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All is well with Ellie. Frank proposed to her on March 2,1912. They got married March28,1913. Nobody knows why they waited so long.
Frank became a firefighter. Ellie became a hairstylist. On March 27, 1950, Frank died in a fire. Ellie never wed again, for her true love was gone.

On Kerri's end, she became a giraffe herder and married Mikey. Mikey became lead trumpet player in the Jazz Band 'My Chemical Romance'. Kerri became a teacher. They both diead on May 2, 1999. Unknown cause. Some say a deadly plauge was born.

Addie was widowed. She played trombone is 'My Chemical Romance'.
She died on April 15, 1985 from drug overdose.

Turns out, Maddy and Gee were only 26. o.O they were secret spies. Maddy became a ShopKeeper. Gee became the leader singer of 'My Chemical Romance'. Maddy died on September 11, 2000 because of a massive heartattack. Gee died August 29, 2004 from old age.

THE END. Merry Christmas(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

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