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Chap 5

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The next day,Al and the band entered the studio to see Ren with another man once again.
"We have to work on the vocals once again.Sorry to say it,but we lost the data accidentally.",Ren said.
Al shrugged and nodded.
"I'm guessing we leave now?",Tank asked.
"Sorry,but yes.But I'll call you back later to do some adjustments with the instruments.",Rem said.
The boys nodded and left the room.
"Ooh,let's go for some pizza.",Damien said.Tank nodded and began to follow him.Noda started to as well when he heard a very loud squeak.He stopped in his steps and turned to see Eli being yelled at by a man.
"Do you not understand that if you keep messing up,you are going to ruin the business!Clean the mess and get to work!",the man yelled.
Noda's eyes narrowed and he walked up to the two.The man walked away and Eli stood there about to burst into tears.
"You okay?"
Eli looked over and she blushed.Noda stood with a small smile,his eyes directly on her.
"Y-Yeah...I just made a little mistake.",she said and fell to the floor picking up all the spread out papers.Noda bent down and helped her once more.
"Who's the guy?",Noda asked.
"He is my boss.Unfortunately...",she said.
"Don't pay attention to the guy.You're not going to ruin the business.",he said.
"Oh,you heard that?",she asked looking up to him.
"Kinda.",he chuckled.She smiled in embarassment and shrugged.
"I always do kinda mess up.I'm actually kinda used to the yelling.",she explained.
"By the way you looked,it looked like you weren't so used to it.",he said.
"It gets to me sometimes,but I'm fine.I'm about to go on my break in five minutes so I should be able to relax some.",Eli said.They stood up and placed the papers on the desk by them.
"How about you spend that break with me?",Noda asked.
Eli looked to him with a big smile unable to hold it.
"Really?That would be great!",she said.
"Glad to see you're estatic.I'll wait for you.",he said.She nodded and walked off squealing to herself.He smiled to himself and sighed.

"So,how am I doing so far?",Al asked.
"Perfect.But you have to get your voice a bit louder so it can sound more complete.",Ren said.
"Alright...Ren,do you think we really have potential?",Al asked.
"Who has potential?"
"The band.Blast,I mean.You think we're good enough?",she asked nervously.
Ren chuckled and put down his papers.He walked into the room and to Al.
"Al,being here recording songs should be enough proof that you are good enough.If I didn't like you,I wouldn't have given you my card to come and let my bosses hear you.",he said.
She blushed and shrugged.
"Guess it all just feels like a dream.",she giggled.He smiled and let his hand caress her cheek making her blush redder.
"I can assure you,it's not a dream.It's real.I'm real and I'm going to help you become a rockstar.",Ren said.
Al nodded with another giggled.
"I'm going to be a rockstar.",she said.He nodded and stared at her for a long moment.
"Well,let's get back to work.",Ren said.Al nodded and he left the recording room and back in the studio.
"Alright,take it from the top."

"So,do you have a girlfriend?",Eli asked Noda.
Noda smiled and shook his head.
"Nah.I don't really concentrate on girls.I'm always working on our music.I write most of the lyrics.",Noda said.
"Cool.So,when are you going to concentrate on girls?",Eli asked.
"I guess I can now.I mean,we're already recording our first songs.",he said.
They both sat in the same coffee shop from last time.
"Well,anybody special in mind?",Eli asked with a hopeful smile.
Noda thought.Al would always be in his mind.She was always the special one.
But he couldn't tell Eli.No way he could.She would probably go tell Al.
Meanwhile,Eli thought as well.She wanted Noda to say she was was on his mind.To ask her out on an awesome date and be her man.
"Not really.Myabe,soon.",Noda said.Eli nodded and their frappes were set on the table.
"Man,I love these things.",Noda said grabbing his quickly.Eli smiled and grabbed hers as well.
"You never tried them?",Eli asked.
"Well,once.I was small and with my mom.Never tried it again after that because something happened.",Noda said.
"What happened?",Eli asked.Noda stayed quiet for a long moment.
"We got in a car mom didn't survive.I was lucky to survive.",Noda said eyeing his cup.
Eli stopped smiling and bit her lip.
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah,I'm fine.I was five after all so I didn't know her so well.Doesn't matter.",he said.
"Well,how about we talk about something else...Who was your first kiss?"
Noda smiled and shook his head.
"It was back in middle school with a girl I really liked.",Noda said.
"Cool,me too.I was in the seventh grade and there was a guy I liked too.",she said.
"I was in the seventh grade too.She moved away,though.Never saw her again and I can't remember her name either.",he said.Eli nervously laughed.
"That's weird.I moved away too.Don't remember the guy either.",she said.
"That is weird.",Noda said.Eli's eyes widened and she smiled.
"What if-"
"No way!",Noda said.Eli squealed and stood up running around the table.
She hugged him almost making him fall over and hugged him tightly.He blushed and stayed still.
"Never thought I'd meet you again.Especially here.You always wanted to become a rockstar.",Eli said.
Noda gulped and nodded.He didn't want to think about it but he felt her chest just bouncing on him.
Eli giggled and pulled him up.
"Noda,I'm so happy!",Eli giggled.Noda nervously laughed and nodded.
"Yeah,me too.",he said.She noticed his awkwardness.
"What's wrong?",she asked.
"Nothing.Its just that..It's just it's been so long.",he said.
"Not so long.You're what?17 now?",she said.
"Yeah.",he said.
"Wait,you're not in school?"
"Nah,dropped out."
"Oh,me too.I just wanted to get a start on my life and my parents wanted so much for me.I...kinda ran away."
Noda's eyes widened and he was shocked.
"You ran away??"
"Yeah,I got my own apartment and I'm working here,haha.",she said nervously.He smiled and nodded.
"I understand.I got my apartment here too.",he said.
"Hey,want to go to mine?",she asked.
"Sure,why not?",he said without thinking.
"Great.Wait outside.I'll be there with my stuff.I'll just ask for the rest of the day off.",she said.He nodded and she kissed his cheek and ran off.
He sighed and grabbed his frappe.As he sipped on it,he immediately got a thought.
Why did Eli want him to come to her house all of a sudden?

"Alright,we're here.",Tank said as he and Damien entere the studio.
"Where's Noda?",Al asked.
"Don't know.He didn't get here yet?",Damien asked.
"No.I'll call him.",Al said and took out her cell.
"Know where he could be?",Ren asked.Both Tank and Damien shook their heads.
"Hey,where are you....What do you mean you can't come?...You got a date?!...Noda,you can't just bail...fine,I'll tell them...Bye.",Al said and put away her phone.
"What happened?",Ren asked.
"He's got something going on and he can't come.",Al said.
"That's okay.We'll continue tomorrow.All of you can just go for the rest of the day.",Ren said.
"Nice!More pizza!",Damien said giving Tank and high five and both ran out the room.
Al sighed and looked to Ren.
"He isn't in trouble,right?",Al asked.
"No,no,of course not.But,I want to ask you of something.Your company to a retauraunt?",Ren asked.
"Well,you hae my company.",Al said with a smile.Ren smiled and was pleased.

Noda entered Eli's house and she closed the door and locked it.
"Home sweet home.",Eli said.Noda nodded and looked around.
"Nice and cozy.",he said with a chuckle.Eli smiled and put away her jacket and purse.
"So,get comfortable.I'll be right back.",Eli said.Noda nodded and sat down at the couch.
Eli went to her room and entered her bathroom fixing her hair and make-up.She then unbuttoned a few buttons of her shirt showing much cleavage and pulled up her skirt and folded it to show off her legs.She kicked off her heels and pulled off her tights.
"Alright,I'm good looking.",Eli said.
She thought,I really like Noda.I've always liked him.And I want him to be my boyfriend.I will do that tonight.
She blushed and bit her lip just thinking of it.
Noda sat on the couch with a smile.
He really like dit in her house.He couldn't explain why but he felt really comfortable.He could just fall asleep on the couch right now.That probably wouldn't be so good,though.
He thought,I wonder what's taking Eli so long.You know,she's really pretty.It'd be cool to date her.But then...what about Al?
Eli walked into the room and Noda looked at her shocked the next moment.
His face went red and he felt weird.Eli looked really hot.
"Sorry,but I wanted to get comfortable.You should too.",she said siting by him on the couch sitting towards him.
He cleared his throat and nodded.He kicked off his shoes and turned towards her.
"So,what do you want to do?",she murmured.
"I don't know.How about we play some music?",he asked.
"Sure.I got it.",she said and stood up to the radio.She turned it on and it played soft rock music.
"You're really pretty.",Noda murmured as she sat back down very close to him.
"Thanks.",she whispered.
He felt her move closer to him and blushed deeper.
"So,what you want to talk about?",he asked.She shrugged and pressed herself on him.
"Anything really.",she whispered with a seductive smile and bit her lip.
Noda gulped and felt himself being turned on.
What is he going to do?
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