly pulled myself away from the door and helped the rest of the guys clean up.

An hour later we finally finished and had all of our things packed. I lugged my suitcase out of the bus and stared up at the cruise ship. Damn, I’d never been on anything like it. We must have looked like we crawled out of the sewer compared to the rest of the people on board.

After a considerable struggle, the tour bus was loaded onto the ship on one of the lower storage levels. We were then escorted onto the ship by several bodyguards and were assigned to our cabins, which were probably a billion times nicer than any hotel we’d ever stayed in. They were cozy rooms built for two (we had decided to put two to a room to cut down the cost), each with a large window overlooking the water and two armchairs set up to enjoy the view. There was a small dresser with a mirror above it, opposite the large – and only – bed. Connecting to the room was a small bathroom, just large enough to accommodate your standard sink, toilet, and bath-slash-shower.

There were five of us, so one of us would have a room to himself. It was quickly decided that Bob would be the one on his own, since he didn’t like sharing a bed with anyone. I’d learned that the hard way, of course, after jumping into his bunk once and getting shoved out none too gently.

At first I assumed the brothers would share a room and I’d be sleeping with Toro, so when I heard someone put his suitcase down behind me, I hadn’t expected to find Gerard there.

“What’s this?” I asked, managing one of my boyish grins.

“I’ve slept with Mikey most of my life… I think it’s time for a change.” He returned the playful smile and looked around the room. “Nice place.”

“Yeah,” I replied nonchalantly. I turned my back to him and gazed out of the large window.

I was going to be sharing a room.

And a bed.

With Gerard.

Unable to decide whether it was a good or bad thing, I sighed and pulled a pack of cigarettes out of my pocket. The window wouldn’t open and I lit the cigarette anyway. It was doubtful smoking was allowed, but I couldn’t care less. This was going to be a frustrating trip.
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